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Hill EdgeHill Edge :: 6.54 Finished Map
by hero_bash

A very short map with no gameplay.
Submitted for a mapping contest.

Kan Gao / Reives - Music
hero_bash - everything else

graphic resources are ripped and not original by me... ...
Peppy's ReturnPeppy's Return :: 6.5
by Peppy2006

Peppy has been enjoying his vacation after his last adventure. He is enjoying his time for relaxation, time to himself and some rest. Until one day, his TV reception cuts out. He goes to investigate and finds strange black jets flying all over. His h ...
SlashSlash :: 6.5 Complete
by noeneto123

A small arcade game. Have 3 languages but the 3 languages are not complete! There are a 4 chapters with different gameplay, this game is not full complete, but the campaing is full. Hope to enjoy! :D

by: noeneto123
made with: engine 001 ...
Sharpened SteelSharpened Steel :: 6.42 v1.6 Full
by Eclectic gaming

Game Updates:
More Spells!
More Activities!
More Quests!
And More!

A fantasy role-playing game set in the land of Stratom, you can explore deserts, forests, jungles, and even underwater. Hundreds of people to interact with, dozens of quests to ...
(404)Spanner Force FiveSpanner Force Five :: 6.4
by StarBeef

Warning: This game contains Robots and scenes of a Robotic nature and is not suitable for people that do not like Robots...

Are you fed up with massive free roaming environments?

Are you bored witless of open ended mission structures that allo ...
The AssasinThe Assasin :: 6.34 1.2 Exclusive
by adib2008

THE ASSASIN V.1.2 Exclusive

This game takes you to the live of Bruce, an assasin. He just run from the Las Vegas's polices and arrive at a dark city controlled by gangs like Mafia, Triads and Diablo, the one and only Justice City. His friend Micha ...
Peppy BeginsPeppy Begins :: 6.33 V.1.30
by Peppy2006

The year is 1997, Peppy is working for the Dogton County Sheriff's Office. There is a small group known as the Anti-Dog Squadron (Perhaps the Anti-Dog Corporation is a successor?) is a small group that doesn't like dogs. Suddenly, dogs start disappea ...
Psychotic Psychotic :: 6.33 Demo V 1.0
by RPGking

"a man can only be pushed so far until he breaks"

You have been locked up for 6 years in the state Asylum. You have been locked up for a crime you didn't commit...

The night is cold and bitter, as always the scragly silhouettes of the trees swa ...
The Legend Of The HeroThe Legend Of The Hero :: 6.25 1.0
by tuliron

This is my first game I ever completed and posted! (I've made like 5 games but they were all too long, and I never could finish them [So I deleted them].
-=What this Game is=-
So...This is a side-scroller. It has 6 levels plus a bo ...
Nevonna :: 6.24
by Deedasmi

Great music, good humer, A blue axe, and a white man, and a famous song, what more do you need?

Dont want to give away the all the fetures, So you can play and find them yourself. PM me things you think I should add to this post ...
zombie attack :: 6.2 demo
by noobslayer330

this is a game i made when i first got 001. so if it is bad dont worry because it is only a demo. the game is about a city guy caught in the middle of a zombie attack. his quest is to track down the devil king to end it all. ...
Peppy's Rebellion!Peppy's Rebellion! :: 6.2 Full Game : v3.0
by Peppy2006

Dateline: 2011...

The president of Peppy's military division decides to retire, and a new leader steps in. But... Something isn't right about this one... He begins his speech with how America's government is bad... And switches it with a fake vote ...
Nusis großes AbenteuerNusis großes Abenteuer :: 6.2 Demo v0.10
by Zorc

This game Can be played in english or german.Sorry for the bad english.

This is an very short demo of this sidescroller to see the gameplay. The graphic will bee in a very simple cartoon style.


Y/Z : Use Weapon
X : Item Ability
Oculus Origins Benchmark Oculus Origins Benchmark :: 6.2 Alpha v0.0.1
by coffeennicotine

This demo is VERY short. Just a fraction of the first bridge stage

**Please post any slowdown issues to the games thread. Include CPU, RAM, Video Card and screen resolution with post so I can set some sort of a minimum benchmark spec for the game ...
AUA3 World in eyesAUA3 World in eyes :: 6.17 demo
by Ammohead

Purchase cars,homes,weapons,planes.There is not any set storyline,but their are many minigames to make money. Unlike AUA2 there are mre sound effects, Please play and rate the game, it is still under construction so there will be some bugs, just let ...
(404)Hybrid Factor - Black RoseHybrid Factor - Black Rose :: 6.17 Demo V0.01b
by fdu5526

- In the future, Earth suffered an intense natural disaster that covered the sky with ashes, lowering the global temperature, and caused a subsequent world war. From this chaos, the superstate Eastannia rose, and dominated the global economy w ...
by the_walrus

you are an escaped military weapon. you have triggered the alarms and everyone is after you. moderatley short game, but may take a while to beat. very well done and detailed. ...
Shadow Step :: 6 Demo v0.1
by codysuber12

This is a game about a man who lost his home and is now livin in a city called Avilimar. The man has to level up and reaady to battle for his city! Action/Adventure/RPG! Please rate it! Thanks for playing! ...
AUA 6 Return Of The World AUA 6 Return Of The World :: 6 Full version v7
by Ammohead

your girl friend was killed by a drug dealear sanders. you returned to beuity city to gather weapons and other things to get revenge and finally be put to peace.Bugs fixed. ...
The World ProjectThe World Project :: 6 Demo V.1.2
by Kirby

This is 'The World' Project
-Great sound effects
-A lot of items
-A lot of weapons
-Non-lineair gameplay


But there's more, just play it.
The game starts in a city called 'First City' You are ...
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