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(Legend of Zekeyian I)  (Legend of Zekeyian I) :: In progress.
by ZodanaBorado

"Status Update" 2017 to 2018 I am back in action!!! It is on now... I am about to work hard on this game!!!!" I was locked up and without a place to stay for a while. Now I am back and working full time and speed to get this game ready. With more ide ...
Galaxy Strike ZioGalaxy Strike Zio Demo V0.1
by ZodanaBorado

Control a Ziotian spaceship and hope to find what you are looking for. It is hidden out somewhere in this Galaxy. Try your best to fight through all the danger that lies within. Demo of the game Galaxy Strike Zio. How high will your score be?

Con ...
Legend of Zekeyian -Legend of Zekeyian - Final Demo V.X
by ZodanaBorado

There is a way to get pass the first Area if you don't have a sword. You would have to look for it by going backwards. Press enter to proceed. When you see the enter icon.( update status ) -Working on the game as hard as possible, had personal proble ...
Legend of Zekeyian ILegend of Zekeyian I :: 8.2 LOZ I Demo v0.5
by ZodanaBorado

Working as hard as I can on the script and a good story, but when the full version is released I hope you will enjoy it. (Thanks for the rating guys!) I think I will go ahead and continue to finish making this full game.Okay guys still work to be don ...
Legend of ZekeyianLegend of Zekeyian :: 7.71 L.O.Z Demo v0.4
by ZodanaBorado

(The Updated Version is made) Just search "Legend of Zekeyian I" and there you go.(Update coming soon guys, and I believe you will like this version) Hang in there I am working as hard as I can, but you won't be disappointed on what I have in store.( ...
Legends of Zekeyian Legends of Zekeyian LOZ Demo v0.2
by ZodanaBorado

Glitches on this version, thanks for downloading it anyways. You can see how this project will kinda be at 10 percent.Way Better Version coming soon, with my own music.This version will be released this month. Please wait on it.Will release more upda ...