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The red knight :: 7.4
by zeblek

you star as a knight when you get a very odd letter from the king to come meet him at the castel now your asking why is it so odd? well the kingdom was a place where nothing ever happend well now i done telling about the story download it and find ou ...
The way of the blade
by zeblek

Hello, when i was making the shadow guild i came up whit this game it is in the same world as the shadow guild but it is not the second game it is like a side game of the shadow guild.

-the game starts in thw woods where two men found you almost d ...
The Shadow Guild :: 5.18 new update!
by zeblek

ok this is my new game,the game starts in a prison where you been captured,but suddenly a mage comes up and helps you out of the prison after a while he wants you to join the shadow guild,
this game is must about making right moves becouse doing a w ...