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GTA VancouverGTA Vancouver BETA
by paciulli

Let´s talk about a increveble clone of GTA 2!
-Over 40 Itens
-One map????with 150x250 of size!
-3 Exclusive vehicles
-Good Sound
Comprighty Rockstar Game and Rocks ...
Advanced Warfare :: In the Making
by Redemption

The Infection has spread...
It is 2184.
Will you be the savior?
You are in the IHS, Infected Hostility Squad. You are in the A4 squadron, one of the land assualt groups. From being landed in Biggs City to eleminate the infecties. Turns into an all ...
Bibarel Co.Bibarel Co. Demo 0.1
by Wolf mpg

Bibarel Co. is a fan made Pokemon style game, similar to mystery dungeon. I always wanted to make tis game since i was little, but after working with 001 for a while I think i finally can make a decent game, so here it goes. The game will be similar ...
Epic Sphere-O (Working Title)Epic Sphere-O (Working Title) Battle Demo
by tuliron


[this is the new battle system that is still in development)

Items Menu not implented yet.

A mysterious hooded man prepares you for the coming battles ahead. ...
Pokemon FactionsPokemon Factions Demo
by Kingie

Well this is just a preliminary proclamation just to show the turn based battle mode.

Pokemon Factions is hoping to be like the GBA version but with a good and bad alignment.

So Far:
- Battle system
- Start with Treecko
- Level up and stats
Z-Day the Turret Defense GameZ-Day the Turret Defense Game Beta
by Rico

Alright everyone the controls are as follows please read or you'll have no clue how to play :D
To create units press either the 1,2,3 key they each create different units.
Use the arrows keys to move the unit.
Press enter to place the unit.
Simpl ...
by Lidemberg Sousa

Monstros ameaçam moradores de uma pequeníssima cidade...
Só um ser é capaz de destruir tais criaturas...
Parece que ele terá que sair de frente de um túmulo...
De alguém importante para ele, que aparentemente morreu.

Sistema de texto e ...
PongPong Vr 1
by Rico

You've all played it or know of it, I give you Pong.
It doesn't have anything special, if you have any problems pm me, it does (on my computer at least) suffer from a problem beyond my control, I'm trying to fix it but it doesn't hinder playing at ...
Robinioba's Adventures!Robinioba's Adventures! Demo v0.3
by robinioba

One day u wake up and u hear some noice, when u go outside to look the problems start. It's my first game! I have made kinda a story but i am making it way and way better. Just want to show it from now and some suggestions on how to make it from here ...
SquatrominatiSquatrominati v1.1 (Contest)
by K-Pone

Squatrominati is a clone of the game Lumines and a contestant of the Arcade Game contest. The game has been made with completely custom resources (except the fonts) and is based on a blank template. The game looks similar to Tetris, but it isn't at a ...
Invasion - ArcadeInvasion - Arcade 1.0
by PEOFerraz

A meteor hits the earth. Soon he discovers that they are actually alien spacecraft, they want to invade the planet to get natural resources.
Are you in the role of a captain of the last squad and Delta's mission is to go to the mother ship to put a ...
Experiment XExperiment X Game v1.0
by 11th Hour

You are a black blob of slime that has recently escaped from a science laboratory. You a tyring to get back to the toxic waste dump where your DNA was first discovered.

Cool Features:

Randomized Levels - there are two levels for almost every le ...
Kinetic CatKinetic Cat
by dragonnutds

####IMPORTANT, I lost the game data to a computer crash, so I can not fix the bugs. Please do not bother submitting any####

This is my entry into the 001 Arcade Contest.

This game was plays exactly like a arcade that you would find in a Laun ...
Panderra's WorldPanderra's World Patch 1.4.5
by Zwitfire

The legend is said about a strange island named Penderra's World wich claims to be full of treasure.
Nobody knows who lives in the isle.
Nobody has ever returned.

You will be playing as a trained soldier, looking for treasure in the isle named P ...
by srclanbest

Mecha NinjaMecha Ninja Demo v0.1
by Tomeh999

Note: This is only a tech demo. The full release will take quite a long time and will be more complete than this.
This demo is also quite short, but it is mostly a test, so don't rate badly do to time length.

Mecha Ninja is a fast-paced platforme ...
Pokemon AdventuresPokemon Adventures Demo
by Syntax Media

A Pokemon game that will take place in all five regions and have all of the Pokemon! It will feature a refined battle system, new stories and new items! The demo is here! Battle your way to Pewter City gym and beat the leader, Brock! His only Pokemon ...
Evil EmotionsEvil Emotions Full Game v1.0
by 11th Hour

This is my first attempt at a game in a day (so don't laugh). I spent almost 24 hours straight making this.

You're in a heart-like world where evil emotions are living. There is 8 levels 3 mini bosses and 1 boss.
There is no start-up menu and no ...
Climb Completed
by Rico

This Game is finished.
The objective is to climb to the top without falling to your death, using the assorted platforms around you to do so but watch out if you're not quick enough they'll disappear.
Reach the top, win a prize :) ...
Aginimus Saga - Ep.One - Loss of DualityAginimus Saga - Ep.One - Loss of Duality BETA v1.0
by Mentysamn

Genêro: Medieval, Ação e Rpg
Criador: Mentysamn
Desenvolvedor: Tech Cube!®, ERM Games.

"Por dentro eu sempre me persegui. Eu me tornei intolerável para mim mesmo. Vivo numa dualidade dilacerante. Eu tenho uma aparente liberdade mas estou ...
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