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T H I R T Y  S E V E NT H I R T Y S E V E N :: 6.83 Demo v2.0
by Ammohead

Your just an ordinary guy and all of a sudden your shooting at zombies trying to find your way to the city at night. You have your trusty .380 but as you progress you'll find plenty more weapons. You will also discover party members. You will have 3 ...
Double oh one OS :: 8.17 Beta 0.1
by 2cool4me4

Hey! If someone has an idea for a program or fix, post in the forum topic by clicking above!

This is the 001 OS, a Operating System for any computers in your game! Now there are three programs: E-mail, Word Processor, and Music. There are now 4 so ...
Kings Peril Kings Peril :: 7.17 ("Discontinued")
by sam123

The kingdom is under siege and are after the king to conquer the castle your objective is to defend the king att all cost with the help of his bodyguards if the enemy gives up maybe the leader wil do the trick.


- 3 challenge levels ...
Winter SurvivalWinter Survival :: 8.33 v1.0
by Abdulah

Winter Survival é como o nome ja diz um survival, não espere combates nem magias, espere fome, sede, frio, tente sobreviver a este ambiente extremo...

Sim agora sobre o jogo, o jogo em si foi mais como um teste, queria saber em qual nivel eu est ...
SlashSlash :: 6.5 Complete
by noeneto123

A small arcade game. Have 3 languages but the 3 languages are not complete! There are a 4 chapters with different gameplay, this game is not full complete, but the campaing is full. Hope to enjoy! :D

by: noeneto123
made with: engine 001 ...
Oculus:Origins SnapshotOculus:Origins Snapshot :: 8.83 v.0.0.2
by coffeennicotine

So the v1.010.000 update just came down the wire for all of us. I know that updates aren't supposed to break games, but I have so many assets loaded up and strung together that I wanted to get a build out just in case doo-doo happens... To get a 'sna ...
RangarRangar :: 8.33 Demo
by killuagameplay


-Novo Cenário.
-Novo Mapa.
-Novos Sons.
-Nova Tela De Carregamento.
-Novo Recurso: Dormir.

Dica: Tentem Golpear os Arbustos =)

Esta Demo não contém nenhuma história ou missão para completar,
Esta Demo é apenas uma for ...
Dungeon AceDungeon Ace :: 8.33
by tower07

Dungeon Ace is an RPG originally for the RPG Four Digits competition.
You wander around a dungeon looking for items to help you solve puzzles and quests and you travel higher and higher...

WASD or Arrow Keys to move.
Space to check yo ...
RuinedRuined :: 8.5 V 1.29
by Jegar

-5-7 Enemy types, More to come in Part 2 of the game
-Experimentation with this (Will be apparent once the WHOLE game is done)
-6 Unique Characters to interact with
-Many diverse locations
-3 Part story

-Sto ...
Super TankSuper Tank :: 8.83 Demo
by ToonLand Pro

Super Tank is a fun arcade style game. The game features a variety of different weapons to use and environments to explore. You take control of a powerful tank and it is set loose onto the world.

The main objective of the game is to destroy your e ...
'Farming Happy 3D'  BR/EG'Farming Happy 3D' BR/EG :: 8.67
by Midnight

Farming Happy 3D Version 1.3

Interface Save Game

I'm working on this game is 4 Months, The Game I want everything to come out perfect, like that I want everyone to like, And A fun game, Is addictive!

*(some translations still in Portug ...
VG UnlimitedVG Unlimited :: 7.83 :: v0.002j rev2
by hikaru702

General information: Fan-made OFFLINE Demo game that shows that an semi-automated Cardfight against AI.


Due to certain circumstances, the file could not be uploaded... WHY!?
Oh well, if you want to d ...
Sterling ChaseSterling Chase :: 6.67 Demo v0.4
by creatorx45

Sterling Chase, a socially awkward teenager, becomes an unlikely hero when our world is overcome by dark forces. He must use his wits if he wants to survive. A free, downloadable, horror game based on the online phenomena, Creepypasta. Fight Monsters ...
Warrior RPG :: 5.4
by tracelight24

This is sort of like a draft to a full length game I might create sometime in the future, but for now, enjoy.

Sorry for any bugs etc. I'm not an expert Eng001 user. Post any comments, suggestions, or errors, please.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** * ...
Fireline- The killer of the demon Fireline- The killer of the demon :: 5.4
by cats11112

Zombies have been invading the earth for some time now, they have the power of the fireline. it is your mission to find out what it is and use this secret weapon. But you then realise that it isn't just zombies you have got to worry about....

(thi ...
LeafLand- a dip in timeLeafLand- a dip in time :: 7.4
by cats11112

Leafland is the next in the series from fireline. Cats11112 defeated the one armed devils in fireline but some people get sent back in time including you! it is now your mission to get back to you own time and deafeat whatever has sent you back. you ...
zombie attack :: 6.2 demo
by noobslayer330

this is a game i made when i first got 001. so if it is bad dont worry because it is only a demo. the game is about a city guy caught in the middle of a zombie attack. his quest is to track down the devil king to end it all. ...
Red vs whiteRed vs white :: 5.8
by noobslayer330

You are in a war against reds and whites, your overall goal is to wipe out every red soldier on earth. Soon you will see some of both sides history... ...
police mission v1 :: 6.8
by speed12548

You are a police officer who is looking for his friend, but then your friend turns on you. Will you survive or die trying. Remember to look around to find all the things you need to destroy the terrorist ...
Call of DoodieCall of Doodie :: 4.6
by tracelight24

This, my latest game, is purely a joke. But it is longer than 10 minutes, so take it bit seriously, since I actually put some time into it. There is a storyline, a very weird and random one, where you start out fighting in a militia. It apparently is ...
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