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the fire of rage
by madz

you are a guy who thinks he`s getting revenge but actullay you`re just killing people for no reason. your goal is to beat all levels. there`s a huge soundtrack that comes with too.
have fun! ...
Elfos vs Canadenses
by Pedro Marcelo

Humanos faziam experiencias ne um super laboratorio secreto no meio de uma floresta desconhecida.
um dia encontrão seres diferentes dele ate que então comessam o masacre total contra os elfos ... agoras eles se refugiam em lugares no meio dessa ...
Warriors Into The Wild
by Korydabomb

Play As Rusty,A Normal House Cat And Explore The World Of Warriors!Copyright By Erin Hunter.Starclan Visits You In Your Dream And Says: ''Fire Alone Can Save The Clans.'' Then Rusty Ventures Into The Forest And Meets His Partner,Graypaw.Graypaw Helps ...
by Jmate

In WAR you are the commander and your mission is to sneak into the enemy's base and plant C4. On your mission a soldier named Zac comes with you and helps.

This is my second game using 001 Engine.
Enjoy!!! ...
Ends Way Demov0.1
by calitrot

You wake up from gunshot fires and see your city left in ruins from vicoius evil monsters and u get futher in the city and find that cops are blocking streets and people are rioting.u only have 2 choices save the city or destroy it for the sake of ma ...
Pathways of Life
by Chickenman

This is a fun online RPG where you move around, buy weapons, earn money from jobs, and choose your way of life. You can make friends and kill NPC's. It will be updated every few weeks. We will try our best to make this game the best possible and send ...
by 5econds

In a post-apocalyptic world hundreds of years in the future the world is reborn....

After "The GREAT WAR" of our the people of earth came together to rebuild the world
Terraformation technologies as well as Nanobot technological advances allowed ...
Pitch Black
by calitrot

it was a stormy night and you were driving from work when all of sudden u hit somethin in the road and unable to tell what it get out the car and d see its some strange like creature and all of a sudden the monster wakes up and bites ...
Isolation Demo v0.1
by AlexDescent

A teenaged boy named Devon awakens in a lonely building complex alone. In order to escape, he must complete difficult puzzles and various tasks.

Coming Soon
-Deep Storyline
-Difficult Puzzles
-Various Interfaces
-Death Traps ...
by Game-Nasium

You are a citizen in the tyrant-controled kingdom of Woodgate. After a scribe tries to recruit you into what seems a perfect job, you are thrown into a plot that will either turn you trader or declare your loyalty.
__________________________________ ...
by issac19

This if the first game I've ever submitted, it isn't finished yet, and I'm still new to this, there may be a few bugs, but I'll be working them out as I go along, also I haven't made an into yet, but when the full game is complete, there will be an i ...
Danger Zone v1.4
by LeeB

My new game is here!Enter the Danger Zone
and face the aliens.Story:Your brother has been kidnapped and you need to rescue him.
Happy Playing!

LeeB ...
The Lost Phochecy
by ejen001

The Story:
You are Haddan,who is a perfect knight.You killed the boss,MONSTER KURIYA.So,you has retired because the boss has die.At the Sand Village,you found some people said there are some monster walking at the night and two person is lost and th ...
Land of lore
by galeregil

In a world beset by chaos the only hope is adventurers like you! with plenty of enemys to fight, the ability to join the army, switch sides and learn magic this game will have you smiling time and time again! ...
by bradly

A game with all you need to do to kill the apposing enemy> wip them out of your area and distrebute mass damage to they beliefs. terrarise them until there are none left!!!!!!!!!! ...
Ultimate Challenge The Wizard of Jubucks
by KillerNerdZoraculus

You are Houzuki, Houzuki Gruco, you are 22 years old, you live in quiet island called "Jubucks" and now you are aged suficient to begin the "Elemental Training" so you can be a true Warrior of Jubucks, as time passes you learn everything o ...
Johnnys WorldJohnnys World Demo v1.1
by LeeB

This is my fourth game.Its about a teenage boy called Johnny who lives his life alone. He can now handle guns so that means he can fight terroists and save the world! ...
GTA California Demo v1.2
by LeeB

This is my newest game and its a game set in california. I know its not very california style but I just could not think of a name so I named it randomly.
Stat Increase - Warrior
Start with $100000000 - Richman
All melee Weapons - starwar ...
by pauloeduardo803

Um laboratorio do governo estava testando materiais microbiológicos um dia ouve um acidente.
O virús se espalhou rápido pelo laboratórioé sua missão detelo.
-Mais de vinte armas(Jogo completo)
-Mais de 50 fases(Jogo completo) ...
Ardat - Anjo Renegados das Trevas
by Bizukeitor

Ardat é um anjo que nasceu de um romance proibido entre um anjo e um demônio, e quando nasceu não podia habitar nem os céus nem o inferno. Então foi mandado á Terra para escolher seu destino, mas chegando aqui ele se deparou com guerras e destr ...
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