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Quest Master :: 7 Demo V1.1
by adib2008

As you log in to the game, you will started with E class. The goal of this game is to be the best quest master on the world and also to beat your rival, Robert or Catalina (the girl with red cloth in the first screen shot) depending on the gender you ...
Aliens Vs Predator Vs The TerminatorAliens Vs Predator Vs The Terminator :: 7 WIP
by Steve

Based on the millenium comic.

Control an adholescent xenomorph queen, as it devours people and brings its species back from extinction.

Or join a young yuatja warrior as he persues the xenomorph and his new enemy, skynet, to prove himself to th ...
Cantrel: Chorus Of SoulsCantrel: Chorus Of Souls :: 6.94 Demo1
by evergreen


CCOS is a fantisy RPG, similar to Final Fantasy and Grandia, where you get to choose your characters sex, name and element.

Reasorces are 50% made by me, 25% Ripped and 25% Standard

Thousands of years ago there ...
Battle RealmsBattle Realms :: 6.93 v1
by Fuzz

You are Renault a man that is good with a blade. The demo only contains the first quest but features lots of big battles. At the start your village is under attack and you must defeat the invaders. I hope you play it. The full version will contain lo ...
The Cute ThingsThe Cute Things :: 6.9 v0.1
by RPGking

Cute things, all soft and fuzzy, just want to go ahead and pet it... kill it, slice its head open with a battle axe, chop it in half and bathe in its blood!

In this game, there are 2 factions. The Cute Things, and The Evil Things. The cute things ...
Legend of the Lost Swords Legend of the Lost Swords :: 6.86 Demo v0.02
by DS21

Legend of the Lost Swords -DEMOv0.02-

... Ages ago the lands were ruled by the five Blood lines... Blood lines of the most noble Kings and Knights... Blood lines who's families where blessed by the powers of the elements... These Blood lines onc ...
EXOEXO :: 6.83 Demo V.2
by Scuddle

Matsu (you) a solider on a mission to take the blueprints Of the most powerful weapon known to man kind, EXO. Use classic items like Medic kits, Or use new Items like Revival pills to awaken from your state of death. Be careful there's a limited supp ...
T H I R T Y  S E V E NT H I R T Y S E V E N :: 6.83 Demo v2.0
by Ammohead

Your just an ordinary guy and all of a sudden your shooting at zombies trying to find your way to the city at night. You have your trusty .380 but as you progress you'll find plenty more weapons. You will also discover party members. You will have 3 ...
police mission v1 :: 6.8
by speed12548

You are a police officer who is looking for his friend, but then your friend turns on you. Will you survive or die trying. Remember to look around to find all the things you need to destroy the terrorist ...
PSI:COPSI:CO :: 6.8 DEMO v0.11
by Tabula Rasa

Uploaded: Demo v0.11 quickfix
* Fixed levelup bug where game would remain paused once finished.
* Fixed bug where weapons would not be properly removed once sewer level was finished.
* Fixed bug where mission log would not properly update.
* Adde ...
Moderation :: 6.79
by Deedasmi

Custom weapon graphics (was very hard for me)
Many people
An ultimate quest
Custom Death effect (really cool)

Play as me, deedasmi, and have fun!

(it took much longer then nevonna, so dont worry, its cooler :)) ...
No TomorrowNo Tomorrow :: 6.77 OLD TEST LEVEL
by Lord Cohliani

In the year 2030 humanity has been destroyed. Only small underground human colonies remain. Your colony has existed for twenty years. The scientists have decided that it is finally time to break out and reclaim the world. They say that about half of ...
DarkLaboratory- killer of the causeDarkLaboratory- killer of the cause :: 6.75 demo v1.1
by cats11112

I have decided to make a continuation from leafland and fireline, i know they were both made a year ago but who cares!

okay basic plot: you take home the one armed devils head for victory, when you find out something about him, you then realise th ...
KYC 2 Escape The NightmareKYC 2 Escape The Nightmare :: 6.75 Demo V2
by Ammohead

You were sneaking around in the lab in the Arizona dessert. You came upon some scientist playing with plasma and a new kind of element called, PH2. Plasma Hydrogen 2. During this they created a deadly gas that gave creatures extraordinary abilities. ...
Joe The StickMan :: 6.73
by Scuddle

An Awesome Game about a stick Man Named JOE. Simple and addicting.
Described in two words.
"Hella-Awesome" Training to be funky Joe Must battle StickMen Snipers Bosses Zombies Parasitic Monsters Lizardous Monsters and other creatures. Go to my web ...
Sterling ChaseSterling Chase :: 6.67 Demo v0.4
by creatorx45

Sterling Chase, a socially awkward teenager, becomes an unlikely hero when our world is overcome by dark forces. He must use his wits if he wants to survive. A free, downloadable, horror game based on the online phenomena, Creepypasta. Fight Monsters ...
Scary Castle ZombieScary Castle Zombie :: 6.64
by Novaton

You find yourself in a forest. And all of a sudden, you have to deal with a bunch of zombies. This was uploaded by Mike, on behalf of Novation. This game is indeed the first good zombie game 001 had seen on its original release November 26, 2006. ...
LOSTLOST :: 6.62 Demo version 1.1
by C0c1

The glich in the begining with the cutscene should now be fixed :)

First off I must say this has nothing to do with the TV show

Your just a normal guy named Duke carrying out a normal life whene a harmful alien race know as the Noctron invade y ...
Castlevania: The Tales of Alucard :: 6.6
by Hound of Darkness


The character you play as is, of course, Alucard, Dracula's son. The series begins with a very corny confrontation with his father where Alucard decides to side with the humanity. As a result Alucard loses all memory of his famil ...
(404)3164 (MAJOR Bug Fixes)3164 (MAJOR Bug Fixes) :: 6.6 Demo v0.3
by Wolfmaster

3164 takes place in the year 3164. Back in 3133 a boy named Richard is attending school. But a factory a few miles away is researching rare diseases.

They have some tubes explode which creates a new disease.

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