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Mafia Gang :: Full Version v.3
by Black Hat Hacker

This is a Lifestyle Game where player can:
Drive car
Fly aeroplane
Buy houses
Buy food
But weapons
Deposit and withdraw money from bank
Loan system
Car buy system
Many cheats
Respawn of vehicle after destroy at starting location.
Jetpack s ...
Miss, Ms., or Mrs.
by MrJCsWoman

Which type of woman will you strive to be in this simulated world? You can be the single, career driven woman (dubbed Ms.); the traditional housewife (dubbed Mrs.); or the all around woman unsure of what she yet wants(dubbed Miss). It is your choice ...
Hard Metal Demo v0.2
by Black Hat Hacker

Hard Metal is an Army Game where our Player's Name is Proto.
Because this is a Demo Version it is a Short game play.
As Our Team has Created its Full version's Story we will complete it Soon.
Only the First Chapter has been given in Demo Version.
csx systemcsx system v:1.00
by tonywelch15

csx system is a mini console I have been working on and continuing to work on
this is system software version:1.00
_interface changes_
- other setting's now open ( please check out before playing any games)
- sight interface changes
- a lot o ...
Doomsday Test v0.1
by Black Reaper

This is just a demo (or beta) version of the game, all the sprites used are from 001 game creator, please comment on how the game is.All comments are welcome.This is just a project I started in my free time. ...
Dragons QuestDragons Quest Alpha 0.1
by TDM3

Be Prepared to go into battle armed with a variety of weapons armor, fight hordes of spiders, Zombies, and eventually a few dragons.

This game is currently in early Alpha testing and does not have an overly extensive array of places to explore as ...
School Exorcist 2 School Exorcist 2 Versão teste 0.1
by cabrali


A muito tempo atrás um ser maligno e cheio de odio no coração resolve se rebeliar com todos o s ser divino d ...
by enderdogo

uma noite estranha...jack acorda com uma noticia na tv dizendo que esta tendo um virus que deixa a pessoa louca e violenta esta sendo mundialmente transmitida,jack vai embora da cidade em busca do seu irmão johnny ...
by creatorx45

(A short little project I made to learn the ropes of the engine.) BlockRun was a fun little children's game, but someone... or something... has altered the files.
-All Music, (Well all three songs) are original compositions
-I plan to eventually d ...
The Star of Amnabell
by JogosInsanos

Jogo rico em aventura Drama ação sem limites aventuras de deixar o coração fervendo
de aventura baixe agora e avalie voce não ira se arrependeder
specil Insanos games brasil ...
The star of amnabell
by JogosInsanos

baixe ja
o jogo mostra como podemois chegar loge com a nossa imaginação
V1 ainda em fazer de testes com demos e mais
um jogo sem fronterias caranba tem que escrever de mais ne
mais tudo bem ...
Legend's Path: The Blacksmith
by the95jman

Legend's Path: The Blacksmith is going to be a "lore-game" to Legend's Path. In other words it is much smaller but will feature much of the features in the full Legend's Path. Think of it as more of a demo. Anyways to the story! The city of Anora is ...
by adhish

This game is very nice fun action game where you are a commando and it was supposed to be your last mission but your enemey does mistake by leaving you alive. So now you need to complete your mission by killing your enemeys. ...
1775 The Road to Independence1775 The Road to Independence Full Game v1.0
by Tomlinson101

! This game is in the time period of the Revolutionary War when America declared Independence! In this 2D adventure you will take on the side of an early US Soldier and fight through the ranks of the Redcoats or even fight your friend in a Team Death ...
A espada
by ashcarcaju

A historia desse jogo é que existe um humano chamado Rex que possui uma espada que esta em sua família por gerações, mas ninguém sabe que a espada tem poderes misteriosos ...
TIme tangle two hundred fuorty two
by Gameman2

The town keeper is killed from a fire ball it's up to you to become a keeper fight monsters and battle evil to take the throne
But you're brother wants to take the throne so you better hurry
Or you're town is in deep danger of death and destruction ...
Beep GameBeep Game Full
by Blue Perc

This is a game where you will simply hear a beep like sound. Before you start playing you need to agree on the terms and conditions list that will pop up when you've started the game. ...
Boss Fight GameBoss Fight Game v0.1 Demo
by grego00

this game is my game of boss fights, you choose a door to fight a boss (with your soldiers), go in the order is better, every third door you will face the big boss ...
Land Runner
by Gundam550

In this game you must jump between floating blocks of land in an attempt to survive. And whatever you do DON'T FALL or it will be the end of your life. ...
AbemoAbemo Demo
by Taytchw

"Ábemo" é um jogo bem simples porém há um grande nível de dificuldade neste jogo para sertos tipos de usúarios. O objetivo deste jogo é proteger bolhas de serem atacadas por estrelas e triángulos usando uma barra preta que se movimenta em dir ...
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