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Zombie eyes :: (Demi v0.1)
by kira65

dsasdasdsajdbksjbgfkhsgfvjhsvgjdlhasvdjhasvdjasvbdjksakddsasdasdsajdbksjbgfkhsgfvjhsvgjdlhasvdjhasvdjasvbdjksakddsasdasdsajdbksjbgfkhsgfvjhsvgjdlhasvdjhasvdjasvbdjksakddsasdasdsajdbksjbgfkhsgfvjhsvgjdlhasvdjhasvdjasvbdjksakddsasdasdsajdbksjbgfkhsgfvj ...
by ster222

a small game.
you can buy weapons and crash the enemys with them no more.
this is my first game!!!! the title it is not how it's sounts.
my second game will be better ...
The Blade of Light
by Toonland

You are Eldred, a retired adventurer, who is quietly living out his life life in a village. He is approached by a man sent from the King and he is asked to help the king. He accepts and so the adventure begins. . . ...
Nuclear HavocNuclear Havoc Demo
by killalot2009

A demo for my upcoming game... Please play,rate, and give feedback. your a settler in a nuclear camp but one day you decide to go out and see what lies beyond the omninous wood fence... ...
by totimeslogan

It is REALLY basic. It is very short but it is slightly fun. This is for my online friend's website. This is to prove my talents. Well, it is also to see if the want me to make a RPG for his website as well. ...
RPG Legends Demo v1.0
by shawnbaker

This is a RPG, You fight a little, Im just showing you what you can do in Engine001 (Nothing big) its still in the demo stage.

~RPG Legends v0.1~
- Game Released OnSeptember 23, 2011
- 5 Maps
- 3 Items Added
- Demo v1
- Shop Store Bug ...
Divine Sword Divine Sword DEMO
by Dethtrap001


A platformer based off the summon night games Divine Sword! Like the summon night games there will be five days including Day 0. I havent added any combat (in this demo a least I have a boss battle) but there will be alot

St ...
Shadow Revolution IShadow Revolution I Demo v0.2
by shawnbaker

The human race is attacked by Zombies, and you the last of the agents have to save the world, [It is recommened that you are 13+ to play this game].

Demo v0.1:

- Basic engin001 Weapons
- Basic demo maps
- Blood & Lauguge
- 1 Boss Mode

Dem ...
(404)A Drop of HopeA Drop of Hope
by Rico

Platform(s): Top down/Sidescroller
Title: A drop of Hope
Genre: Scifi/RPG
World map size: 4,800,000 square foot

A ringed Earth like planet sitting on the precispice of the boundaries of Human control becomes the target for a new expedition, mon ...
Maple Story AdventureMaple Story Adventure :: Demo v1.0
by shawnbaker

This is just a small game, don't except anything big.
This game is a Maple Story Flash Game.
If you have any ideas on how to improve this game you can say.

- Maple Story Adventure v1.0 -
-4 Maps
-Basic Controls
X Legends
by shawnbaker

You are a warrior who has to find his path, you make your own story as you go, this game is an rpg.

- X-Legends v1.0 -
- Story Mode -
- Warrior Class -
- Basic Weapons\Equipment -
by Dark Creator

Adventure Game,You are Ascorn,the hero,make quests and be powerfull to kill the Doppelganger,want to have cash?Contact me And i put cash and pass to you the cashed game,my email is alexnico 6 6@h o t m a i l. c o m!Have fun!!!! ...
Dynasty Battle :: Demo v1.0
by HyperGamer

Dynasty Battle is a rpg that you just fight waves of eneimies to level & gain money.
You can do differnet levels for greater rewards.
My first game :)
With the help of Shawn Baker (or sean baker, I forgot how to spell his name).
This game is aka ...
Snake slayer
by JonToby

You must fight monsters and snakes to prove that you are a worthy warrior capable of carrying the ultimate weapon which you must use to vanquish the hoardes of snakes.
this game feature the ability to after completing the game restart it with your e ...
Guitar Hero
by eitorlaba

I'm a br and I made this game when I had no web connection, and I was bored... So hope you enjoy the game.
There are some differents musics you can hear on the menu, but it doesn't make any difference with the notes sequence, they're random.
This d ...
The Order
by PEOFerraz

The order is a game of action in third person very similar to the acclaimed Assassin Creed. The game is happening in medieval times and you control Lennier, an assassin in the order that has aimed to kill people to save the lives of others.

Chara ...
Jump Dude
by HyperGamer

This is just a basic plateformer game (RPG) you just jump and attack.
Its just a demo but if you have any ideas on how to improve it just tell me :)
Im the creator of "Grand Theft Auto". ...
by Wolfmaster

You wake up in an insane asylum (I bet we've heard that before). The asylum is gory, evil, and is freaking the hell out of you. You hear strange things behind doors.... which cannot be explained.

Short storyline but that's how it goes. The rest yo ...
Battle Bros.
by HyperGamer

Genere:Battle RPG
Game: Battle Bros
Version: 1.0
Creater: Hyper Gamer, shawn baker
Realse Date: TBT
Info: You just fight untill you die. ...
My Beginer game
by Gilbor

pay no attention, just testing the program and wanted to show a friend my progress.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
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