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Rock HeroRock Hero :: 5.33 Demo
by skuller

The first game of Guitar Hero series on 001!!!
I'm working on Bugs and anothers languages, sorry if my english is bad^^ but in the next version i'll put 2 languages: PORTUGUESE and ENGLISH.
Please close all programs in use for play this game for an ...
Max Sniper :: 5.29
by tracelight24

This is a new game (demo) that i made that has 2 missions. It has dialogue and a pretty good plot. There are cheats and some secret weapons. Have fun and please please PLEASE rate. Thanks!

P.S. There is a cheat that makes you naked. B ...
Kudos Knight :: 5.25 Demo V2
by drakez

You are a knight when you suddenly find yourself in Kudos. The king was going to plan an attack, but he changed his mind. Maybe he shouldn't have. He needed stronger allies, and you're one of them. Hector, the king's brother who everybody has forgott ...
The Shadow Guild :: 5.18 new update!
by zeblek

ok this is my new game,the game starts in a prison where you been captured,but suddenly a mage comes up and helps you out of the prison after a while he wants you to join the shadow guild,
this game is must about making right moves becouse doing a w ...
GANGSTER :: 5.17 Final Version
by adib2008

This game takes you to the gangster world at some Malaysian high school (my hometown)You can do Malaysian gangster stuff like beat people to death and etc. This is the final version.

1.Now with SFX.
2.Now with 19 missions.
3.Now with 5 ...
Poe city :: 5.17
by poepoe

A short game, in wich you are a guy and you can do anything, there isnt a plot... but there is a boss and to get there there are things you need to do! I will not reveal them, the cheat for those that want to know is 1337! ...
Mission ImposibleMission Imposible :: 5.14
by Conker001

LOL in this game you have to escaped from a evi base and kill Osama BIN LADEN you can drive vehicles, etc.


LOL please Rate

- 12+ MAPS
O ...
200vs10200vs10 :: 5.13 First level
by rob2021

You play as a Spartan with 10 other of your soldiers you have the highest ranking armor and weapons together you must fight aginst 200 skeltons and the skelton general having the most hp and defence you are a trained warrior spartan fight till death! ...
Red Vs Blue: The Blood Gulch ChroniclesRed Vs Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles :: 5.13 DEMO
by revenger

In this demo of my first game, play as Private Michael J. Caboose and explore Blood Gulch.


Drivable M808B main Battle Tank

Beta Version of Warthog labeled "Puma"

Interactive characters

Beta Weapon -- MVII Crusader Triple-fun ...
my lifemy life :: 5 v1.2
by dude

this is a HUGE GAME. it has a file of 68.59MB. the uprated verishon is now out with a Luigi's mansion (not finished) it's like 2 games in 1. and has prank calling in it.and u can go underwater and have a trident. now has cheat codes. ...
DragonBallZtestDragonBallZtest :: 5 Demo v.01
by GoreGames

DEMO of Dragon Ball Z adventure the first Fighting game on 001Map...
One more thing all errors are just a fast programing problem!!
5.Vegeta (scouter ...
Welcome to Tutorial IslandWelcome to Tutorial Island :: 4.8 Demo V1
by tracelight24

... This is only the demo, but should be functional and give you a glance at the gameplay and storyline. Please comment in the forums, thanks.

And now... for the plot! - - -

One day you find yourself bored at your house and realize the phones ...
InvasionInvasion :: 4.71
by jmy1996

Basically a RPG, no story mode sorry. Pretty fun so try it, you can do basically anything. I am not going to spoil the game so no in-depth description. ...
Resident Evil :: 4.67
by Conker001

History: A person name conker win a new house , when he go to the house he find a detroyed house with zombies ghosts and demons, now Conker discover that the seller, dont want ti kill conker, conker have to escape, with the seller, but the seller wil ...
Call of DoodieCall of Doodie :: 4.6
by tracelight24

This, my latest game, is purely a joke. But it is longer than 10 minutes, so take it bit seriously, since I actually put some time into it. There is a storyline, a very weird and random one, where you start out fighting in a militia. It apparently is ...
Lost HopeLost Hope :: 4.6 Demo v0.1
by GeneralGuy

You are Overlord Arthras, one of the most powerful beings in the world. All the living and dead bow to you in fear and respect. But recently, there has been a foul scent in the air, you desend from your throne onto the mortal world to investigate. ...
Immigration Migration :: 4.57
by chrisahrbeck

(This game has a bug, it deosn't affect game play, but whenever you die, text fills the screen.) This game is a geography project, aimed to teach some basics of Canadian immigration. In this game, you are a person trying to enter Canada. To do this, ...
Zombie Defense :: 4.56 V1.3 FULL
by cozmo195

IF you going to rate please tell me what you rated it and why on game topic and what made you vote that

When played rate and give feedback :D

Note :
my time zone is diffrent to website so its says uploaded on 24/12/09
Pictures out of date
Resident Evil BR EditionResident Evil BR Edition :: 4.43 Demo v8.4
by Renan_64

You can survive a one city flood of zoombies wanting eat your brain? If yes, then prove in this game whare you goes meet zoombies from the begins untill end.
All exits is brokens, and you will get find other way for escape of the city, but this way ...
Hobo: the video game Hobo: the video game :: 4.32 Demo version 1.1
by C0c1

You play Hobo Bill you have no family no life living on rags in the worst city in America in a cardbord box. But you have had enough! Now your goal is to be the richest man ever. unfortuantly for hobo bill that will have to wait. This is a small demo ...
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