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DownoutDownout Demo
by Jegar

-2.5d First Person Roleplaying Game
-Sci-fi themed, explore a desert planet, and engage the native wildlife.
It is a simple and short game, leveraging the basics in 001's First Person capabilities. ...
OutlandsOutlands :: 8.77 Game V 1.00
by Jegar

The gates opened. The line held, and held, and held.

It was not long before it fell. So many lost.

Through the gates they move, like roaches.

We must reestablish the line.

-Decent collection of weapons
-Var ...
1970 AD1970 AD V. 1.15
by Jegar

A experiment with a game that uses as little English as possible. Set in the year (0000 0111 1011 0010) you take on the role of a newly stationed Russian Soldier. This game was made for the Metomunc Adventure game contest. Basic content may be added ...
RuinedRuined :: 8.5 V 1.29
by Jegar

-5-7 Enemy types, More to come in Part 2 of the game
-Experimentation with this (Will be apparent once the WHOLE game is done)
-6 Unique Characters to interact with
-Many diverse locations
-3 Part story

-Sto ...
The PurgeThe Purge :: 8.89 V 1.22
by Jegar

-Old school RPG stat system
-A varied selection of weapons (12+ Weapons)
-4 enemy types as of now
-Research able enemies to gain an edge
-Weapons that inflict specific damage to opponents (EX: Anti Armor and Anti Personal weapons)
-Se ...
Aar'anoorAar'anoor :: 7.19 Game V. 1.71
by Jegar

A strange world. A place of mystery. Perhaps not quite.

This is a mostly platformer game. My first attempt at a sole platforming experience.

Comments/Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Check the thread every so often for updates on content and ...
PlanetboundPlanetbound :: 8.54 V 1.10
by Jegar

A far away planet. A mysterious crash. What will happen? Perhaps you would like to see?

New Version may be damaged from new Version of Engine, please report any bugs.

-RPG Elements, Stats, Physical Traits, and that good stuff.
-Rath ...
AbandonedAbandoned :: 8.14 Full Game V.90
by Jegar

On a Barren Planet known as Rine II in the Artemis Tau Sector a new research base and possible future colony have been set up. You joined the enlistment for the USP (United Space Program) and have been given a job on this new base. The first few days ...