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by Blue Perc

A new platformer game!! You are the baby and you playing in hims dream. Can you made it?? The missions is to get away from the dream (Wake Up) So funny Game. Welcome to Supah Baby!! ...
Cube RaceCube Race
by falcon

A simple arcade game just for you!!!
Try to score as much you can!!
The controls are simple, you only need left and right arrow and it is all!!
It was tested and it works in a netbook or even on a old pc!!
I wait you enjoy and don't forget that n ...
Legend of Zekeyian -Legend of Zekeyian - Final Demo V.X
by ZodanaBorado

There is a way to get pass the first Area if you don't have a sword. You would have to look for it by going backwards. Press enter to proceed. When you see the enter icon.( update status ) -Working on the game as hard as possible, had personal proble ...
-The Epic Quest--The Epic Quest- Short Demo
by Evil Epic Guy

There was once a little boy named Epic.
Epic is on adventure to fight Evil Guy.
Evil Guy's plan is to rule the world and take over people's minds.
Epic with all of his friends he meets on this journey will stop Evil Guy.
Play the rest by download ...
Insanity: AloneInsanity: Alone Demo V.0.3
by gerardred

Lost In The Middle In Nowhere You Desperately Search A Shelter, After Entering A bizarre Building You Soon Realize That You Are Trapped Inside An Abandoned Asylum, Will You Keep Your Sanity Alive ?
(Please Vote And Comment After You Downloaded It)
The Burning Sword The Burning Sword Version : 3.3
by Merlin_Kalkinput

Pick from one of four classes, fight monsters, level up, take part in quests, join guilds!Contains the following (and more): Mage's Guild, Fighter's Guild, shops, many weapons, armor, magical spells, dynamic dialog, incredible music, and 27+ differen ...
Builder Blocks Pre AlphaBuilder Blocks Pre Alpha Alpha 1.1
by Gluos

A 2d free build game where you can create anything, the only limit is your imagination... and the fact that you can only use grass, sand, stone, brick, ice, and lava blocks.
New Features:
Alpha 1.1
New tiles
Solid colors Red Orange Yello Green Bl ...
New Super Duper MarioNew Super Duper Mario v0.1
by Koutacles

Join Mario and friends as they hark back to the days of Super Mario Bros 3, with a few new surprises waiting for them..

-3 hidden collectible coins per level for the completionist
-Fully recreated SMB3 map screen!
-Inventory system for powerups ...
Pocket WorldPocket World Sample
by JamX

This is a sample game, or rather a proof of concept that a sandbox game is possible with 001.

ESC = Inventory and Crafting
WASD = Move
Mouse Click = Use Item/Tool
1 + ...
Purple HybridPurple Hybrid
by Scaveleon

Purple Hybrid is an Original English Visual Novel.

It is also a Kinetic Novel, which means that the it doesn't interact with the player, there are no game-play choices and the story is set in stone. The game focuses on storyline and character inte ...
Seguindo a receitaSeguindo a receita Completa
by Taytchu Gamer

Um jogo simples produzido por Vinca, com 2 opções de idioma Português e Inglês. Este pode ser jogado sozinha porém foi criador para jogar com 2 pessoas. Com o meu desenvolvimento de técnicas novas de save fiz este jogo de 2 jogadores abrir em d ...
Alien-Killin' Fun!!!Alien-Killin' Fun!!! v1.2
by Wonderland

You are Billy Hill, a southerner stereotype. Some aliens kidnap you and take them to your mother-ship. It's time to kick butt and get back home.

-Fast, "mature" shooter
-Dry humour
-10 non-linear levels with lots of exploration, loot, and collec ...
Datura's ParkDatura's Park 1.4
by Kuresu


Um velho parque abandonado de uma pequena cidade é conhecido pela história da morte de cinco crianças. O parque é fechado e nenhum outro acidente ocorre por anos, até que uma garota desaparece no parque n ...
TravestyTravesty Tech Demo v0.2
by RamchuK_Ntertainment


Travesty is an upcoming survival masterpiece brought to you by the Ramchuk Entertainment Games Team (REGT). Set in a minimalistic world -that for the first time in 001 Game Creator history offers no borders, the un ...
End Of Days
by HaHa3000

End Of Days is about Thutar, the hero of this adventure. The game starts out as Thutar joining the Alliance to help with the war with the coalition. The Alliance faces unholy enemies however, zombies and demons and occultists will stand in the ay of ...
TCOE 1 Eye of the Dragon
by WelshDogg10

The same as last time, this game takes Erik and Jake as they crash on bermuda triangle, and you must help them escape FULL GAME COMING SOON 2008 Copyright The Chronicles of Extremos: Eye of the Dragon ...
The way of the blade
by zeblek

Hello, when i was making the shadow guild i came up whit this game it is in the same world as the shadow guild but it is not the second game it is like a side game of the shadow guild.

-the game starts in thw woods where two men found you almost d ...
Chilli Blood full version
by puffinboy

You are Robert Chilli but everyone calls you Chilli. you had a rough childhood because when you were young a man killed your family so you started practicing shooting a revolver to get revenge on him. years after you find the man and killed him, but ...
The Cold Dungeon
by tracelight24

This is a game I worked really hard on.
Please comment in threads and rate!


You wake up in Castle Hart, where you have been scheduled to talk with the King, where you will mostly likely be-beheaded. All of this because you slept with ...
Paint And BloodPaint And Blood Demo v1
by tracelight24

This is the first demo of Paint and Blood. This includes only the first mission where you destroy communications for the Federal guard.

The game is about a man named Silver (you). Its the year 2094 and the world broke into Chaos. A global ...
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