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Barehanded attack (only for main character)
by murasame

The main actor can't attack without a weapon equipped (nor any actor). So this tutorial explains how to do possible "barehanded" attacks for the main character, using a "temporal" weapon (switching it in and out automatically).
Prevent Reclaim Rewards In a Quest
by cosmo

My friend complained to me this when he plays my game. He get $4XXXX because reclaim rewards for a same quest. How can we prevent this? Let me tell you the way I experimented.
Making an Armor Script
by reaper560

How to make an armor script similar to GTA. Please note that this script has't been tested for 2 party members.
E-Z Chat System :: Helpful
by steelface

One thing I've noticed is that not many games I've seen feature in-game conversations, other than through Message Box, which isn't the best for fast-flowing speech and visual action. It isn't convenient to have a massive gun battle, for example, interrupted by a message that takes up a good part of the playing screen and requires you to hit enter before you get killed.

This system lets you make dialogue quickly, and it can easily include extra events without having to go to another script.
Making a Leaderboard/High Score table
by Tomeh999

How to make a high score table with points and name for your 001 game, includes saving and loading the score.
Your first game :: Very Helpful
by 001[GameFan]

Beginners guide in plain english with no technical language, great for making a first game.
Generate a Random Number/Color
by ITB

This tutorial will show you how you can make a random color/number for clothes, vehicles, etc...
Creating a bounty system :: Very Helpful
by 001[GameFan]

What will make a game even more exciting? A bounty. For example, a player cannot attack a good character as it will increase their bounty, and good deeds decrease the bounty. All done with a few custom events, one variable and a map.
Naming Your Game
by Wonderland

A few tips on how to make a good name for your game.
Choices That Affect Gameplay :: Very Helpful
by C0c1

This tutorial will show you how to make things that the player does in-game affect him later on. In this tutorial we will be working with switches to tell you how to make a better game.
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