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Add cheats to your game :: Very Helpful
by K-Pone

You know this from many games: You type some simple codes, you to a special place and talk to something or something similar. This tutorial shows you how to do this in 001.
Mountain Tileset Creation :: Extremely Helpful
by metomunc

Learn how to make mountain tilesets for the creation of climbable mountains like the Great Mountain in Wolf Hunt.
Custom Events Return Values
by hellblade

How to use a custom event to return a value
Creating Lava and Hot Rocks :: Very Helpful
by metomunc

The basics of how to make lava that your character must avoid walking in or make floor areas that the player must jump over to avoid being hurt like hot coals or thorns.
Objective Compass :: Extremely Helpful
by Gamerdude

Another tutorial on how to make an objective compass. Simple and quick to make.
HUD: one effect, unlimited images :: Very Helpful
by YunO

You want to show a lot of images on your HUD? Make it on ONE effect!
Using Variables :: Extremely Helpful
by Darkvoid

A tutorial of basic /advanced uses of variables, and how your gameplay can be enhanced by using them.
Loading Screen :: Helpful
by C0c1

A beginner's guide to using Map001's interfaces to make a custom loading screen.
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