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Como fazer o jogador abaixar (jogos de plataforma)
by Zadion

Bem vindo ao Tutorial de possibilitar o jogador de se abaixar para não ser acertado, é um tutorial muito fácil e rápido.

Vamos ao Tutorial...

Turn-Based Battle System (With ranged and agility) :: Very Helpful
by Ixayou

Here I will teach you how to make a turn-based battle system with an interface. Because there's so many script nodes, I'll just give it all in codes. In the bottom of the tutorial I will show how to customize the codes and what they do. This is only recommended if you are familiar with Map001.

Note: The codes has been updated so it works on newer versions after the char>actor change, but the code explanations are unchanged. The only difference is that Char is now Actor on any code that involves another character than the main character. Some lines might be in a different position than before though.
If you get any trouble, please let me know!
Day and night cycle :: Very Helpful
by thutman

For a day/night cycle.
Eerie Effects :: Very Helpful
by AznaThira

A toturial about how to add a frightning feel to your game.
Flashlights :: Very Helpful
by Gamerdude

Create a few different types of flashlights to add realism to your games.
Enemy name and HP on HUD :: Very Helpful
by YunO

You know that generally in games, when you attack a monster or click on it, its name and HP appear on the HUD? Learn how to do it with 001!
Custom Events and Earthquake Camera Effect :: Extremely Helpful
by evergreen

Learn how to make your own custom events through creating a useful earthquake event which causes the camera to shake up and down violently.
In game compass :: Very Helpful
by evergreen

This short but descriptive tutorial will show you how to add a compass that points towards the next objective or mission in your game.
Health and Magic recovery :: Very Helpful
by K-Pone

This tutorial shows you how to make your character recovering Health and Magic
Car Door Open and Close :: Very Helpful
by Mr.Numbers

This is so when there is a car on a map, its door is open. The moment you enter the car, the door closes. When you leave the car, it reopens. Repeat.
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