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General Music Theory
by Ixayou

In this tutorial i am going to teach you a few pointers within music that you might find useful if you're trying to improve your musical knowledge. I have been reading books about music theory, and i found some stuff that people should know if they want to make music with some quality.
Creating a Pushable Object :: Very Helpful
by hellblade

This tutorial will show you how to make actors that can be pushed by other actors.
Continues System :: Helpful
by Lukaaaz BR

In this tutorial, I'll teach how to make a continues system!
Defensive Soldiers
by Fireleaf

This tutorial involves the use of geometry, Source X and Y and Destination X and Y to make a nearby soldier fire away from your character.

Geometry has many uses. With weapons it can be used to make enemies fire weapons at you or away from you.
Pixel Art Making And Modding :: Very Helpful
by coffeennicotine

This is a basic lesson, but sets you up to understand important terms and fundamentals.

The broken pics have all been fixed as of Feb 8th, 2011.
Making Snow :: Extremely Helpful
by Ixayou

This is a tutorial i quickly made to help someone out. It's all in one long picture, i hope that wont be a problem. I've had problems with showing pictures in my tutorials before so lets just pray.
Inverting Triggers
by JamX

I will explain how to invert triggers. It inverts any trigger, with the help of a while/timer trigger and a switch. I've tested it so I know it works. 6 quick and easy steps to follow.
Characters with random looks :: Very Helpful
by Zagge

A simple tutorial covering how to make people with random looks to your game!
Make a Statistic Changing Script :: Helpful
by RPGCreator

Have you ever played KotOR or Fallout? When you started the game, it always made you choose and change your statistics. Well, if you read this, you'll learn how!
Title Screen (6/10/11) :: Very Helpful
by Tyler B

This is a very common question, I know i asked it, But now it's just getting a little annoying at how many times you have to post a link and say use serach.
So here is a tutorial on it.

Updated as of 6/10/11
Went through to make sure it still works. Should be fine for everyone. Any issues you run it just ask in the forums.
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