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The creation of a turn based battle system :: Helpful
by Ixayou

This guide will go through the different steps and aspects of creating your own turn-based battle system. It does not contain codes or scripting, but is rather a how-to on setting up a system that is created by you and crafted for your own game.

This whole guide was written during the development of my own games battle system.
Turn-Based Battle System (With ranged and agility) :: Very Helpful
by Ixayou

Here I will teach you how to make a turn-based battle system with an interface. Because there's so many script nodes, I'll just give it all in codes. In the bottom of the tutorial I will show how to customize the codes and what they do. This is only recommended if you are familiar with Map001.

Note: The codes has been updated so it works on newer versions after the char>actor change, but the code explanations are unchanged. The only difference is that Char is now Actor on any code that involves another character than the main character. Some lines might be in a different position than before though.
If you get any trouble, please let me know!
General Music Theory
by Ixayou

In this tutorial i am going to teach you a few pointers within music that you might find useful if you're trying to improve your musical knowledge. I have been reading books about music theory, and i found some stuff that people should know if they want to make music with some quality.
Making Snow :: Extremely Helpful
by Ixayou

This is a tutorial i quickly made to help someone out. It's all in one long picture, i hope that wont be a problem. I've had problems with showing pictures in my tutorials before so lets just pray.
Making A Lamp :: Helpful
by Ixayou

Here i will tell you how to make a light that the player can turn on/off during gameplay.