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Bloodborne/Souls Games Leveling System :: Extremely Helpful
by YunO

Learn how to port the leveling system used in Bloodborne and the Souls Games to 001, with all statistics and other values. The base game for this tutorial will be Bloodborne.
Quests! :: Very Helpful
by YunO

Here I'll teach you how to make three kinds of quests!
Enemy name and HP on HUD :: Very Helpful
by YunO

You know that generally in games, when you attack a monster or click on it, its name and HP appear on the HUD? Learn how to do it with 001!
Complete RPG Damage Script
by YunO

A complete Damage Script for RPG games, including Agility & Dexterity probabilities (Miss attacks) and Elemental damages & Protection, with old-school "Attack minus Defense" damage system.
HUD: one effect, unlimited images :: Very Helpful
by YunO

You want to show a lot of images on your HUD? Make it on ONE effect!