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Making Sprites :: Very Helpful
by Rico

A small guide on what I have learned while making sprites.
Creating your first game :: Very Helpful
by C0c1

This tutorial is for 001's brand new users. As soon as you download the program you can refer to this tutorial to help you get through your first simple game. Then you can take what you've learned here to make somthing truly original.
Turn-Based Battle System (With ranged and agility) :: Very Helpful
by Ixayou

Here I will teach you how to make a turn-based battle system with an interface. Because there's so many script nodes, I'll just give it all in codes. In the bottom of the tutorial I will show how to customize the codes and what they do. This is only recommended if you are familiar with Map001.

Note: The codes has been updated so it works on newer versions after the char>actor change, but the code explanations are unchanged. The only difference is that Char is now Actor on any code that involves another character than the main character. Some lines might be in a different position than before though.
If you get any trouble, please let me know!
The creation of a turn based battle system :: Helpful
by Ixayou

This guide will go through the different steps and aspects of creating your own turn-based battle system. It does not contain codes or scripting, but is rather a how-to on setting up a system that is created by you and crafted for your own game.

This whole guide was written during the development of my own games battle system.
HUD Design
by Samulis

Some tricks and tips about creating a HUD that fits your game and doesn't become too cluttered or feel too simple!
Your first game :: Very Helpful
by 001[GameFan]

Beginners guide in plain english with no technical language, great for making a first game.
Pixel Art Making And Modding :: Very Helpful
by coffeennicotine

This is a basic lesson, but sets you up to understand important terms and fundamentals.

The broken pics have all been fixed as of Feb 8th, 2011.
HUD and Interface :: Very Helpful
by miroki123

A beginner's guide to using Map001's interfaces to make a HUD (Heads Up Display).
Creating A Sprite :: Helpful
by Lee

In this tutorial you will learn how to create sprites in 001.
Multiplayer Game Part One: Movement :: Very Helpful
by evergreen

Yes thats right, read this guide and you too can make a genuine two player game.
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