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 I will show you how to make it so, at the beginning of the game, you can choose what your character will be wearing. 

First, go to system scripts, and then Introduction.

Now, click Introduction and you should get something that is like the "Edit Script" page in a zone/character/timer/etc.   

 Now, we will first add the Gender Feature. To do this, you will go to "Insert Event" and click "Message Box" you then type "What gender are you?" with the options Female and Male. 

You will then, under the "Female" option, go to "Insert event" and Change Body/Clothing. Then, you will click "main and

select "Body" and then Female body. It should look like this:

 You will then create another event only instead of clicking "Body" you will click "Face" and then, once again, "Female". 

You will now do the same thing only under "Male" and select all the "Male" options instead of the "Female" options.

Lets start creating the clothes customizing feature. After the last event (in any gender), Create a Message Box that says "What type of shirt?" And then add three choices of clothes. Bra, Tank-Top, and Sweater. Under Bra, you will click "Insert Event" and then go to "Change Body/Clothing"  then, you will go under "Shirt" and then click "Bra"  it should look like this.


You will then click "Tank-Top" and "Sweater" and do the exact thing, only selecting the respective shirts.

Do the same under the Male option, except add the choices "T-shirt", "Sweat Shirt", and "muscle shirt". Then under those options do the same as with the female, and choose the respective clothing. 

If you want to give the player the option of choosing what hair they want, Make another Message Box that says "What type of hair?" with the choices of "Pony tail", "Long Hair", and "Short hair" Then, go to "Insert Event" and then "Change Body/Clothing" you will then go under the "Hair" section and choose pony tail. 

Do the same with the other choices, but select their respective hair.

DO the same with Male. Create a message box with the choices "Short hair" and "Short hair with beard" and insert events for those two choices.

If done correctly, the finished product should look a bit like this: 

If you want, you can also add a message box at the end, connecting all the events that says "Have fun!"

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