Bloodborne/Souls Games Leveling System

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  1. Bloodborne/Souls Games Leveling System

Bloodborne/Souls Games Leveling System

This tutorial will use as base the Bloodborne statistics to teach you how to create a leveling system such as that (and with this, modify to create your own).

The possibilities provided by this are enormous! Feel free to modify to suit your game.

This tutorial assumes you will have a one character party in a single player game.


First off, you will need to understand the differences. Check this bloodborne stats screen:

In this screen, there is the character statistics by the left, in the middle we have three sections:

  1. Character life (HP, Stamina, Discovery - for those who don't know, Discovery increases chance of better loot);
  2. Attack power
  3. Defenses and resistances (Beasthood will not be covered)

And by the right there is Damage Reduction, as said.

Considering this, what will you create in the Statistics of your game in 001? If you answered the left portion of the image, you are definately wrong!


Simple: when you equip a weapon, what does it increases? Your strength or your right hand wapon attack?

So basically, yeah, all the other stats (middle and right section) will need to be created as statistics in your game.

(Also, there won't be R-hand WPN and L-hand WPN, I won't cover how to create that)

Getting things done

Now that you know what are the differences, here is the first step: create statistics!

Here is the list of statistics that you need to create:

  1. HP
  2. Stamina (STM)
  3. Discovery (DIS)
  4. Weapon Attack (WATK)
  5. Arcane Attack (AATK) - I know this doesn't exist, I'll explain below
  6. Physical DEF (PHYSDEF)
  7. Poison DEF (POISDEF)
  8. Arcane DEF (ARCDEF)

Why Arcane Attack? Because it's easier to take in consideration upon calculating it later on the Damage Script. So you can make "enchanted weapons" and stuff. Neat, right?

Step two: create actor variables!

... what?

The statistics will, actually, be controlled via actor variables, this way no item equip would accidentaly change them, and you can list them anywhere. Here is the list you of what need:

  1. Level (LVL) - we are not using 001's default leveling system, are we?
  2. Vitality (VIT)
  3. Endurance (END)
  4. Strength (STR)
  5. Skill - or Dexterity (DEX)
  6. Arcane (ARC)

Leave Bloodtinge out. It is not a copy of Bloodborne after all.

Set up

Now that we have statistics and variables, we need to set default values.

(Ps: realized something while writing this tutorial: through this system, Bloodborne's and Souls' classes are also possible, by changing variables and statistics)

First, go to your main actor and change the maximum level to 1. Experience won't matter. Now, set the statistics to the default value you want the player to start with.

Then, get to your actor variables, and do the same: set default values.

Custom event

The good part: scripting.

Create a new custom script, name it whatever you find most attractive. You are going to need two parameters:

  1. Statistic - text
  2. Amount - number

Guess what you are going to do?

Increase the actor variable received in Statistic by Amount. Then all you need to do is a Multi-Comparison Branch for each statistic, and so change their values using Change statistic. Easy? Super.

Make whatever calculations you want with each one. Roughly, this script I made to use in my game (for test purposes) with different stats:

And, of course, increase the variable LVL with the Amount given too. That is how they roll.


For the last part, change the damage script. Whichever you want, the old Weapon Damage or the actor Attacked (I actually don't know the difference). Add your custom calculations to consider all the new attacks and defenses, and there it is. Bloodborne leveling system.

Also, you can use custom made experience/money just like they do, create a "level shop" to spend them, and well, get criative!


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