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The HUD, or Heads Up Display, is arguably the most important interface in your entire game- regardless of genre or style. The HUD contains all the important vitals for the character or player, progress information, statistics, and more. It allows the player to understand what is going on inside the game- his/her health, magic, progress, and more. In addition, the HUD has the option to play a valuable role in defining the visual theme of the game- a dark, rough stone feel might be fitting in a castle or dungeon crawler, while a mechanical gear-covered feel might fit in a steampunk. The HUD also sometimes acts as an extension of the player character's own vision with things like speedometers, blood splatters, and all sorts of effects. Therefore it is important that the HUD be carefully designed to fit in with the game's theme and style.

Note that this tutorial only covers the GRAPHICAL design of a HUD, it does not cover the scripting, implimentation, or usage of the HUD.

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