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 Lighting, rain and fog set the mood for every game. Whether it's dark or light, it's there to change the atmosphere of the game. This tutorial will show you how to make few fancy effects and teach you how to properly use Engine 001's lighting, fog and rain features.


Lets begin with my personal favorite, the storm effect.


Whether you want it to be a thunder storn, with or without lightning or with or without rain, then this tutorial will show you how to do a nice effect for that.

(only 1 tutorial for now, will add 2 more later once I find them)

Lets begin:


1. Start out with the maps lighting as the color black.

2. Then, add a light that spans the whole map and is blue or white (whichever you prefer). 
3. Set it to flicker, slow the flicker to a few shots. Learn at what second it flickers (if you want thunder).
4. Then add a sound effect 1000 milliseconds before the flicker and whalla, you have thunder and lightning.
5. Add rain, and if the flicker was slowed down, you probably can't see anything, so add some lights and/or rain.
PART 2:  Tips for lighting 
When using lighting, you will want to go above and beyond expectations.  Next time, when you have a dark room, add some light mist, and set a monster to walk down a hall way in pitch black, but make a flicker light be activated at certain checkpoints through the hallway, so you can see he is heading for you.  The best way to use these effects is in horror and/or dark areas (duh). But when I see many games with a map thats not dark at all, yet they add a bunch of un-edited lights, it looks very cheesy.
Good lighting just takes a good imagination to set a perfect mood.
PART 3: Rain and fog tips
Rain and fog is also a good horror tool, but also a good emotional tool.  
Super thick fog can look cool in some spots, but if you overdo it, then the player can't see a thing.  
theres a few ways to use the fog effect
1. Smoky rooms
2. Clouds on a mountain-top
3. fog
4. mist
5. smog
(if there are any other ways to use fog, just PM me and I
ll add it)
And rain can be dramatic, dark and epic.  Thick rain can also be an awesome effect.  I reccomend finding a free rain sound effect to play on loop in rainy spots.  
(Will add more stuff when I get the time)


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