Make a party member stop following you

by elijahsmi10 (PM)

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This is a simple guide made for anyone that hates having party members stick with them constantly.

To start, you should choose which method you want to make them stop with, whether you make a certain button make them stop, speak to them by standing by them, or accessing a menu. The easiest, in my opinion, is a button.

To make someone stop moving, I would add a control combination of any button, then edit the script and make an advanced message box.

Once you made the control combination, make the advanced message box choices. I would make it so you choose who you want to stay put, by making the choice "Change <Char>'s Tactic."

When You are done with the choice, you need to make 2 choices inside each character choice. For those 2 choices, make them "Stay Put" and "Follow Main" for easier understanding. Now, look for a script that says: Enable/Disable Character. When you find it, choose your party member that you want to command. Once you choose your character, check "able to move" off for "Stay put" option, and check it on for Follow Main.

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