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 Getting Started

Lets start by going over the few basic subjects your 001 game needs to have in order to reach a 9 rating.


You have to have a good story line and a solid gameplay basis to support it. (will explain in depth more later on)


The use of custom or even ripped graphics will greatly increase the look, and feel of your game.

Gameplay Parameters

Having unique features or generic features that have been greatly enhanced so you can deliver variety in your game.

Map Making

Great maps need to be included for the 9 rating. (will explain later on and more in depth)

Actually Putting Out

You have to follow all of the parameters to get the 9 rated game. But just saying so isn't enough, you need to actually take time on the game, you need to artistically speaking, become attached to it. A great game isn't made in an hour, or a month. that said, lets start...


Every good game has a story, without a story, your game can become a disaster if you don't know what your doing. A story is like a timeline in a game, you do something, find out something, and move on.

Start---Discover---Do---Start---Discover---Do... and it goes on until you reach the climax, thus beating the game. But, this is not it, a GOOD story will get you a 9 rating. Heres an example of a generic story that won't get a 9.

Someone died.

Go avenge them.

... or...

Evil maniac.

Save the world.

These are the most commonly used... but I think you get the point, do you know how epic these could've been if someone had taken the time and come up with something better. lets see the same concepts, and lets make them more epic.

Someone close to you died for reasons unknown.

You set out to avenge their death.

You discover a secret the dead person had.

You discover the reason to the persons' death.

You avenge the person.

Do you see how dynamic and better that is. You can do the other one.


Graphics are the thing most people like myself will pay attention to the most. You cannot get by using just the default stuff for 001, you may have a good story, etc. But the graphics will kill it. Now you can rip pre-made tile-sets, but there are 3 problems there. You need to give credit, it may not match the theme for the game, they may not work and match all the other graphics. So the alternative is learn to pixel draw, know your shading. There are many sites that may help you, and you can use those, but I'll show you how here.

So let's start... 

Pixel Art starts as such, lets start with a 32X32 sized image in your favorite program, to newbies, I suggest MS paint.

1. Zoom into 800%

2. Select the magic pink color (transparency color) and then the line tool.

3. Go to the top of the image, and where the tiny resize peg is, draw a line going to the bottom of the picture, and then another on the opposite side. This will serve as a divider.

4. Now start by drawing a rough outline of the object using the darkest color for that object.

5. Now go over the inside of the outline with the dark color, but lighten it up, in other words, make it lighter. Repeat this step until you feel it's doe, now zoom out then color the unused parts the same magic pink. You can make even more advanced visuals this way, so keep trying.


This is features and extra stuff to add to a game that will make it unique, not boring, or more fun. An example of this would be...

In an RPG game, there is a town you made, but to make it not so boring, you add a shop with a script so you can buy stuff.

In an open-world game, you have a city, but what to do in it, add a shop, a bank with a script.

So add stuff like random loot systems, and other features to your game to make it unique, but a note about this topic.


An example is, when I talk to someone, he says Hi, when I go back, he says the same thing. So use a random branch to make him say randomized lines, or a once branch so he won't say the same thing over and over again. use variables to make sure a player has done something so he can move on and whatnot.


Make good maps as in not add the same thing in the map 50 times in a lump! Add randomized trees, rocks, logs, and stuff to spice it up. If you are making a forest, don't take the tree, and duplicate it in lines, randomize them so they feel natural.

And also, don't make a map thats really cool, lets say a forest map with trees set in medival times, then add a future space port. That being said, this concludes our lesson.

Thanks for reading.






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