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    Hello fellow game makers this is Perceptive artist here to show you how to make your own P.D.A if you don't know what a P.D.A is or what it stands for it's Personal Digital Assistant. a useful handheld device used for for storing and displaying useful information such as time and whatnot. and can increase gameplay quality exceptionally.   

1st. Open up Microsoft Paint, resize your new image to 512 by 512  next go to edit colors and select the magenta color(on the 16th column all the the way on the right under the dark pink). press ok then select the rounded rectangle shape and drag it across the whole picture so that it extends right against all corners. then inside that rectangle make another rounded rectangle drag it across so it nearly fills up the rectangle right against all corners.

2nd.(Optional) change the border around the inner rectangle to grey(to give it a classic '90s desktop computer-like look) or another if you wish except black or white cause you wouldn't be able to view it properly. if you did everything correctly it should look like this:

Note: you are free to use my basic P.D.A design as your base if you are having trouble making your own.

3rd. save your picture and open up your 001 game creator program to the game you currently using this for and go to sprites, select add resource(the paper with the green plus sign) select graphic press ok then go to add animation, then add frames select image files and select the P.D.A pic or if you wanna be quick about it you can copy and paste my picture after selecting 1 blank image and paste it into it.

4th. select your uploaded pic as a flat graphic and check the billboard option. once you're done press ok. then go to interfaces then HUD under the HUD interface create a new one and Call it P.D.A screen so you know what it is. inside the interface create a new field put it anywhere and select it as a static sprite. here are the details:

Display name: P.D.A Screen


Display Shadow: Check

Per pixel cursor: Check

initially Existent: Check

Update Real Time: Check


Height: 480(so it will fill the whole screen)

in pixels

Horizontal Alignment: Left

Vertical Alignment:Top

Sprite: P.D.A.png

click on the sprite using point and extend so that it will fill the whole interface screen

5th. on the P.D.A screen  interface you can display almost any stat you want such as playing time, amount of money, player name, current map Etc. it's up to you but if you don't know how to you can use this as a guide:

Note: where each of the words are such as player name you need to create a new field Rename the display name to Player name as well the initial text as player name and set the retrieve value to Current player name by selecting the grey box on the right, going to actor, then selecting display name and the character whose name you want to show up. same with the others:

Player name= Display name+Initial text+ retrieve value as current player's name.

Current Map: Display name : Current Map+initial text=retrieve value as actor-current map etc. 

if you wanna get extra fancy you can change this up a little by creating a field called Player name setting it's inital text as player name then next to it you can create a new field actually displaying the character's name by setting it's retrieve value to the character's name. same with current map, time played, and EXP. like i said it's up to you how to create your P.D.A and what to display on it this is just a basic template design i came up with which is subject to change as i add more to it. oh and to actually use this useful device you need to go to your Main menu interface, click on the edge on the menu border so it will display the four white white dots indicating that it can be extended. so extend it just about the size of the of the other menu choices and their borders so there will be a empty space for you to put the P.D.A choice in. so then copy one of the other menu choice borders such as restart or load game and paste it it that empty spot then copy and paste one of the menu choices theirselves and put it in the border so that the border will surround it like the others. in your copied menu choice rename the display name and initial text as P.D.A(So that it will display as P.D.A on the menu screen in game) give it these details:

Dispaly name: P.D.A

Initial text: P.D.A

Display Shadow: Check

Initially Existent: Check

Update Real Time: Check

Selectable: Check

Horizontal Alignment: Left

Vertical Alignment: Middle 

Maintain distance from edge Check Top,Right

And make sure that normal,unselected,selected and disabled are all different colors so you can tell if you selected it or not on the menu

screen. lastly go to activated scripts then expand events, then go to change active interface select P.D.A screen as new active interface as the new interface and the current active interface to hide(So the menu screen won't collide with the P.D.A screen). it should look like this if you done it correctly:that should be it test it to see if it works correctly i hope you learned at least a little about interfaces in this tutorial they are fun to play with but only if you know what you are doing expect more tutorials in the furture. This is Perceptive Artist signing out.

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