Plotline in the Heroic Genre

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Dating back to the earliest literature (around 4,000 BC, or 6,000 years ago), an uncountable number of people have taken up the pen and written down their own stories, histories, phillosophies, and beliefs. All fictional and mythological writing follows a key pattern. These patterns are called Genres... not like 'Mystery' or 'Fantasy' or such, but genres like 'Romance' and 'Tragedy'. I will introduce you to these genres and then show you ways of writing cohesive and 'good' scripts of the Romantic Hero genre, the most popular.

Please proceed to Basic Information on Genres BEFORE reading a specific Genre's information. This way you get the introduction to the Genre.

Also, please note that the only genre I give script ideas and hints on is the Heroic Quest Genre... for it is the most popular.

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