The creation of a turn based battle system

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  1. A guide to creating your own turn based battle system
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A guide to creating your own turn based battle system

Turn-based battle systems can be found in a variety of games, and is most often used in rpg-games. The reason why I am creating a guide here on the 001 website, is because I find that this engine is most suited for these kinds of games, and I wish to see it's full potential achieved by all of you who wish to create classic rpg-games and such. I have seen various attempts on creating a turn-based battle system by the 001 community members. I have also been working a lot on them, both alone and with a group of other rpg-enthusiasts. From all I have seen and done, I have learned a lot about the basics of these kinds of systems. Along with some education in software development, I have learned a lot about how to go through the creation of a battle system, and many mistakes that often are made by unexperienced developers.

This guide will not contain any scripts or spesific instructions that you apply to your project. I will mostly talk about the development process, different parts of a battle system, how to put them together and how to keep it running smoothly and simple.


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