Writing and Publishing Music

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     Before beginning, you should have a music writing program available to you. I will be using a FREE (no strings attached) program called 'LMMS', which is a very nice program with good editing tools. It can be found at the link below. If you have a more powerful composing program such as Band-in-a-Box or Finale, you might be able to follow along, but I would advise you to at least download LMMS and go through the controls I use then apply your knowledge to the higher up program.

     In addition to having LMMS, it is highly advized that you have a piano nearby that you can use OR have good knowledge of a piano's layout. I will eventually get up a picture of a piano's keys in the resources section. ANY knowledge of the Piano or reading music will prove invaluable later on, for I don't have time to explain a half-a-year's curriculum in Music Theory to you. One last thing you want is to be able to read complex sentences well because I use them a lot.

LMMS can be downloaded here:



Editor's Note: Only the FIRST and Second chapters are currently finished. If you, the reader, wishes to learn more, please send me a message expressing your wish for me to continue this tutorial. Right now, it is extremely large and unwieldy.


Pick your level above in the 'chapters' menu. Once you finish reading your level, it is suggested that you move onto the next level. The earlier the level you choose, the more material you have to cover, so the more you will learn overall.

Also, I will cover general Music Theory information, which, if you don't know anything about music, teach you pretty much the entire basics of music.

Just be warned, this is NOT a short guide. I highly advise you to read a section, then go over the Section Review before continuing. There you will find helpful tips and practices to make the learning process go faster. Therefore, with these section reviews, each section should take between 3 and 10 minutes. By completing each section review, you will better familiarize yourself with the terms and concepts. For extra help, feel free to view the resources at the end of each chapter.

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Chapter 1 What is 'Music'?

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