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Let's create a system where by killing an npc it will give you a gain, it is activated only when the game time to speak with an npc. You only win the item if you kill the char in time, trying to kill off the time it will not give anything to be killed.

*Step 1: main script
Create a variable with the name of "hunting" with the default value 0.
Contact interfaces and create a HUD Field in retrive value choice variable hunting.
Now create a timer set it like this:
Initial delay: 0
Every interval: 1
Number of Tricks: 0
In every choice trigger timer click edit script and choose the trigger comparison branch "
Expression: hunting
Operator:> (greater than)
Value: 0
Change trigger variable operator "and adjust it so;
Variable: hunting
Value: subtract 1
Choose again a "comparison branch":
Expression: hunting
Operator: = (equal)
Value: 1

*Step 2: characters
Now take one of your map where you will perform the caça.crie a new NPC (if no one) put your life to 0, and his team "neutral".
In talked to put the trigger "variable operator":
Variable: hunting
Value: Sep 30 (choose a different time value, this is only a test)

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