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Create Your Own Custom InGame Message System
by joedapro67

Is the default message system just not the style you're looking for?
Do you need a message system that allows mouse input?
In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a simple yet powerful custom message system.
Enemy name and HP on HUD :: Very Helpful
by YunO

You know that generally in games, when you attack a monster or click on it, its name and HP appear on the HUD? Learn how to do it with 001!
In game compass :: Very Helpful
by evergreen

This short but descriptive tutorial will show you how to add a compass that points towards the next objective or mission in your game.
Generic Quest Journal :: Very Helpful
by miroki123

Here you'll learn how to do a very basic quest journal.
Put an object on top of another object (HUD) :: Very Helpful
by Tehufn

In this tutorial you can learn how to put an object on top of another object in your HUD. This can be usefull when using health bar holders ect.
Ranking system :: Barely Helpful
by Gaba

In this tutorial I will teach to make ranking system using variables.
Title Screen (6/10/11) :: Very Helpful
by Tyler B

This is a very common question, I know i asked it, But now it's just getting a little annoying at how many times you have to post a link and say use serach.
So here is a tutorial on it.

Updated as of 6/10/11
Went through to make sure it still works. Should be fine for everyone. Any issues you run it just ask in the forums.
Adding the players 'avatar' to the HUD :: Barely Helpful
by Crossfire

This will only work if you have 1 set character.

This is a guide to show how to have a picture of your main character at the bottom of your HUD
Making a PDA
by Perceptive Artist

Hello fellow game makers In this tutorial i will be showing you how to make a working P.D.A that can display various useful tips such as time played, health current map, Etc.
HUD Design
by Samulis

Some tricks and tips about creating a HUD that fits your game and doesn't become too cluttered or feel too simple!
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