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To explain the idea, in Diablo II of the Blizzard, some of the equipment comes with spaces stops for Gems as rubies and emeralds each gem representing a element and each element having different characteristics. I’m gonna teach you to implement this in your game so that it is a little more interactive and interesting. Here I go to use as example a weapon (long sword) that will be magically implemented with one ruby (fire). To be able to start you need first to create 4 itens: long sword, long sword (sockets), fiery long sword and the ruby. The sword is just a weapon like anyother, the one with socket just the same of the sword, fiery a little better and ruby only needs an image and a price.

Now we go to program npc that will makes sockets: first you need for sockets in its weapon, then he puts one message asking which weapon you want to put sockets and saying how much cost this job, in this followed 2 case long sword when to choose long sword must have comparison branchs: one to compare if the player has enough money, and other to compare if sword has long stops for sockets. If these two conditions will be proven the money must besubtracted, long sword removed and long sword (socket) added. Now to enchant the weapon: it puts the message asking that it sets wants to enchant in this in case that long sword- comparison branch to see if has 1 or more long sword (socket) - message asking with which element anger to enchant, in this case fire comparison branch to see if has 1 or more rubies- the conditions will be agreed then deduct long sword (socket) and the ruby and add fiery long sword.

Tips to create the elements: *give to each element a characteristic. Former: fire ignores the armor and has balanced damage, energy of a damage that very varies of low damages the very high ones, poison: high damage but with the disadvantage of that it takes time to make effect, ice: low damage but lets the enemy slowest etc.

*create different effect for each type of equipment. Former: the fire increases the damage in weapons but it increases chars vitality when in armors, energy increases its speed when in boots etc

*create a project of refinement of the rocks that of more the bond of what the normal ones. Former: in this case something as a fine ruby that combined with long sword if would transform into one “long sword of flames” for .

and here is the version in portuguese on a brazilian forum

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