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Easy Creature Design tips :: Barely Helpful
by AznaThira

A tutorial on how to make awesome creatures with as little effort as possible!
Making Blood Tiles :: Very Helpful
by TheRunner

This is a tutorial, for making convincing looking blood splatters, smears, or just some gory stuff!
Quick & Easy Diagonal Paths :: Very Helpful
by manomomma

This tutorial will teach you how to make quick and easy paths.
Making sword blade reflexes :: Very Helpful
by Zarthan

Here you are gonna learn how to do realistic reflexes for your blades, they are gonna look really cool ;)
Crystal pixel art :: Very Helpful
by Zarthan

Here learn how to make realistic crystal, this tutorial may help with any kind of image editors
Making Sprites :: Very Helpful
by Rico

A small guide on what I have learned while making sprites.
Adding Alpha & Transparency Using GIMP :: Very Helpful
by RPGking

This tutorial will show you how to make objects transparent or semi-transparent using GIMP.
Pixel Art Making And Modding :: Very Helpful
by coffeennicotine

This is a basic lesson, but sets you up to understand important terms and fundamentals.

The broken pics have all been fixed as of Feb 8th, 2011.
Making Snow :: Extremely Helpful
by Ixayou

This is a tutorial i quickly made to help someone out. It's all in one long picture, i hope that wont be a problem. I've had problems with showing pictures in my tutorials before so lets just pray.
Creating A Sprite :: Helpful
by Lee

In this tutorial you will learn how to create sprites in 001.
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