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Ever wanted to chop down trees, for them to return so you can cut more? Well, I will show you how to do that in this tutorial!

Once you have opened Map001, you should go to Statistics.

Here, you will find stuff needed to create skills. Click on the small blank paper, to create a new Skill/Statistic. There should now have been created a small grey picture(32x32), and you can now draw a fitting graphic. You should call this Statistic for example Woodcutting.

Go to Variables, found under the Scripting folder. create a new variable called for example woodcutter level. Set the Default Value to 1.

Go to Enviorment.  Copy the Pine Tree, and create a new Effect called Tree. Effects is found under Items and Magic. In the Effects editor, paste your tree.
(Effects tutorial by Neto: http://www.engine001.com/tutorials/The+Art+of+Making+Effects_22.htm)
Don't leave the Effects yet, you have to Edit the Effect, and delete the lowest part of the tree.

Now, save your tree, and go to your map where you want your tree, and do as the following text says.
Make an effect, called tree. Create a statistic called Woodcutting. Make some axes s an item to give more fun to the game. In the Decorations section under Lower objects, place a tree stump, with tre tree effect over. Ceate a timer called "woodcutting", or something. Create two variables called woodutter level, and chopped down tree. Go back to your map, and create a zone called "Tree" or something. Go into your script menu, under HIT VY CHARACTER USED BY PLAYER. Make a item branch, checking if the player got any of the axes. If player do, add some log items. Change the invinsibilty of the "Tree" effect to 0. Go o Variable Options, an ADD 1 to the tree cut variable. Go to the Enable/Disable zone, and disable the tree zone.

Create a timer, and name it something like "tree cut" or something more fitting.

 The timer should look like something like this:

Go to your timer, and check if the variable "tree cut" is greater or equal to 1. If it is, position object "Tree" above the tree stump. Go to Enable/Disable zone, and make the tree zne available. Set the variable of tree cut to 0 agin. The Script should be placed in Final timer tick. A the end of script, restart this timer. Set the Intial Delay to 4000ms. The tree should now respawn every 4 second.


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