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  1. You should first put some place like a dock, then put a fish jumping. When you get all the pretty little details you place zone just infront of the dock(should also block).
  2. When editing the zone select the ActionKey(beside) thingy, have it ask you if you want to fish, make an equipment branch, this way you must be weilding a fishing pole to fish(must make custom pole, Im also gonna submit my own),then place an item branch so you need to have bait (worms work best). If you do not have these items put message boxes stating that you need them to fish and what not. On the path were you actiualy have the matirials place a random branch with many options, make some options remove your 1 of your bait peices. On these paths make message boxes that inform you the fish has stolen your bait. On others make you obtain fish. Like on one branch you get pike, or a bass or whatever,(remember to also make branches were nothing happens and you catch no fish) again put message boxes stating what is happening. When you catch a fish put a script to remove one peice of bait, its realistic this way.When you finish your scripting it should look a bit like the above screenshot. If you have any questions send me a PM concering your difficulty with this tutorial.
  3. Here are examples of the matirials you should either create or you could wait for me to upload these examples.


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