Change Log


-Fixed crash when loading a saved game with an unfocussed map that has forced processing.
-Fixed crash when converting a sub script from textual to graphical.
-Made it error when DLC is not correctly installed when creating new projects.
-Properly made Android building target Android 8.0.0 (API level 26).
-Fixed cursor from incorrectly reappearing when loading a saved game.
-Fixed cursor from not reappearing when switching to one of the debugger sub-windows.
-Fixed landscape games on Android from crashing.
-Made field collection offset x/y scale when two sided edging is used (to mimic width/height and text size scaling).
-Added "Retrieve Position X/Y" options for fields.
-Fixed "Enable/Disable Input Set (Player)" event (old event will appear invalid).
-Fixed script debugger crash when scripts are being called recursively.
-Fixed delayed events debugger from sometimes crashing when there are delays inside an actor interface.
-Fixed crash when delaying something inside an actor interface's field trigger.
-Fixed scatter gun and resizing issues with Space Shooter.
-Fixed collision/walking bugs introduced in last version, by properly fixing flat actors going through the ground.
-Made it warn in log when projectiles instantly hit the ground, with a legacy option to disable it; will never show up in built games.
-Fixed "Actor Enters/Leaves Proximity" trigger producing a scripting error when a distance was not specified; in such a case, the distance is now assumed to be infinite.
-Applied smooth actor auto-climbing to event/AI-based movement and velocity based movements.
-Made actor auto-climbing higher when actor's speed is higher.
-Made bug reports still work when memory is low.
-Improved loading times of games with lots of scripting.
-Fixed crash with net debugger after prolonged usage.
-Fixed minimalistic saved games from loading with broken message boxes if a "Player enters" map script contained a message box event.
-Fixed HTML5 game resolution from not adapting initially.
-Fixed issues (including crashing) with delays inside actor interfaces when fields are spawned or destroyed.
-Made picking "(None)" from use value window in graphical scripter to properly reset resource, toggle, direction, rotation, range, color, time and speed parameters.
-Fixed clearing text boxes representing resources from improperly causing parameter to be skipped in-game.
-Fixed custom event / network message parameters from switching from "Number" to "Text" when changing default value.
-Made default text option for custom event / network message parameters show actual text, rather than modified text with underscores; to be clear, underscores and semicolons will continue to not be allowed for default text.
-Fixed "Shake Screen" event from not working on both axes in front view.
-Made "Lost enemy" actor trigger actually execute when an enemy is deleted or moved to another map.
-Fixed initial game launch time in HTML5 games (entire game's resources were originally being loaded all at once).
-Made "Current/Maximum Statistic" names more consistent across script and item editors.
-Renamed "Duration:" to "Transition Duration:" in all graphical scripter events to clarify the option's purpose.
-Made use of hand cursor for logo buttons.
-Fixed returning to post auto-movement from going off original route.
-Fixed AI actors not going back to post when enemy is too far (it was also not properly triggering "Lost enemy" in that case).
-Updated left hand panel to include more social media and new services.

1.020.002 - Jun 21, 2018

-Made HTML5 testing/building warn when the "Suppress errors in 'Retrieve Value' of fields." advanced setting is checked.
-Fixed infinite loop scripting error when holding down close button while testing/playing a game.
-Made Android building work with JDK 8, or any JDK defined in environment variable JDK_ROOT or JAVA_HOME.
-Made Android building display the path of the JDK being used.
-Fixed incorrectly displaying "Demo" on the title bar on Steam version.
-Made bug reports rely purely on email addresses from now on.
-Made bug report window remember e-mail address.
-Made project listings identify by multiple files to handle hard drive corruption issues better.
-Added right-click audio resource conversion to OGG and WV (works with all audio including MP3 and MIDI).
-Added "New Actor" actor use value to access the newly created actor when a previously referenced actor has switched maps.
-Fixed "Casting" sprite pose from not playing for certain magic.
-Added "Used Item" actor trigger that executes whenever an actor uses any item, with optional equipment area and item filters.
-Fixed smaller icons for some triggers.
-Fixed some sound effects from occasionally not working after unloading a map with speakers in it.
-Improved performance of actor interfaces when there are many actors on the screen.
-Added "Source/Target X/Y/Z Position" camera use values to determine the camera's calculated source and target positions.
-Fixed duplication of triggers when changing an actor to a changeable actor template; other features will continue to accumilate.
-Made HTML5 games' resolution be limited by window/iframe size.
-Fixed HTML5 crash with audio when viewing a top view map.
-Made "Launch Webpage in Browser" work properly in HTML5.
-Fixed flat actors from going through the ground.
-Fixed PnC Adventure template/demo from erroring with respect to letterbox feature.
-Fixed sprites from incorrectly rotating their collision on X and Y axes regardless of collision rotation option.
-Fixed sound effects from playing despite user sound option.
-Added "Character" and "ASCII" text use values to convert to/from ASCII and its text equivalent.
-Added "Re-position if blocked" option to "Position Actor" similar to "Create/Spawn Actor" events that will subtly avoid collisions if able to re-position nearby.
-Made Android building target Android 8.0.0 (API level 26).
-Fixed crash when loading a saved game that had music playing.

1.020.001 - May 30, 2018

-Fixed crash in objects debugger when clicking "Remove" when no reward items are selected.
-Fixed "Edit Blocked Templates" from not saving options on first attempts (applies to zone objects, and sprite, item and actor template resources).
-Fixed objects debugger issue with reward money/EXP/points not always accepting changes.
-Fixed not being able to quit with the ESC key at the end of the FPS DLC demo/template.
-Fixed objects debugger crash when pressing ENTER/SPACE when it first loads.
-Fixed occasional player debugger crash after having removed equipped items.
-Fixed "Aborted while loading map." crash error when selecting maps/interfaces in script editor after closing all maps/interfaces in the project.
-Added "Billboard (3D)" tile shape to make it possible to have lower/upper object tiles always face the camera in 3D/isometric maps, avoiding the use of actors/sprites.
-Made it possible to rotate the camera vertically in "Isometric" view.
-Made it possible to use the "Save 3D Perspective" map option for isometric maps.
-Added item/magic resource constants (similar to variables), used to define special values for items/magic; as with other properties of resources, these cannot be changed through scripting, but the values entered may be retrieved through scripting ("Constant" and "Constants Collection" item/magic use values).
-Removed currency formatting from price option in item/magic resource editor.
-Made default platformer template have the player start on the back layer, to make it less likely for the player to fall through any ground tiles.
-Made it error when attempting to access empty map/interface "" through scripting, but provided a legacy option in advanced settings.
-Fixed "Affect Y/Z Axis" item accuracy options from doing the opposite.
-Fixed certain actor templates in MMORPG template from producing an error on the "Loaded" trigger if the actor didn't have an interface assigned.
-Fixed "Client NPC" actor template in MMORPG template from not having the "Character HUD" interface assigned.
-Fixed "Equip Item" from not showing proper items when selecting different areas of equipment.
-Fixed collision detection problems on HTML5/mobile.
-Updated HTML5 libraries for better performance/stability.
-Fixed 3D zooming in map editor from being reset constantly.
-Added 3D camera controls to graphical scripting location picking window.
-Fixed lighting issues on certain video cards.
-Fixed sprite scripts from not having access to actor "relate" when holding/bullet points were being requested.
-Fixed version number from not always displaying on the title bar.
-Fixed "Collection Contains Branch" event and "Find in Collection" use value from not working on variables containing collections.
-Made actor auto-climbing more smooth.
-Fixed sumbersion tiles from not working correctly.
-Fixed game setting "Allow tile-sets to obstruct clicking actors." from not being able to be selected properly; it in fact can only be used with per-pixel cursor clicking.
-Added "Ignore Cursor" option to actors.
-Added "Change Ignore Cursor" actor and field events, and respective use values.
-Fixed shifting of lower/upper object tiles in front view.
-Made newly created tile-sets in 3D projects automatically have padding set to prevent tile edge/line flickering.

1.020.000 - Apr 14, 2018

-Made "Maximum Framerate" game setting allow for values up to 240 (up from 60).
-Fixed "Male" and "Female" sprites in MMORPG template to have valid actor templates setup.
-Fixed tiles at edges of lights from occasionally not lighting up in new lighting system.
-Fixed animated tile preview in tile-set editor from being too small.
-Made video resolution game setting accept values of up to 8K 8192x8192 (up from the original 2560x2560).
-Added "Actor Render Distance" option to actor interfaces to allow control over how far the corresponding actor can be from the camera to keep rendering/processing it, which allows for larger actor interfaces, and the ability to improve performance on smaller ones.
-Fixed "Change Actor Template" event from incorrectly amplifying statistics when anything was equipped.
-Made it possible to use "Change Actor Template" event on changeable actor templates; however, the actor will be fully reset to the new template's "Default Actor".
-Added "Flip Horizontally/Vertically" options to field editor, which applies to use value graphics (face, item, equipment, statistic), unit sprites, sprite graphs, single transition sprites, window sprites, and static sprites; will not work for text or camera views.
-Fixed tile position offset variability from being more focused on negative (left/up) movements.
-Added ranges to tile position offset variability to allow fine control (such as one sided variability).
-Fixed rare crash when picking certain fonts in the font editor.
-Made range parameters in custom events use whole numbers when range is larger than 2 units; anything with a range span of 2 or lower will continue to be divided by 10.
-Added "Variables Collection" use values for maps, interfaces and actors to get a collection of all the variable names to simplify making dynamic variables for objects.
-Fixed "Crossed Camera's Edge" and "Left / Entered Camera" from not always working correctly with 3D camera.
-Fixed occasional crash when rotating camera in large 3D maps with damage numbers or actor interfaces active.
-Fixed overlay sprites behind camera from occasionally rendering anyway.
-Fixed misalignment of scrolled fields that use any proportional or two-sided edging when resizing screen.
-Fixed crash when copying tiles from a tile-set with normal maps to one without.
-Fixed crash when loading a saved game without minimalistic save with a project that had scripts for releasing buttons.
-Added "Projectile Speed" item use value to compliment "Projectile Range" (was renamed from just "Range").
-Fixed "Use Item/Magic" events from not being able to affect destination actor if it was also the actor using it, when it was slash or projectile based; a legacy option has been added to keep this original behaviour, which is set by default.
-Fixed "relate" actor from not being accessible with items/magic used via "Use Item/Magic" events.
-Added "Simulate Item/Magic Source" and "Simulate Item/Magic Destination" actor events to have fine control over managing sound/sprite effects, damage and clip.
-Fixed walking animation from not playing when a disabled actor is scripted to move.
-Made scrolled fields' visibility allow for a 1 pixel offset error to fix edge cases.
-Greatly improved performance of collision detection (polyhedron now falls back on polygon even with Z rotation, made use of collision span caching, and simplified pathfinding involving rectangle collisions).
-Made "Plain Files" more clear about DLL files needing to be registered.
-Fixed occasional crash when shrinking a collection/table after having scrolled to the end.
-Fixed iOS build.

1.019.003 - Feb 11, 2018

-Fixed default arguments for "Change Collection Offset X/Y" events in graphical scripter.
-Fixed "Fireball" sprite effect in the default RPG template.
-Made projects remember user-selected custom colors across all color pickers.
-Fixed resetting sprite collision when adding custom poses.
-Fixed occasional actor vibration issue when standing on certain tiles.
-Fixed map boundaries from not covering all sides of large maps.
-Fixed incorrectly producing collision on non-"Solid", "Invincible" or "Initially Existent" actors when "Process Actor Physics" is checked; however, changing any of these use values while the game is being played will not produce any collision either.
-Fixed lights from occasionally not fully turning off when they have moved.
-Fixed updated links to SoftWeir Inc.'s social medias.
-Fixed incorrectly warning when "Maximum Framerate" was set to 0 (infinite) in game settings.
-Updated "Help" menu links.
-Made built-in help file come up on first launch.
-Fixed "Show Save/Load Game" default interfaces from using the "Save/Load State" event incorrectly causing it to display wrong caption; projects affected by the issue should update their "Save Load Game" interface.

1.019.002 - Dec 19, 2017

-Added tooltips to all major editor windows.
-Made it error when using Steam event/use values when game has not been built for Steam.
-Made games automatically launch Steam if launching from executable and Steam isn't running (similar change to the editor itself that was done in previous version).
-Fixed engine performance stuttering which has improved the smoothness of higher framerate games; this has also improved the accuracy of spawn/timers.
-Fixed interface object listing via pointer sometimes changing to spawn/timers, which caused a few issues.
-Fixed incorrect default arguments of "Change Money/EXP/Points" events.
-Fixed issue with "Android Version Code" producing incorrect results, and made it possible to use a value higher than 255.
-Added "Fixed framerate / time stepping" option allowing game timing to be more predictable allowing for consistent gameplay regardless of game performance.
-Fixed location picker from occasionally switching layers in front view maps.
-Made it warn when using undesirable framerate game settings.

1.019.001 - Nov 17, 2017

-Fixed checking for subscription in Steam version, causing connection errors when launching the editor while disconnected from the Internet.
-Fixed slow map loading when using blocking.
-Fixed incorrectly running multiple instances of games when testing them from open project window.
-Fixed random "Overflow" error with all "Change" scripting events that only affected certain computers.
-Fixed accidentally forcing out of playtesting a game through the open window.
-Added "Comment" graphical script node that does nothing.
-Made it automatically launch Steam if launching from executable and Steam isn't running.
-Fixed rotation changes of collision from not being saved.
-Fixed imported mesh collisions from being rotated incorrectly.
-Fixed misplaced mesh collision when inserted.
-Added "Android Version Code" project setting to facilitate with APK updates on Google Play.
-Fixed level/experience from not being maintained in minimalistic saves.
-Fixed hiding templates in various actor events when "Place as parent's actor template" is incorrectly used without an actual parent actor template.
-Added missing "Duration" option to "Change Body/Clothing Color" event.
-Fixed memory and GDI object leaks with some of the common map/interface object editor windows (windows with color/resource buttons).
-Fixed occasional crash when saving games on HTML5/mobile.
-Fixed rounding issues with position of animations in sprite sequences.
-Made new project window larger and fixed a word-wrapping issue.
-Added completed "Point and Click Adventure" template.

1.019.000b - Oct 3, 2017

-Fixed crash when changing the size of a map from the "Map Properties" window.

1.019.000 - Oct 3, 2017

-Fixed movement incorrectly having impact despite walking animation scale being used.
-Removed legacy "Body/Clothing Color" use value.
-Fixed defaulting back to ground tile-sets without updating the tile-set picker, causing strange rendering and collision issues.
-Fixed crash when editing a placed custom event/network message after having removed all of its parameters.
-Fixed "Transition Through Effect" in "Units" fields from going backwards through frames, and made it sequence the whole animation minus one millisecond to handle wrapping issues where "Once" sequence mode had to be used.
-Fixed unpredictable effect animation when using "Units" fields when set to "Ignore".
-Fixed issue with random actor movement getting stuck on short (8 pixel high) collisions.
-Fixed crash when using "(Advanced) Message Box" events with no text.
-Fixed crash when switching to legacy lighting.
-Made sharpness of lights affect refraction in new lighting system to match how it worked in legacy lighting, allow for spot-light and/or room ambience effects.
-Fixed not being able to delete edited inherited actor variables after they have been deleted in the parent actor template.
-Fixed not resetting game when game is over in "Mobile Game" demo.
-Fixed bullet/holding points 2, 3 and 4 not being used for bullets when the equipment references it.
-Fixed crash when one of the map's cloud sprites have been deleted.
-Fixed crash when deleting sprites referenced by a map while in one of the map editor windows.
-Fixed logo in "3D Action-Adventure" demo.
-Fixed "X" icon for deleting poses.
-Made it clear about copying/pasting sprite poses/directions.
-Made it clear what front/back are in map parallax window.
-Fixed not saving changes when using "Startup Menu Settings" from the "Game Settings" window.
-Fixed not properly saving "Glow/Emissive" value in "Material Editor" for sprites and tile-sets.
-Made materials less sensitive to changes by ignoring specular values when there is no specular color.
-Added "Reset to Defaults" button in "Material Editor".

1.018.008 - Sep 15, 2017

-Fixed AI/pathfinding from erroring, failing or crashing when actor's collision is above the map's ceiling boundary.
-Fixed crash when deleting last network message after editing an added parameter.
-Fixed crash when copying 3D models.
-Fixed replacing image frames of a sprite animation with a 3D model.
-Added "Paste Graphic" to sprite animation add pop-up menu.
-Fixed actors occasionally getting stuck with AI pathfinding and when using "Walk to Location", "Walk to Closest Location", and "Walk to Cursor" events.
-Added "\D[milliseconds]" field text mark-up, to delay the display of part of text for a specified amount of time.
-Made it possible to pick a location in graphical scripter (such as with "Position Actor") on a 16x16 grid rather than 32x32.
-Fixed orientation of 3D surround sound audio in 3D games.
-Added "Add/Remove Parallax" map events to offer full control over parallax layers.
-Added "Ignore Cursor" field option so that fields beneath them can be clickable even when overlaying field is visible.
-Fixed field text shadows.
-Fixed "Constrain mouse to window (no default cursor)." game setting so that clicking in the game now locks the cursor in HTML5.
-Fixed camera issues in 3D games in HTML5/Android.
-Added radius number option for sphere collision in collision/sequence editor.
-Added normal mapping support to 2D sprites (setup the same way tile-set normal maps are).
-Made "Ambient" be the default lighting mode for new sprite animations.
-Added "Performance" debugger which lists slow triggers and collisions.
-Improved performance of exploding barrels in FPS demo.
-Moved "Legacy Settings" (now named "Advanced Game Settings"), "Main Menu Settings" and "Visual Settings" from the main toolbar into "Game Settings"; all are quickly and individually accessible through menu still.
-Made main toolbar more organized.
-Added new sequencer option to enable/disable transitioning between key frames using interpolation (default on for animations and off for holding points as it were).
-Fixed pop-up error when rendering 3D models with animations that don't key the entire sequence.
-Changed "Community Tutorials" in "Help" menu to point to Steam community guides.
-Updated main screen buttons and re-organized "Help" menu.
-Made "Sequence Editor" more discoverable in sprite editor by having an actual button to get to it.
-Added "Disable Depth" sprite option, which allowed the removal of the specific "Write Depth" particle generation option.
-Fixed crashes when dealing with music that hasn't been loaded yet or cannot be loaded properly.
-Fixed memory reported by resource profiler for sounds/music.
-Added sprite editor material options (ambient, diffuse, specular, emissive).
-Fixed "Overflow" error when tapping/clicking quickly when using gestures, fixing "Mobile Game" demo.
-Fixed collisions of flipped actors.
-Fixed submersion tiles from not working when floor boundary was enabled.
-Disabled the Ctrl/Shift combinations with "~" as it caused issues with certain games.
-Fixed beam lazer item in "Space Shooter" demo.
-Added "Walk Anim. Scale (%)" actor graphic option and "Change Walking Animation Scale" event/use value allowing animation speed to be fixed if desired.
-Made it possible for map/interface objects to be specified outside of boundaries.
-Fixed "Bullet Point 4" from being partially hidden in sprite sequence editor.
-Made "Play Game" determine instances based on if project has network messages.
-Added "SoftWeir Inc." branding :D!

1.018.007b - Aug 21, 2017

-Fixed wiki links for the "3D FPS" template.
-Fixed missing "3D FPS" documentation.
-Fixed DLC tags on genres.

1.018.007 - Aug 21, 2017

-Fixed default actors from not having AI direction movements set making "Walk to" events fail without reason.
-Reset tile-set smoothing based on whether the tile-set has models or not to fix rendering issues of 2D games.
-Fixed crash when editing exceedingly large tables in variables debugger.
-Fixed tile collision from not being replaced or removed when switching tiles when the original tile has any flipping, rotation or variabilitiy.
-Improved performance of non-physics actors with respect to AI/pathfinding.
-Added "Expand light scans for oversized graphics" (used to be on by default, now off by default) to greatly improve games with lots of lights at the expensive of very large graphics not being lit properly.
-Made it force always warn about HTML5 issues when building or testing since they tend to be ignored (namely the use of Chrome).
-Removed log and enhanced built version of HTML5; kept log when testing in mobile only.
-Fixed occasional Android crash when comparing text.
-Fixed audio from not stopping when game lost focus on Android.
-Fixed default values of "Random Probabilities Branch" event.
-Fixed "Create Actor" and "Spawn Actor" events from incorrectly affecting the first actor of a map when "Re-position if blocked" is checked.
-Improved performance of maps containing lots of blockings.

1.018.006 - Jul 25, 2017

-Renamed "Change Layer Color" actor event to "Change Body/Clothing Color" and hid original one.
-Fixed crash when client/server connects without any network messages in the project.
-Fixed custom events used as use values from not including double quotation marks in multi-line parameters.
-Added "Screen Height Ratio" parallax option to support fixed backgrounds in 3D environments better.
-Fixed showing scrollbar and full two lines of text for the description option in the custom event and network message editors.
-Fixed several parallax centering issues when used in conjunction with pan ratio or camera zoom.
-Made gray map border only show in 3D when the grid display option is set, as it is often distracting and affects performance.
-Added "Save 3D Perspective" view menu option to save the camera distance, angle and orbit as the map's default view, avoiding hassle with scripting.
-Added "Parallax..." map menu option to quickly go to the map parallax editor.
-Added "Smooth Scaling of Tiles" making it possible to disable smooth scaling on all tiles in a tile-set.
-Fixed crash when double clicking local variables/parameters containing collections in script debugger.
-Fixed sharp lights from lighting past radius.
-Fixed not being able to reverse a vehicle while in water.
-Fixed water-only vehicles from going on land.
-Fixed crash when using "Show Unused Resources" while a map or interface is loaded.
-Fixed extracting baked 3D model holding points via scripting from non-body layers.
-Fixed material/lighting issues between 3D objects and tiles.
-Added "Smooth Scaling" option for item icons.
-Added "Disable Lighting" option to "Spawn Item" event.
-Fixed issue with new projects having a different resolution than set default in settings.
-Added "Interface X/Y Size" screen use values which return the default screen resolution, used as a basis for interfaces.
-Made descriptions more clear about game option events in that they are remembered even when session ends.
-Made descriptions more clear for message box related events.
-Fixed collision orientation issues when multiple axes were specified.
-Fixed battery consumption after application has lost focus on Android.
-Fixed saving game on Android.

1.018.005c - Apr 6, 2017

-Fixed Steam statistics from not being sent to server.
-Fixed Steam demo occasionally expiring immediately.
-Made it error when saving imported resources fails.

1.018.005b - Apr 6, 2017

-Fixed several issues with lights being too close to each other.
-Fixed crash with certain tiles with normal maps in 3D.
-Fixed a minor issue with the shopkeeper.

1.018.005 - Apr 6, 2017

-Fixed crash when updating certain types of resources without reloading the project.
-Fixed previous image showing up on buttons when pressed in tile-set editor.
-Fixed tile terraformation editor from not displaying tiles in preview.
-Fixed disappearing large flat lower/upper tiles when camera moves below it.
-Fixed lighting on large tiles.
-Fixed "Last Selected Choice (Text)" use value; the specific event to change it is now deprecated - it is now based on the "Set Last Selected Choice Number" event in conjunction with the "Choices" collection instead.
-Fixed timer spawn issues with actors that use unchangeable templates.
-Fixed hidden custom events / network messages from being shown as "Deprecated" instead of "Hidden".
-Made it warn when testing a map/interface in a project using networking features.
-Fixed issues with importing a resource as an overwrite.
-Made it optimize imported resources to properly handle legacy ones.
-Made it error when an animated tile references an invalid tile (going from/to Expanded tile-set type).
-Fixed crashes related to editing normals of tiles before editing the tiles.
-Fixed certain issues with pasting tiles onto empty ones.
-Fixed issues with copying/pasting tile-set resources.
-Fixed occasional crash when editing terraformations in a tile-set containing normals.
-Added "Voice Speak" event to use the tex-to-speech voice system (if enabled) to read out text.
-Fixed infinite message boxes on failed login.
-Fixed respawn desync issue.
-Fixed errors when logging into a dead actor.
-Removed excess .ini reads on login.
-Made debugging mode properly load character data.
-Fixed scrolling issues in graphical console.

1.018.004 - Mar 23, 2017

-Fixed IP addresses being treated as numbers in global variables on computers where periods act as thousandths separator.
-Made dedicated server builds run without graphics with a legacy option to play it as if it were a game; will not be used during testing to ensure debuggers can still be used properly.
-Added "Console Input" system script for dedicated server console with "input" parameter containing the inputted text.
-Added "Using Console" use value which returns true when a built dedicated server console is being used.
-Made MMORPG template take advantage of the console.
-Fixed incorrectly showing loading screen when "Reset Interface" was used.
-Made map editor's actor pointer rotation snap to angles when shift key is pressed.
-Made default 3D angle be lower for better perspective (improves usage in editor).
-Made it easier to add/remove switches, collections, tables and global/local/map/interface/actor variables.
-Made "Enable/Disable Idle Pose" force walking when idle pose is disabled.
-Fixed occasional crash when using unit fields with negative value/max.
-Made vehicle max speed no longer automatically affected by gas and health; added legacy option to have the old behaviour back.
-Fixed spawn timer producing simultaneously more actors than they should; especially worsened when actors were deleted in their killed trigger.
-Fixed memory leaks when creating/spawning actors/fields with many scripts or value retrieving.
-Improved memory usage of maps containing actors with many scripts.
-Improved performance of "Find in Collection" use value.
-Added "Starting Index" option for "Find in Collection" use value.
-Renamed "Find in Table" to "Find in Table Axis", and clarified descriptions.
-Added new "Find in Table" table use value, used for the purposes of searching all axes of a table.
-Made it error when there were more arguments than required parameters for custom events and network messages.
-Made error messages include number of parameters expected/provided with respect to custom events and network messages.
-Made it error when delaying a dynamically created script.
-Added "Game Tick" use value to return the number of milliseconds that have passed since the last game frame.
-Added "Net" debugger for viewing sent/received network messages.
-Added timer option to append number to spawned actors' names to make all actors' names unique.
-Made non-per-pixel mouse enter/move/leave based on actor collision when available, rather than estimated visual region.
-Fixed game crashing with corrupt collision data.
-Fixed crash when loading a saved game with players on different maps.
-Improved update mechanism.
-Fixed random "Can't open clipboard" errors.
-Fixed icon from disappearing from the built game startup menu.
-Fixed performance degradation issues.
-Fixed issues with pressing enter on NPC's.
-Fixed Inventory/Magic/Equipment interfaces from not properly disabling side-menus.
-Added various "safety" checks with networking messages.
-Fixed various death crashes.
-Fixed issues related to having dialogues up while switching maps/being killed.
-Added auto-save feature.
-Added debugging mode for instant login.
-Fixed not properly showing right direction when targetting self and attacking.
-Added "info" command.
-Added base templates for easier NPC creation.
-Removed default NPC actor templates, moved into "Dynamic Actors".

1.018.003b - Feb 13, 2017

-Made it warn when testing/building HTML5 games with network messages.
-Fixed HTML5/Android build issues.

1.018.003 - Feb 13, 2017

-Fixed not closing file handles when re-entering a built game.

1.018.002 - Feb 11, 2017

-Fixed occasional crash with triggers debugger window.
-Fixed crash when unloading a map with music that is still being used.
-Fixed not saving network message parameter tooltip descriptions.
-Fixed "Walk to Cursor" actor event to factor in camera's axis.
-Added default option for number custom event parameters.
-Added default option for text/number network messages.
-Fixed scripting error when using "Item Collection" resource use value.
-Updated help menu.
-Added an option to use the online wiki or to use the local help file for help topics; also, asks user on first use of help.
-Moved "Direction (Cardinal)" to "Listing" option in custom events and network messages.
-Added "Rotation (Angle)", "Time" and "Speed" parameter types to custom events and network messages.
-Added "Time with Delay", "Text Cluster" and "Branch Text Cluster" parameter types to custom events.
-Fixed "Mutli-Line Text" issues with custom event/network message parameters.
-Added "Fully Exit Script Tree" event to exit the script and everything else that called the script.
-Removed irrelevant system events from MMORPG template/games except when accessing custom events/network messages.
-Added "Advanced Message Box" to MMORPG template.
-Improved stability of MMORPG template.

1.018.001b - Feb 6, 2017

-Fixed occasional item graphic crash.
-Fixed occasional blank image graphic issues.

1.018.001 - Feb 6, 2017

-Fixed collision issues on very large maps.
-Fixed bringing up loading screen when an interface was reset.
-Made LoadSetting()/SaveSetting() work better with numbers containing decimals.
-Fixed several gameplay bugs with MMORPG template.
-Fixed rare crash issues with leaving script editor window.
-Fixed "Spawn Zone" and "Position Zone" from not fully updating the hit rectangle with respect to mouse movement.

1.018.000 - Feb 04, 2017

-Added "Network Message Client ID" use value to retrieve the client ID of a received network message being processed on the server.
-Improved performance of "Static" and "Window" fields that are set to "Update Real-time".
-Fixed "Smooth Scaling" sprite option for 3D models, essentially allowing pixelated model textures; made all previous sprite models default to it and new models as well.
-Fixed "Get Alpha Component" color use value.
-Added tile material (ambient, diffuse, specular, emissive) options to tile-set editor (usable in both 2D and 3D games).
-Fixed dying pose from not always playing with a sprite set to rotate graphics with direction.
-Fixed crash when "Walk to Location" event fails on HTML5.
-Fixed resetting actor interface when switching maps.
-Fixed initial actor interface being affected by regular interface manipulation.
-Fixed issues with using "Spawn/Create Actor" and "Change Actor Interface" while manipulating an ector interface.
-Fixed issues with stopping "Manipulate Actor Interface" event improperly.
-Fixed crash when using events with duration while manipulating interfaces.
-Fixed visual glitches in map/interface editor loading screen.
-Added dynamic resource loading/unloading; and a legacy option to have all resources loaded at game launch.
-Greatly improved performance of opening and closing most editor windows.
-Added "Keep Resource in Memory" option for items, sprites, tile-sets and sounds.
-Fixed a random "Overflow" crash.
-Made it no longer disable graphical scripting categories as they would get out of sync when complexity was altered.
-Added "Load/Unload Sprite/Item/Tile-Set/Sound/Music" resource events to explicitly control resource memory.
-Fixed not being able to import certain legacy effects.
-Fixed issues with legacy sprites not fully saving sometimes when imported.
-Fixed not always deleting sprites that did not import properly, sometimes causing project crashes.
-Added "Reload Time" item use value.
-Made map loading screen properly change progress value, also factoring in dynamic resource loading.
-Fixed occasional crash when hovering over an object with the particular tool in question initially activated.
-Improved performance of loading maps with big lights.
-Fixed crash when loading a map with extremely large lights.
-Added "Trim Whitespace" text use value to remove whitespaces from both sides of text.
-Added "Split Parameters Into Collection" text use value that works similar to "Split Into Collection" except has various options for skipping delimiter characters within quotes and brackets, and options for removing quotation marks and whitespace from the elements.
-Added moving, rotating and resizing actor tools to map pointer tool.
-Improved map/interface editor object tooltip.
-Fixed error when using "Evaluate" use value.
-Added "Sprite/Item/Tile-Set/Sound/Music Collection" resource use values for retrieving all the standard resources of a project.
-Fixed crash when modifying a custom event / network message graphical scripting node after having changed number of parameters when the last parameter is a position.
-Added "Maximum Framerate" game setting.
-Added "Change Maximum/Minimum Framerate" events and respective use values.
-Fixed FPS indicator accuracy.
-Added "Is Testing" game use value to determine if the game is being tested or if it's being played as a built game.
-Added "Is Music" sound resource use value to determine if it is music or not.
-Fixed not properly destroying deleted fields in a manipulated interface.
-Fixed crash when using "Triggers" debugger with network messages.
-Added individual network message filters to "Triggers" debugger.
-Fixed not closing connections when game ends.
-Fixed certain delayed events not firing when the last one is reused consistently.
-Added script editor complexity (including hiding) option to custom events and network messages.
-Added tooltip option for custom event and network message parameters.
-Made custom events and network messages show up in individual categories in the script editor and use value window based on their folder.
-Added "Use Value / Function" option for custom events to make it show or hide itself in the use value window.
-Added default option for text/multi-text custom event parameters.
-Added option for custom events which allows the last object listing parameter to treat multi-selection as a collection.
-Fixed type mismatch error when passing variables/parameters containing a collection into events that accept collections.
-Fixed save game from losing contents of global/static variables containing collections.
-Fixed not being able to use collections in network messages.
-Fixed occasionally exporting a corrupt combined resource file (.1rs) when saving over an already existing file.
-Fixed not being able to properly use port numbers 32768 to 65535 in network events, and made error more clear when number is out of range.
-Fixed polygon/vehicle collision problems.
-Made vehicles with "Auto-Strafe" automatically nudge rotation making getting out of corners considerably easier.
-Made it warn about registering DLL files when building game with "Plain Files".
-Improved performance of TCP/UDP messaging.
-Fixed occasionally losing a guaranteed (TCP) message.
-Added tooltip text
-Updated MMORPG template with countless changes, including and not limited to: new shop/inn system, improved quest and battle systems, more server admin features, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

1.017.014b - Dec 29, 2016

-Fixed word-wrapping, again.

1.017.014 - Dec 29, 2016

-Made "Overlay" sprite option transcend to its 3D baked holding point if any.
-Made it possible to input a specific position for item pick-ups.
-Added importing a model file as collision, making it much easier to produce height maps and more complex 3D scenes.
-Fixed actors going through map edges regardless of map boundary settings.
-Improved performance of static actors with respect to collision.
-Fixed crash when resizing text fields to a very small width.
-Fixed HTML5 mouse events.
-Fixed iOS networking issues.

1.017.013 - Dec 22, 2016

-Made field word-wrapping also do word-breaking to prevent large words from going past the width of the field.
-Made it propose launching two instances when testing a multi-player game when only one isntance is set in testing options.
-Improved performance of games involving lots of tiles or actors by optimizing collision detection code.
-Fixed issues with using script delaying events and map/actor events during actor interface triggers or while using "Manipulate Actor Interface" event.
-Fixed "Changed" trigger from firing repeatedly/incorrectly when the script contains any delays.
-Fixed normals in animated 3D models.
-Removed "Change Perspective" camera event as it is deprecated by "Change View" which changes all factors of the camera ensuring proper sprite rendering.

1.017.012b - Dec 28, 2016

-Fixed y axis and z axis affecting options for weapon accuracy as they're backwards.
-Fixed beam weapon in "Space Shooter" demo.

1.017.012 - Dec 19, 2016

-Fixed not saving rotation X and Y for an actor with an unchangeable template.
-Added "Map Loop" and "Interface Loop" sub-script events to iterate through all the maps/interfaces of the project.
-Added "Map Loaded" use value to determine if a map has been currently loaded.
-Added "Exactly Equal" text use value to do a case-sensitive text comparison.
-Added "Change Map Shadow Color" map event and use value to change the shadows of object and wall tiles on a map.
-Fixed "Text Width" field use value to take into account line-feed (pilcrow) characters.
-Fixed cloud/rain from being reset when an interface was displayed.
-Fixed not being able to revive destroyed actors with infinite health.
-Added "Position Cursor" event for Windows.
-Fixed interface resizing issue when sizing window smaller than default resolution.
-Added "Sprite Category Collection" use value to retrieve all sprite categories for the project.
-Made "Walk to Location" events round movements to reduce chances of failure without affecting performance.
-Added UDP as an option to network message editor thereby allowing unreliable but faster messages when used, with a fallback mechanism to use TCP if UDP is not available.
-Fixed graphics card memory leak while editing maps/interfaces.
-Added "Edit Blocks" option to actor template editor to dictate what actor templates are blocked when collided.
-Added "Use Cost Statistic" and "Target Statistic" item use values to compliment the renamed "Equipment Statistic" use value.
-Added "iOS (.ipa)" build (requires a Mac computer or jailbroken mobile device to deploy).
-Made walking animation continue for actors that are involved with a "Wait for Movement" event.
-Fixed occasional crash with previewing and saving sprites with certain sprite sizes.
-Fixed multiple instances of the "Overflow" error that often happens in 3D games.
-Fixed crash when editing sprite graphics from actor editor window.
-Added "Process Actor Physics" actor editor option to allow actors used as static objects to not process any calculations involving movement and forces.
-Made camera navigation better in map editor for 3D maps.
-Added "Old Change Trigger Value" use value to return the previous value inside a "Changed" trigger.
-Added "Actor Collision" actor use values to retrieve components of the actor's collision box.
-Added "Accuracy", "Use Time", "Range", "Number of Projectiles" and "Slash Distance/Back Distance/Wide" item/magic use values.
-Made "Tower Defense" demo (old version) accessible again.
-Added "Timer/Spawn Loop" map/interface event.
-Fixed not being able to name party members or actors that were based off an unchangeable actor template.
-Added "Enable/Disable Idle Pose" actor event to force the "Walking" pose to be used over the "Idle" pose, and to prevent the "Walking" animation from resetting.
-Added "Moving" actor use value to determine if an actor is currently executing "Walk to *" or "Take Specific Movements" events.
-Added "Automatically drop and issue actor's rewards when it is destroyed" legacy setting so that custom drop, experience, cash and point systems can be developed.
-Fixed using "Continous" in "Item/Magic Usage Branch".
-Added "Activate Actor" event that executes the 'Talked to / Activated' trigger of an actor and passes in an actor to act as the "relate" actor as a way to build in custom activation mechanics.
-Fixed party member statistic progressions from being ignored when using an unchangeable actor template.
-Fixed images not showing up and certain broken links in local CHM help file.
-Fixed automatic child checking in actor template picker window.
-Made it possible to specify no destination actor for "Use Item" and "Use Magic" events.
-Made "Area of Equipment" option available to magic as well.
-Fixed not easily being able to pick the "Tab" key as a control.
-Added "Launch with game debugger" testing option to let the user decide to bring it up or not.
-Added "Manipulate Actor Interface" to make actor interfaces' contents accessible outside of the interface itself.
-Added offset/spacing toggle to field "Represent Collection" window to allow fields to be spaced apart based on their contents.
-Added "Update Immediately" option to "Spawn Field" event to allow you to retrieve text metrics without waiting for interface to update.
-Fixed issue with AI getting stuck occasionally after changing direction.
-Fixed "Overlay" sprite option for 3D models.
-Added "Word-Wrap" field option to allow text sliding for text input fields.
-Added MMORPG and 3D FPS beta templates.

1.017.011 - Nov 25, 2016

-Fixed Android build.

1.017.010 - Nov 22, 2016

-Added "Snap to Grid" display toolbar option for map/interface editor to allow fine positioning of fields, actors, lights, speakers, pick-ups, comments, zones and blocking.
-Added "Zone Loop", "Light Loop" and "Speaker Loop" graphical sub-script events.
-Added "Scripting ID" and "Display Name" use values for speakers and timer/spawns.
-Added "X/Y/Z Position" use values for lights and speakers.
-Added "Change Layer Color" actor event and "Layer Color" actor use value for working with individual layers of a sprite category.
-Added "Render both sides in 3D" tile option in tile-set editor.
-Made it possible to use the mouse wheel to fully zoom in to 500% in the map editor (was already possible by direct input).
-Fixed walls from not rendering their bottoms in 3D.
-Added "Frames Per Second" use value.
-Fixed displaying too many entries in "Current Focussed Map" option in "Screen" debugger.

1.017.009 - Oct 28, 2016

-Added several scary themed 3D models to the "Action / RPG (3D)" game template including creature sprite resources, "Shovel" and "Bloody Bat" item resources, and grave markers tile-set.
-Fixed "Position Zone" event from generally not working.
-Fixed debugging showing up in fullscreen testing.
-Fixed occasional flickering display in fullscreen.
-Fixed issue when first opening maps and tile-sets being out of sync.

1.017.008 - Oct 16, 2016

-Fixed right-click tile capturing in map editor.
-Further prevented maps from running player entering script multiple times even if custom events are used.
-Further delayed map/interface resets and unloads even if custom events are used.
-Fixed incorrect panning of particle effects in interface editor.
-Fixed not properly saving/loading values of tables and collections correctly on HTML5/Android.
-Fixed file system events on HTML5/Android.
-Fixed not listing inherited actor variables when editing scripts of actor template triggers.
-Fixed corrupting party members' set templates when removing actor templates and causing various bugs/crashes.
-Removed "Cause Crash" from script debugger as it had no purpose for users.
-Added "Default to user's primary monitor resolution." game setting.

1.017.007 - Oct 7, 2016

-Fixed timer tool from not being remembered properly between switching between maps and interfaces.
-Fixed "Possible Consecutive" from not working properly in "Random Branch" event; requires script to be re-saved for it to work.

1.017.006 - Oct 06, 2016

-Fixed Android/HTML5 issues with passing collections into events that normally take a series of parameters.
-Added "Enable/Disable Screen Timeout" event and respective use value to disable screensavers on Windows and screen timeout on Android.
-Fixed occasional crash when deleting actors in the "Actor Left" trigger.
-Made it remember the last map/interface tool used when switching between maps/interfaces.
-Made Steam build include a redistribution executable paired with a VDF install script that can be used to produce a complete installation.
-Fixed issues with using spaces in toggle parameters in custom events and network triggers.
-Fixed crash when selecting auto-flipped graphics and points in the sprite sequencer editor which should not be selectable.
-Fixed not being able to use buttons from gamepads other than the first one.
-Fixed not being able to build data.1rc-based builds more than once without deleting the file first.

1.017.005 - Oct 06, 2016

-Added Steam ID game setting and made steam build include it.
-Made steam build include steam_api.dll to simplify process.
-Fixed Facebook link.
-Fixed "Save/Load Setting" event and use value to use SETTINGS.INI by default when file isn't specified.
-Updated libpng to version 1.4.19.
-Made Android key signing use stronger encryption.
-Added "Android Signed/Aligned" build option to build an APK that is capable of being put up on Android stores.
-Improved Android device compatibility by removing the requirement for low-latency audio.
-Added some tips when pushing APK to device.
-Fixed default 3D template character collision issue.
-Fixed not showing all equipment in comparison branch that checks for actor equipment.
-Fixed not always saving branch possibility option in custom events editor.
-Added y axis and z axis affecting options for weapon accuracy to optionally restrict a bullet's axis.
-Fixed changing weather density causing sprites to reset.
-Fixed crash on HTML5 when displaying money occasionally.
-Fixed occasionally not overriding duration-based events when there are also arguments.
-Fixed occasional crash when editing scripts after changing actor templates without having them saved yet.
-Fixed built-in tutorials for Steam version.
-Fixed default magic interface to reference proper source actor for new projects.
-Added "Change Text Height" field event and "Text Height" field use value.
-Fixed accessing local collections on Android and HTML5.
-Fixed actor versus actor alpha transparency layering issue.

1.017.004 - Aug 17, 2016

-Added "Process Map regardless of Focus" map option and corresponding "Force Process of Map" event/use value.
-Added "Line Sweep" branch and use value, which works similar to "Line Collision", except that it checks segments of a line so that it can report the closest actor (if any) and an actual location, which is accessible via the "Line Collision/Sweep Actor" and "Line Sweep X/Y/Z" use values.
-Made "Line Collision" branch and use value report the first actor involved via the "Line Collision/Sweep Actor" use value.
-Fixed values of tables and collections from not initializing correctly on HTML5/Android.
-Fixed errors when using item/magic events after an item/magic resource referenced has been deleted.
-Fixed party members from having reward items, which were only somewhat recently inaccessible.
-Added "Set Steam Statistic" event and "Steam Statistic" use event (used for user stats, can work with achievements).
-Made "Return Value" use value button show numeric options in addition to text options by default.
-Added "P2P Fighting Game" demo.
-Fixed crash when saving large tables.
-Fixed resource profiler not reporting proper size of graphics.
-Added Action/RPG PDF tutorials 1-3.
-Added video tutorials link.

1.017.003 - Aug 17, 2016

-Changed "Is Server" to "Launched as Server" use value.
-Added "Is Hosting" and "Is Connected" networking use values.
-Added dedicated server build option.
-Fixed "Save Setting" event and "Load Setting" use value in HTML5.
-Fixed "Close Connection" from not working for the hosting server.
-Added "Connection Lost" system trigger.
-Fixed built-in graphics editor randomly crashing on close.

1.017.002 - Jul 18, 2016

-Added "Steam (Windows)" build type.
-Added "Award Steam Achievement" Steam event.
-Added "Connect to Server", "Host Server" and "Close Connection" events.
-Added "Launch instances for network games" testing option to launch multiple instances of a game to test networked games; the first instance will be launched as a server.
-Added "Is Server" use value to determine if the game was launched as a server or not.
-Added "Received connection" system script with "id" and "ip" parameters to get a unique identifier for the client and their IP address to potentially close the connection.
-Added network messages, which execute scripts between server and clients, and transfers any collections/tables desired.
-Fixed not showing system script parameters in use value window.
-Added "Change Action Icon" and "Change Destroyed Action Icon" events and respective use values.
-Added file parameter to "Save Setting" event and "Load Setting" use value for accessing separate settings files for further organization.
-Made it error when using retrieve field/sprite scripts without returning a value.
-Fixed issues with some axes on non-first player gamepads on PC.
-Added "Change Display Name" actor event.
-Made numeric comparisons round numbers to nearest millionth to solve floating point rounding issues.
-Made "Reset Interface" act like "Reset Map" in that it will be delayed; the legacy option pertaining to "Reset Map" being delayed now applies to "Reset Interface" as well.
-Added "HTML5 Memory Size" option to tweak the pre-allocated memory used for HTML5 games; reducing this value will improve game performance, and increasing the value will make larger games function.
-Fixed "Find in Table" from not returning 0 when nothing was found.
-Added "Cryptographic Hash" text use value that returns the SHA-1 message digest of the provided text.
-Fixed the default message box background color for "Action/RPG (Pro)" template to be blue instead of red.
-Made fields no longer display values in exponential notation, rounding floating-point decimal values to 6 decimal places.
-Fixed lighting issues when mixing actors with 3D models with regular sprites.
-Added time scale option for master model segments.
-Added "Tic-Tac-Toe Online" demo.
-Fixed shadow colouring issue when a map contained a mix of models and regular tiles while using legacy lighting.
-Fixed rounding issues in HTML5 and Android.

1.017.001 - Jun 23, 2016

-Removed more GG Maker content.
-Removed some obsolete help file pages.
-Fixed occasional crash with stacked sticky physics.
-Fixed possible crash when deleting actors in a map with sticky actors.
-Made input control picker generalized for both Controls editor and Input Triggers editor.
-Made input control picker into individual categories to make picking easier.
-Added support for multiple gamepads on PC.
-Fixed removing sticky actors when disabling sticky physics.
-Fixed vsync not working on certain systems/configurations causing choppy/laggy video in fullscreen mode.
-Fixed removing actors/zones/fields within a script causing "this" and "relate" to represent invalid data.
-Made "Size X/Y" field use values return internal values rather than calculated values, with a legacy option turned off by default to have the old behaviour if desired.
-Added "Calculated Size X/Y" field use values to retrieve the calculated size of a field in pixels.
-Fixed "Change Rising" to work with non-integer values like the other movement events.
-Fixed "Line Collision Branch" from not working with different Z values.
-Fixed building/testing on Android.
-Fixed crash when removing teams that party members belong to.
-Removed $ sign from money option in player/party editor.
-Made more fixes/features to platformer template.

1.017.000 - May 31, 2016

-Fixed crash when testing a map with walls up to the map's ceiling boundary.
-Fixed slight transparency issues which could have causeed performance issues.
-Fixed occasional crash when using "Change Tile" event.
-Fixed not properly saving master model number for sprite master model segments.
-Fixed ignoring animation index in master model segments.
-Fixed conflicts between two or more of the same 3D models animating differently in the same scene.
-Fixed 3D models from not working when per-pixel cursor clicking is disabled by using collision information.
-Fixed not handling depth correctly when per-pixel cursor clicking is disabled.
-Fixed not saving/loading player equipment with minimalistic saving.
-Added "Test in windowed mode" testing option to be able to switch to fullscreen; unfortunately the script debugger will be disabled when unchecked.
-Fixed polygon collisions to be slightly tighter to improve consistency with rectangular collisions.
-Fixed unchangeable templated actors from not maintaining their direct point routes.
-Added "Sticky/Platform" general/physics option for actors to cause actors that fall into them to stick and move with them.
-Removed GG Maker content.
-Added slanted platformer tiles and platformer AI.


-Fixed pseudo-walls (one tile high, no roof) from turning black, which is a useful technique for handling custom wall configurations.
-Added "Include Non-Existent" to "Actor Loop" and "Field Loop" events.
-Fixed non-body sprites from not properly rotating sometimes with individual directions.
-Fixed crash when referencing unloaded maps/interfaces in HTML5/mobile when using mixed case in the name.


-Fixed doors from their collision opening past a tile, fixing upward doors that are placed against a wall or the boundary of the map.
-Added screen VSync option to video options in built games and in testing options.
-Added "Application Close" Windows-specific system script that fires when the user presses the "X" button on the title bar (Alt+F4 is unaffected).
-Added "Minimalistic Save" game setting that excludes everything but player exp/points/inventory/equipment/magic, number of times saved, length of time playing, and variables/switches/collections/tables, making it very easy to update games after they have been released without ruining their saved games.
-Added bullet points to sprites so that you can define where bullets appear if it is desirable to have it not come out of the holding points.
-Fixed "Switch Exclusive Input Set" and "Enable/Disable Input Set" so that they apply to all players.
-Added player-specific variants of "Switch Exclusive Input Set" and "Enable/Disable Input Set" so that a specific player's inputs can be affected.
-Added allowed movement AI options for actors to make platformers perform better.
-Fixed crash when resizing large maps with pointer tool.
-Made it warn/error when resizing maps with pointer tool when map is too large.

1.016.014 - Mar 08, 2016

-Added help buttons all over the editor and game debuggers.
-Fixed parallax rendering problems when zooming.

1.016.013 - Mar 08, 2016

-Fixed crash when firing a weapon without holding points setup for the body sprite.
-Fixed crash related to doors layered on walls in the map editor.
-Added "Evaluate Javascript (HTML5)" use value to compliment the "Execute Javascript (HTML5)" event, which returns the text returned by the executed Javascript.
-Added Shift+~ and Ctrl+Shift+~ to speed things up even faster (x5 and x10 respectively, over the original x3).

1.016.012 - Mar 08, 2016

-Fixed selecting actors with the pointer tool that are set to glow in legacy lighting.
-Renamed "stable lighting system" to "legacy lighting system" in legacy options to make it more clear.
-Renamed "Change Facing Angle Direction" event and "Facing Direction (Angle)" use value to "Change Rotation Z" and "Rotation Z" respectively.
-Fixed actors incorrectly using another sprite's holding points if it has none.
-Fixed only looking in body slot for holding points for determining where bullets came from.
-Fixed holding point use values to also look beyond body slot.
-Made dark light option for lights unavailable when using new lighting system as it is not compatible.
-Fixed wall lower object tiles from being unlit in game using new lighting system.
-Fixed issues with the keyboard in HTML5.
-Added "Stop Walk" actor event which discontinues movements from "Walk to Location", "Walk to Closest Location", "Walk to Cursor" and "Take Specific Movements" events.
-Fixed crash when creating a single flat segment polygon collision.

1.016.011b (Retail) - Mar 08, 2016

-Improved performance of rendering walls, namely in 3D games.
-Improved performance of tile variability.
-Improved performance of graphics engine and usage of shaders.

1.016.011 - Mar 08, 2016

-Updated web-site links throughout software.
-Removed readme.rtf demo/example pop-up windows.
-Fixed not being able to click on sprites, collision and holding points in the sprite sequencer with legacy lighting.
-Fixed saved games from built games causing crashes when loaded while testing games.
-Fixed sprite/tile cutting issues with legacy lighting.

1.016.010 - Mar 08, 2016

-Fixed "Change Font" parameter from turning into a use value despite a specific resource being selected.
-Fixed camera/screen actor triggers.
-Fixed full-screen mode and other graphical issues after playing a built game consecutive times.
-Made it warn when the first player does not have any initially existent party members.
-Made it error when specifying an invalid "Android Package" name in "Game Settings".
-Fixed issues with gestures on HTML5 and mobile devices.
-Fixed testing games on Android with music.
-Improved performance of rendering fields, especially those that are fully transparent.
-Fixed random error about playing corrupt music.
-Added new "Mobile Game" and "Platformer" demos.
-Fixed occasional crash when editing an object through right-click context menu.

1.016.009 - Mar 08, 2016

-Added X and Y direction dials to actor window.
-Fixed displaying decimals in zoom option in map editor.
-Made bug reports include OpenGL version.
-Disabled shaders (enforce legacy lighting) on anything less than OpenGL 3.0 (instead of 2.1) to ensure a good experience.
-Added +/- to mouse axis and joystick/gamepad POVs, rotations, axies, and sliders, so that mapping analog controls to regular controls is trivial.
-Made the default game resolution also act as the minimum resolution the player can change the resolution to for the game.
-Fixed joystick POV use values from reporting incorrect direction.
-Improved performance of tile variabilitiy.
-Fixed issues with creating games from demos and listing of maps in a project.
-Fixed fade in time not considering base volume properly.
-Added "Holding Point X/Y/Z Rotation" actor use values to retrieve the orientation of its holding points.
-Fixed losing collections or tables when editing actor variables right after.
-Fixed vehicle issues when deleting actors.
-Fixed large collisions from not changing with tile changing events.
-Made it default to off-screen rendering when any Intel video card is in use.
-Added new "Tower Defense" and "3D Game" demos.

1.016.008 - Mar 08, 2016

-Added "Use Holding Frame for Pick-Up Graphic" item resource option.
-Fixed rendering actor interfaces in the opposite facing direction in 3D games.
-Fixed automatically creating projects folder when creating a project

1.016.007 - Mar 08, 2016

-Added "Now" date/time use value for returning the system's current date/time as formatted text.
-Added "Day", "Month", "Year", "Second", "Minute" and "Hour" date/time use values for returning the individual components of the system's current date/time.
-Made tooltips display for most controls in graphical script event windows.
-Fixed another issue with testing maps with speakers set to a sound with no audio.
-Fixed not drawing face layers properly.
-Added "Change Zoom" camera events and use values for 2D zooming/scaling.
-Fixed non-camera specific events from not resetting overlapping value transitions (essentially making basic camera events jitter if transitioned multiple times over).
-Fixed HTML5 save/load game functionality.
-Fixed "Launch Webpage in Browser" in HTML5.
-Fixed issues with tiles disappearing and lights changing size when zooming in map editor.
-Fixed "Planar Roll" camera event from not rotating correctly based on "Horizontal Orbit".
-Added "Execute JavaScript" HTML5-only event for executing arbitrary Javascript.
-Made it properly error when using "Query Webpage" events in HTML5 which are not supported by that platform.
-Fixed crash when confirming video options in built games when "Allow resolution change" is unchecked in game settings.
-Removed internal-use "In Map" and "In Camera" trigger-based use values; users should use the triggers directly for better far better performance anyway.

1.016.006 - Mar 08, 2016

-Fixed not being able to create projects occasionally.
-Fixed audio importing crashes.
-Fixed audio files from looking like they disappeared when switching projects.

1.016.005 - Mar 08, 2016

-Removed unsupported languages from options window.
-Made it error when failing to creating the folder and files for a new project.
-Made the sprite layers debugger provide more details.

1.016.004 - Mar 08, 2016

-Fixed in-line text colors on HTML5.
-Fixed sizing of fields with inches on HTML5.
-Fixed 3D held item scaling while zooming in sprite preview window.
-Fixed several memory leaks in tile-set editor.
-Added "Display game webpage in main menu" game setting to disable game page.
-Fixed crashing when quitting game while a scripting error occurs while a map is being open.
-Fixed "Edit 3D Master Models" not disabling parent window properly causing other crashes.
-Fixed not being able to change which master model to use.
-Fixed crash when deleting master models while in use.
-Made it render segment thumbnails in sprite editor, and made it show the master and animation index as well.
-Made it error when saving a custom event with an invalid range or default outside of a range (which eventually leads to a crash).
-Made "Community Tutorials" use web-site URL that have tutorials ordered by usefulness.
-Fixed crash when leaving maps with speakers that have no sounds attached to them.
-Fixed occasional crashes in HTML5 games using pathfinding.
-Fixed crash when editing holding point layers while adding holding points.
-Fixed crash when entering maps with speakers that have invalid audio assigned.
-Removed often unused "CharTeam" pseudo-object as it presented many design issues and crashes.
-Fixed issues when using "party" actor when moving from one map to another.
-Fixed crash when clicking on an empty list of handheld devices in testing options.
-Fixed crash when replaying a built game on a single application launch.
-Made it error when creating overly large tables which fixed several crashes.
-Made OpenGL crashes report the error text rather than the number.
-Made use value text box colors (normal and error colors) customizable.

1.016.003 Mar 08, 2016

-Removed references to killing in graphical scripting names/descriptions.
-Removed references to killing in built-in beginner tutorial.
-Added "Exit Script" event to exit a script within a sub script (mainly loops).
-Fixed not being able to go into sprite sequencer when a pose contained no animations.
-Made the workspace gray instead of black.
-Fixed crash when placing holding points when no animations exist.
-Fixed attached particle effects from displaying incorrectly in map editor.
-Fixed automatic turret speed issues.
-Added "Change Map Layer Color", "Change Parallax Sprite/Color" and "Show/Hide Screen Sprite" events to free version.

1.016.002 - Mar 08, 2016

-Fixed logo on certain versions of the software.
-Fixed running "Optimize Resources" (and possibly others) multiple times in a row from crashing.
-Made project listing faster, especially with deeply nested folders.
-Made it error on non-ASCII map/interface names which posed issues for at least Android APKs.

1.016.001 - Oct 08, 2015

-Fixed deleting last row from a table, now it will reset the table.
-Made it error when specifying an invalid axis in table events.
-Improved performance in rendering maps, especially those with tile variability or moving lights.
-Fixed text values in graphical scripter from being interpreted as valid values when switching things around (for example, when using the Comparison Branch).

1.016.000 - Oct 08, 2015

-Fixed poor randomization when running scripts inside maps that have tiles with variability options set.
-Fixed scripting error when checking for body/clothing when a certain slot was emptied.
-Fixed not being able to pick second and third cloud variations in maps.
-Made maps larger than 500,000 tile volume units no longer maintain their undo/redo history fully to prevent out of memory errors - a warning is also displayed when maps are made this big.
-Fixed crash when attempting to preview non-existent audio.
-Fixed slight sprite jitter when it and the camera were panning at same speed.
-Fixed not being able to un-set "Magic" in item resource editor.
-Fixed crash when using "No Lighting" in cheats debugger.
-Fixed crash when editing the actors of an actor template while an actor window is already being shown.
-Fixed crash on certain computers when editing graphics with built-in graphics editor.
-Fixed occasional crash when bringing up location window.
-Fixed occasional incorrect graphic tinting after models have been rendered.
-Fixed sprite sequencer window incorrectly zooming held item sprites.
-Made "Page Up" and "Page Down" keys zoom in/out of the sequencer.
-Fixed wall object tile flickering issues.
-Fixed proper lighting of held sprite items in new lighting system.
-Fixed hair/hat layering issues in built-in RPG templates.
-Fixed "Through Effect Frames" unit field option from displaying incorrectly.
-Made it warn when creating stereo audio effects concerning panning and volume attenuation with distance.
-Fixed reduced resolution when going from fullscreen to windowed mode.
-Fixed incorrect values returned by "Directions to Walk to Location" use value.
-Fixed crash when copying blocking with the pointer tool in the map editor.
-Fixed music improperly playing once.
-Fixed another message box layering issue.
-Added the option to only update or only add resources rather than only being able to do both.
-Fixed not playing through music properly in music player.
-Fixed pressing "OK" in resource windows and having things just close down whether things were actually saved or not.
-Made it error when importing models with too many vertices.
-Made it warn when importing very small (8 units) or very large (4096 units) models.
-Fixed crash when pasting sprites containing models.
-Removed Alt+Enter functionality as it never worked.

1.015.020 - Oct 08, 2015

-Fixed not being able to close the Comment window with the "X" button.
-Fixed not being able to pick a parallax from another map/interface in graphical scripter.
-Fixed enumerations in graphical scripter events from not showing selected entries, occasionally showing text as if it were invalid input.
-Fixed "Visualize Layers" in map editor so that the color transition spans the full range of layers and single layers are shown in full despite front covered tiles.
-Fixed errors related to playing multiple music at the same time.
-Fixed case sensitivity issues in importing RPG Maker VX resources.
-Fixed crash when attempting to paste something in an alternative interface.
-Fixed not disabling Screen Compatibility Mode in built Android games.

1.015.019 / 1.014.003 Part 3 - Aug 03, 2015

-Fixed script errors when using "Sort Table Row" with a table with smaller lower dimensions or accessing the third axis.
-Fixed occasional z-fighting in wall-mounted tiles.
-Added "Reverse Numeric Loop" to compliment the normal "Numeric Loop".
-Fixed crash when attempting to connect the top of an endless node to another endless node.
-Fixed crash when attempting to connect the top of a node to the very right side of another node.
-Fixed crashes when using internet functionality in HTML5.
-Made it clear the screen and exit the runtime when using "Quit Game" in HTML5.
-Fixed audio in HTML5.

1.015.018 / 1.014.003 Part 2 - Aug 03, 2015

-Fixed not being able to specify RPG Maker VX resources when using the "Browse" button in the resource importer.
-Fixed being able to add sound formats that were no longer supported.
-Removed "Trigger Worktable" as it didn't function properly.
-Fixed crashes when there are no Cash/EXP/Points sprites set and a pick-up is placed where one would be expected.
-Fixed crash when multiple actors collide and the actor is moved to another map.
-Fixed "Facebook Page" button to go to new URL.
-Fixed 2D mixed with 3D (2.5D) depth issues.
-Made it default to off-screen rendering when an Intel Express video card is in use.
-Made bug reports include video card information.
-Made file writing less likely to corrupt files.
-Fixed not unloading resources before updating them or optimizing them.
-Fixed missing interface sprites in platformer template.
-Added multiple scrolling areas to interfaces by adding a "Scroll Area Field" option to fields, which gives more control over which fields should scroll whether they are selectable or not.
-Made static fields with no sprite show a faded rectangle while editing interfaces.
-Fixed bounding rectangle accuracy of scrolled fields.
-Fixed occasional over scrolling of fields.
-Made default game icon be mascot icon.
-Made default message box choices easier to click on (and improved performance).
-Made a few corrections in all tutorials.
-Added more content to scripting tutorial.
-Added cutscene tutorial.
-Fixed purging debug.kestore file if jarsigner fails.
-Made errors for MP3/MIDI audio on mobile/HTML5 more clear.
-Fixed testing APK and its logic.
-Fixed random type mismatch errors in HTML5 games.
-Made it warn about Chrome/IE requiring files uploaded to a server.
-Fixed corrupt installers produced by Steam version of the software due to corrupt Install001.exe file.
-Fixed incorrectly detecting no choices in message boxes on HTML5 and Android.

1.015.017 (Steam) / 1.014.003 Part 1 - Aug 03, 2015

-Removed ancient icon that could be seen occasionally.
-Removed icons from open project window to make it more clear when projects had no icon.
-Removed window icon from built games to remove implicit branding and to make it easier to notice when projects had no icon.
-Fixed many typos and grammatical issues.
-Fixed scroll wheel not working in new project window.
-Fixed crash after playing a newly imported raw MIDI in the "Music Player".
-Fixed positional audio from being panned incorrectly.
-Fixed effects from not properly picking up lights.
-Fixed crash on certain video cards that support only some number of lights.
-Made it report proper shader errors when launching.
-Added HTML5 build type.
-Added "Test in Browser" menu option.

1.015.016 / 1.014.002 Part 3 - Aug 03, 2015

-Fixed crash when previewing empty sounds in sound resource editor.
-Fixed "Save Load Game" interface from showing incorrect save/load interface for default templates.
-Fixed occasional crash after deleting audio when editing a speaker.
-Fixed width/height not updating after pasting or selecting all in built-in graphics editor.
-Fixed default Inn interface so it does not check for music length anymore, nor does it wait for music to finish; this fixes a recent issue in changing audio libraries.
-Fixed crash after choosing sprites after having added actor templates.
-Fixed improper large brush tiling when using the pencil tool, and moving quickly or moving leftwards or upwards.
-Fixed positional audio from being reversed and unnatural.
-Fixed strange scripting error when using "Shake Screen" event with 0 count.
-Fixed scripting errors with spawned actors through a timer after map resets / game restarts.
-Fixed shader-based lighting issues with particle effects (however, it will only use a single normal across all particles).

1.015.015 / 1.014.002 Part 2 - Aug 03, 2015

-Fixed exporting WAV files from WV audio.
-Added "Rotate with actor" option for the "Attach Sprite" event.
-Fixed clearing image issues.
-Made it no error when providing non-power-of 2 graphics for source images in sprite strips.
-Fixed crash when undoing a deleted interface timer using the pointer tool.
-Added "Graph Start/End Angle" field events and use values.
-Made it possible to use negative numbers for "Offset X / Y" field collection option.
-Fixed "Export Big Pic" map operation.
-Fixed scripting errors inside system scripts after restarting game.
-Fixed party members from being able to unlock doors.
-Fixed camera locations being stored as integers which made 3D camera movement choppy.
-Fixed memory leak in games using maps.
-Made "Change Sprite" field event reset current frame count.
-Fixed turret turning jitter at low framerates with high turning speed.
-Fixed heavy memory consumption in built games.
-Fixed losing custom events after restarting game.
-Fixed custom events from not working after loading game.

1.015.014 / 1.014.002 Part 1 - Aug 03, 2015

-Fixed importing MP3 files.
-Made it ask to save when submitting bug reports.
-Fixed not colliding in inverted rectangle collisions.
-Fixed crash when adding music, then previewing it and then closing while saving.
-Fixed signing of APKs for certain picky Android devices.
-Fixed hardware volume keys on Android.
-Made FPS only show during testing of mobile games, and not built mobile games.
-Fixed random crash on built APK games.

1.015.013 / 1.014.001 Part 5 - Apr 26, 2015

-Fixed music restarting.
-Fixed APK signing.
-Made it look for adb.exe manually similar to looking for JDK for building APKs.

1.015.012 / 1.014.001 Part 4 - Apr 26, 2015

-Added use values and options for joystick POVs, sliders and axes.
-Improved performance of rendering in general.
-Fixed crash and/or textures turning white in game/editor.
-Fixed loading screen texture issue.
-Fixed playing MIDIs in built PC games.
-Fixed "Quit Game" event on Android.
-Fixed volume issues with playing music in games.
-Fixed audio on Android.
-Fixed occasional crash on resuming games on Android.
-Fixed memory leak in loading MIDI files.

1.015.011 / 1.014.001 Part 3 - Apr 26, 2015

-Made it log information when using "Build Game".
-Fixed grid color and collision modifying in legacy lighting in sprite editor.
-Fixed system scripts from losing their argument variables once a saved game is loaded.
-Fixed importing WAV files.
-Fixed APK signing reporting issues.
-Fixed re-creating debugging key for APK signing.
-Fixed MIDI song pacing issues.

1.015.010 / 1.014.001 Part 2 - Apr 26, 2015

-Fixed everything turning white after zooming out far away in a very large map.
-Fixed occasional crash when clicking "OK" after just changing an option in a resource editor.
-Fixed collision offset from flips/rotations of tiles.
-Made it possible to change liquid submersion for tiles to values higher than 5 (64 is now maximum) - care should be taken.
-Added the ability to import RPG Maker VX and RPG Maker VX Ace tile-sets and sprite sheets through the "Import Resources".
-Fixed human sprite collisions to allow for better rotation when colliding with a solid.
-Fixed item templates to work properly depending on item use.
-Added Penguin, Fish, and Snake animal models and actors.
-Fixed an issue where a large number of model didnt have the correct UV map coords.
-Change collision on some lower object models to remove the ability to jump on them.
-Added Water tile.
-Added Pine tree, flower, fern, mossy rocks, sapling models into Outdoor Foliage 3D model set.
-Added Roof tiles to Upper Objects set compatible with the Stucco tile.
-Fixed not automatically using JDK bin path for APK signing.
-Fixed not including FreeImage.dll in built games.
-Fixed missing FreeImage.dll from Engine folder.
-Fixed fading in "Stop Music" and "Change Music Volume" events.
-Fixed incorrect shininess values provided to old video cards in legacy lighting, which resulting in a crash.
-Fixed crash when selecting 3D models with the cursor tool in legacy lighting.
-Fixed speaker distance attenuation.
-Made it search for JDK via JDK_ROOT and JAVA_HOME environment variables, and Java folders inside of both variants of Program Files folders, before PATH environment variable.
-Fixed importing MIDI files.
-Fixed playing MIDI files in-game and in "Music Player".
-Fixed crash when playing MP3 files on Android.

1.015.009 Part 2 / 1.014.001 Part 1 - Apr 26, 2015

-Made loading times better for loading resources/projects.
-Removed audio waveform display due to technical limitations and performance improvements.
-Fixed crash on old video cards when launching editor.
-Fixed not allowing to select actors for selecting a face in the new "Advanced Message Box" event.
-Fixed over-backspacing breaking the search feature in the use value window.
-Removed BASS audio library due to their ridiculous licensing requirements with respect to publishing, to SFML Audio, a free open source library that we can (and have done so) contribute to.
-Fixed issues with undo/redo with polygon collisions in sequencer.
-Fixed not being able to uncheck "Multiples" in field editor.
-Fixed application title from changing after a project is opened.
-Fixed "Only In Selected Map" checkbox disappearing in graphical scripting events, to reduce confusion.
-Fixed not keeping "Only In Selected Map" unchecked.
-Fixed loading progress accuracy.
-Fixed overlapping consecutive message boxes and losing input.
-Fixed face graphics from not showing up on old "Advanced Message Box" event.
-Fixed "Playing Music Collection" from reporting wrong sound name.
-Made "Make bullets come out of wielding firearm pose." legacy setting be ignored if there is no firearm pose for the actor.
-Fixed crash when playing a map that has a sound effect for music.
-Made it error when attempting to play music that is corrupt.
-Fixed occasional crash when resetting a map with multiple party members.
-Fixed "Text Width" and "Text Height" use values to factor in text scaling.
-Added Android Build Game.
-Fixed editing master models in sprite editor.
-Fixed crash when adding new tiles in tile-sets containing normal maps.
-Fixed rare issues with editing normal maps on tile-sets.
-Fixed input fields on Android.

1.015.009 Part 1 / 1.014.000 - Feb 08, 2015

-Fixed losing map changes when changing starting location while map is open.
-Fixed music from not restarting when requested via "Play Music" event.
-Made performance better for rendering tiles.
-Fixed overlay graphics from not always being transparent properly.
-Fixed "Advanced Message Box" interface from not remembering previous interface, too.
-Fixed loading saved games with respect to if statements of scripts running.
-Fixed submersion issues.
-Fixed issues with pasting tiles in tile-set editor.
-Fixed sprite editor playing controls from malfunctioning.


-Made confirmation for deleting games handled by editor rather than OS (which may not even ask).
-Fixed occasional rendering of icons (at least actor templates) from having a black background.
-Fixed defaults for Startup Menu Settings.
-Fixed issues with map/interface links when renaming or deleting them.
-Made performance of rendering terraformations better.
-Made performance of moving lights much better.
-Fixed crash when a player starts near a zone they can activate.
-Fixed music from restarting between maps.
-Fixed "Message Box" interface from not remembering previous interface.


-Removed "Scaling Workshop" from public versions.
-Fixed incorrect warning about demos/examples when navigating to another folder after loading the original project.
-Removed wall/lighting drawing warning.
-Made switching multiple tiles to custom collision allow for editing of collision so one can be made; this simplifies dealing with tiles with different collisions already set.
-Added "Gravity X/Y/Z" map use values.
-Added camera view field focus offset so that the location of the focus point of the camera can be offset; including associated options, use values and events.
-Added "Depth Writing" option for particle effects so that they can write to the depth buffer for slightly reduced performance, but at least ensures objects will not render on top; not useful usually, but can help resolve some issues when particles are used in more strict ways.
-Fixed "Role-Playing Game" demo's lantern script.
-Made entry editing window not make overly large text boxes when auto-sizing them.
-Added melt and explode graphic effects options.
-Fixed using proper color in outline graphic effect.
-Made it use a better random seed for graphic effects.
-Fixed size issue in built-in graphics editor.
-Fixed HUD from not being properly set for platformer template.
-Added a few options from the sequence editor back into the sprite editor for quicker/easier access.
-Made "Statistic Progression" larger in the player/party editor.
-Made item editor have larger lists and moved statistic costs to statistics section for more room for sub-sections.
-Fixed "Cut" from asking if a graphic/audio should be cleared.
-Made tiles copied via the tile-set include their properties as well; doing so via the editable graphic will copy the graphic only and thus not paste properties where undesired.
-Made actor window more spaced out.
-Fixed having to reload project to update door graphics properly.
-Fixed rendering of door sets in door object editor.
-Made it error when the default graphic/audio editor couldn't be launched.
-Fixed minor discrepancies in placed actors in the map editor when changing an actor template's ability to change.
-Fixed rotated collisions from not working on collision non-rotatable sprites.
-Made "Play Music" event respond better with already existing music (cause volume/pitch changes, restart/loop appropriately).
-Fixed doors from moving into collisions.
-Fixed the Disabled lighting to actually disable lighting in 3D models.
-Added Dragon model.
-Added Chest and Crate container sprites.
-Converted animated models to the Master Model system.
-Optimized 3D sprites and objects.
-Smoothed out the Goblin, Bat, and Slime animations.
-Fixed an issue where the UV Texture for the Slime didn't import.
-Fixed twitching models for various poses.
-Added Plate Boots, Plate Helmet, Plate Chest, and Plate Pants to both Male and Female Actors.
-Fixed a bleeding issue occurring with the Male pants.
-Fixed some model orientations that became flipped with a glitch that occurred in the sprite editor.
-Added master model to sprites and master model segments to animations, to reduce repeated data.
-Made models internally be stored in an optimal fashion for faster load times.
-Fixed lighting modes from not working on particles with new lighting system.
-Made new maps in 3D projects create a 3D map.
-Fixed issues with collisions.
-Fixed turret shooting.
-Fixed message box text wrapping issue.
-Fixed displaying incorrect lighting option sometimes in animation listing in sprite editor.


-Fixed many scripting errors.
-Fixed issues with changing screen orientation on Android.
-Fixed crashes when switching in and out of app while progress loads.


-Fixed crashes when using a custom event that hasn't had its script edited yet (even in such cases as using "Optimize Resources").
-Added parallax color option.
-Added "Lower Case" and "Upper Case" text use values.
-Added color coding to message boxes.
-Added light option and dial in sequence editor.
-Made "Disabled Lighting" and "Simple Lighting" into a lighting mode option for sprites.
-Added spherical lighting mode for consistent lighting regardless of light ray/surface angle.
-Added "Change Parallax Sprite" and "Change Parallax Color" events.
-Fixed graphical glitches with emulators.
-Fixed improper orientation of physical device in emulators when using landscape mode.
-Fixed shaders from not working on PC.
-Fixed textures from not showing up on Android.
-Added female and unisex child 3D model sprites.


-Fixed mouse movement issues in sequence editor.
-Fixed corruption of normal maps in tile-sets when changes are made when both color and normal aren't viewed first.
-Added interface tutorial.
-Made interface tutorial automatically pop-up for the first time when either opening or creating an interface.
-Added "Simple Lighting" option in sprites to disable pseudo lighting in 2D sprites where appropriate (like when sprites are used as surfaces).
-Made it possible to double click tile-sets and sprites to see more detailed information in the resource profiler.
-Fixed crash when using polygon collisions with maps containing connections.
-Fixed models from not being properly lit in legacy lighting.
-Fixed sharpness not working in new lighting.
-Fixed animated models from not being properly skinned in legacy lighting.


-Added "Display framerate" testing option (to display FPS).
-Added "Fast testing" testing option to make the editor keep resources in memory while the engine also loads its own resources, doubling the RAM but doubling the performance.
-Fixed default shop keeper from having a bunch of non-existent items.
-Added "Detach Template" in actor window to quickly switch to a changeable parent template.
-Made it explain why an actor is unchangeable.
-Fixed producing proper error when using "this" or "relate" interface when inappropriate.
-Fixed party members from colliding into the player when spawned.
-Fixed zooming of 3D models in collision editor within the tile-set editor.
-Fixed speakers from not saving their sound.
-Fixed copying items.
-Fixed crash with old lighting system with 3D holding items.
-Fixed crashes with Dell laptops with built-in Intel video cards.
-Fixed script debugger from going into other scripts when stepping over a delayed event, or occasionally when executing until a node.
-Updated tile-sets.


-Fixed crash when using the fill tool on a map with deleted tile-sets.
-Fixed default 3D starting map's lighting.
-Fixed missing normal maps in tile-sets.
-Fixed missing textures in stable lighting system.
-Fixed menu zoom levels from being incorrect when editing a 3D map.
-Fixed 3D actors from being offset when zooming.
-Fixed mouse hovering events from not working in web emulator.
-Fixed crash with missing wall tile-sets.
-Fixed rotated tiles from not rotating collision too.
-Fixed zooming in sprite editor from not working with 3D models.
-Fixed models from not responding to "Once" sequence mode in sprites.
-Fixed testing default "Message Box" interface directly.
-Fixed outdated "Message Box" default interface.


-Added "Noise (Grayscale)" to image effects to add grayscale noise to images which is generally more useful.
-Added multiple neighbouring tile support for terraformations.
-Added "Display Shadow" option for wall tiles in tile-set editor.
-Fixed crash when making graphical scripter window smaller.
-Made it possible to use high-definition terraformation tiles.
-Made it more clear which file could not be copied when using the Build Game feature with plain files.
-Made the gray plane in the map editor and actor preview render behind anything else.
-Fixed general pointer tool issues depending on video card in use.
-Fixed not properly compiling scripts that lack a space after an operator in text scripts and use values.
-Fixed music in scripts from not being seen as a resource used in the tool.
-Added "Scripting ID" and "Display Name" sound/music use values.
-Made sprite animation options display full text instead of short forms.
-Fixed not being able to pick additive animations in sprite sequence editor.
-Fixed not always rendering actor icons depending on location/size.
-Fixed rare crash when clicking an oddly rotated animation in the sequencer.
-Added "Alpha Test" option to sprites.
-Added "Ignore" terraformation style to prevent a tile that normally terraforms from terraforming against specific tiles.
-Fixed overly small "Change Size" collection window.
-Added "Degrees from Radians", "Radians from Degrees" and "Filter Inappropriate Text" use values.
-Made "Only In Selected Map" checkbox disappear in graphical scripting events when it isn't relevant or possible.
-Added EXP, Money and Points pick-up sprites instead of using raw file "S1.BMP".
-Added "Allow Text Input" option for fields to allow for fields to take key input.
-Added "Text Inputted" field trigger to execute a script when the user inputs keys causing an input field to change its value.
-Added "Message Box", "Save Game" and "Load Game" system interfaces.
-Added "Message Box", "Save Load Game" and "Save Game Name" default interfaces to old and new projects.
-Added "Set Save Load Game/Message Box Done" event for handling new system interfaces.
-Removed "S0.bmp" and "S1.bmp" raw file usage; no upgrading is done.
-Added "Field Loop" with an option to pick a source spawner field if desired.
-Added "Before Highlight" field trigger to execute a script when a field is about to be highlight but before interface navigation happens.
-Fixed EXP/points/money from not always saving for pick-ups.
-Fixed not saving sequence length option in sprite editor.
-Fixed graphic scripts in sprites from not always being saved.
-Fixed terraformations of end-points of line tile patterns.
-Fixed shadows of walls on upper floors.
-Fixed crash when loading saved games.
-Fixed a few performance issues.
-Fixed incorrect script error when using "Push Actor" event with zero duration.
-Fixed Overlay / Billboard / Facing X/Y/Z from being affected by actor rotation and flipping.
-Fixed crash when using walls with outside overlay terraformations.
-Fixed "Spawn Actor" from causing crashes on actors with collision data occasionally.
-Fixed incorrectly repeated execution of collision triggers when complex movement is involved.
-Fixed certain polygon collision issues (namely affecting vehicle movement).
-Made performance better for Return/Exit keywords (custom events and complex scripts).
-Made performance better for newly created particle effects.
-Fixed walls and floors from terraforming between each other.
-Fixed plenty of small crashes that I don't want to write out anymore.
-Made it possible to "Update Interface" within interface startup script, to allow for fields to be layed out before perfomring other actions.
-Fixed color unhighlighting when re-selecting a field.
-Fixed colors from actor templates not propogating properly to actors when the actor references the template (since there's no color option available).
-Added model options (alpha test and time scaling).
-Fixed crash when editing/viewing maps with missing sprite graphics.
-Fixed crash when using the "Build Game" with "Plain Files" option.
-Fixed crash when using the "Show Unused Resources" tool.
-Fixed visual issues when using particle effects with no interface on the screen.
-Fixed visual differences between the preview and the sequencer in the sprite editor.
-Fixed issues with multiple particle effects.
-Fixed pasting sprite poses, directions and animations containing models.
-Fixed crash when moving actors from one map to another when a zone had a delay in the current map.
-Fixed disable lighting options from not working properly in new lighting system.
-Fixed depth of 3D models conflicting with other 2D objects.
-Fixed lighting from appearing strange with certain obstacles.
-Made actors that are non-existent to be tagged as such in the objects debugger.
-Fixed animation glitches (especially long triangles into the center of screen).
-Fixed floor tiles from using underlay tiles from walls for overlays (and same floors and walls reversed).
-Fixed importing material opacity of models.
-Fixed occasional crash when touching an actor and switching maps.
-Fixed swords from not being equipped onto the preview in 3D games for sprites.
-Fixed resource profiler from not including models.


-Fixed particles from rendering faster when multiple camera view fields are on the same map.
-Made menu and back Android buttons map to MENU and ESC keys respectively.
-Fixed display issues in sprite editor in new lighting system.
-Fixed game from not rendering while using debuggers.
-Fixed occasional blackened actors in actor template editor.
-Fixed issues when initially creating a project.
-Fixed cursor delta values and gestures from not working in emulators or devices.
-Fixed lights from not working in new lighting system when there are more than 4 lights in the same general area.


-Fixed crash when changing light/speaker radius to 0.
-Fixed camera and movement issues when using Isometric/3D view in tile-set collision editor.
-Made add frames pop-up menu automatically get clicked when "Add Animation" is clicked.
-Fixed crash when editing tile-sets while editing an interface.
-Fixed crash when pasting shared web scripts.
-Fixed graphical lists from not responding to key presses properly (scrollbar moves instead of item selection changing).
-Fixed parallax backgrounds/foregrounds from not properly zooming in/out.
-Fixed not clearing workspace after opening a project occasionally.
-Fixed being able to pick wall tiles for roofs in tile-set editor.
-Fixed not easily being able to change a wall tile-set to a ground tile-set in platformer games.
-Fixed crash when using the pointer tool while anti-aliasing is forced on the video card.
-Added right-click tile "Edit" menu option for the map editor (so that you can quickly go to a specific tile in a specific tile-set in the tile-set resource editor).
-Fixed crash when selecting multiple actors in "Actor Variable Operation" event.
-Fixed crashes associated with the new/open windows being opened and closed.
-Fixed crashes with renaming/deleting folders in open window.
-Fixed crash when playing a folder in open window.
-Fixed being able to create custom events with invalid scripting IDs.
-Made it warn when creating a field that is selectable but also has an association (which messes things up a little bit).
-Fixed "Edit" and "Edit (no alpha)" from being mixed for null graphics.
-Fixed holding down certain key combinations while loading a project from crashing.
-Made actor templates window taller to be able to display far more resources.
-Made generic resource picking window come up instead of actor template picking window where appropriate.
-Fixed ESC/Enter keys from not activating OK/Cancel buttons on resource windows.
-Added "Aspect Ratio" edging option for fields to force a field to maintain an aspect ratio of the width and height if all edging directions are set.
-Added "Multiples" edging option for fields to ensure a field scales to multiples of itself, or evenly on itself (divisions of 2).
-Fixed large jumps from happening when panning camera in map editor.
-Fixed crash when picking a location in the graphical script when there are non-numeric parameters.
-Fixed having menues enabled when there is no project opne.
-Fixed crashes when inside a folder after using the "Submit Bug" option from the "Help" button in the open game window.
-Fixed crash after clearing a collection.
-Fixed random patches of missing light tiles in the new lighting system.
-Made "Change Sun Color" and "Change Light Color" infinitely faster.
-Made flickering/glowing lights infinitely faster.
-Fixed accuracy of turrets.
-Fixed memory consumption issues with games utilizing "Spawn/Create Actor" and map/interface resetting.
-Fixed memory leak issues with main player's collision data.
-Fixed crashes when giving invalid values for events with duration options.
-Fixed vertical alignment of parallax backgrounds/foregrounds on maps set to "Front" view.
-Fixed running test script when using the "Test Interface" feature.
-Fixed "this" and "relate" actors from being lost when an actor is moved from one map to another.
-Fixed first shown interface from not being drawn over other interfaces occasionally.
-Fixed crash with polygon collisions with identical points.
-Fixed crash when an actor switches to a pose that has particles.
-Fixed "Call By Name" use value from producing an error when parameters are provided.
-Fixed odd re-positioning of fields in alternative interfaces.
-Made text fields scale their font when height is changed by edging.
-Fixed overlapping actor clicking issues.
-Added animating of 3D models.
-Added sprite-based 3D models.
-Added item holding graphic 3D models.
-Added rendering of specular highlights in 3D models.
-Made lower/upper object tiles and sprites take advantage of new lighting system.
-Added holding point mapping in 3D models.
-Added rendering of normal maps in 3D models.
-Added "Orientation X/Z" use values to determine the orientation of a device.
-Fixed crash when editing tile-set collision of a 3D model tile.
-Fixed tinting of 3D models.
-Fixed corner rendering issues with isometric view.
-Fixed crash when importing sprites.
-Fixed crash on old tile-sets on a computer with a video card that did not support non-power-of-two textures.
-Fixed still being zoomed in when switching to 3D perspective in map editor.
-Fixed missing light issues using new lighting system.
-Fixed preview images of newly imported 3D models.
-Fixed proportionally aligned fields from being offset in emulators and devices.
-Made free camera option ignored while in a 3D view.
-Fixed being able to set a breakpoint on the Start node of a graphical script.
-Fixed "Hit Test View" in cheats debugger.
-Fixed lights from being incorrectly offset when zooming in/out of the map.
-Made mobile bootloader use largest icon possible.
-Fixed having to click X twice when testing on mobile devices.
-Fixed graphical glitches in outside terraformations.
-Fixed visual glitches with wall shadows and parallaxes in 3D.


-Fixed not being able to preview imported music until project was reloaded.
-Fixed selector rectangle for walls (and lights/speakers), especially in 3D.
-Fixed warning about sequence length coming up when editing newly created sprites.
-Fixed double-clicking from affecting map/interface trees in the graphical scripter.
-Fixed not being able to place items or doors when adding some of those resources for the first time while a map is open.
-Fixed occasional semi-hidden "Add Frames" button in sprite editor.
-Fixed mistakingly creating new animations with the same name as other animations in the sprite editor.
-Fixed point-and-click adventure template from having multiple mouse input sets.
-Fixed sprite options button from showing up in tile-set's collision editor.
-Made subscription-only events be faded to gold for easy identification.
-Fixed crash when bringing up the location picking window of an actor template while no map is loaded.
-Made actor pause between facing different directions when auto-movement has them only face and not move anywhere.
-Fixed a few issues with actors playing falling animation while moving down a ramp.
-Fixed aborting infinite looped scripts from not shutting down as quickly as it should.
-Made corrections to platformer tutorial with respect to terraformations.
-Added "Change Map Layer Color" event and use value to be able to change the color or visibility of layers of a map.
-Fixed crashes when importing models and taking screenshots of a map.
-Fixed lighting of walls on the side and back faces.
-Fixed discoloring of sprite thumbnails.
-Fixed garbled graphical scripter font text when zoomed out.
-Fixed camera view fields from being positioned on the y-axis incorrectly.
-Fixed disappearing fields that are on top of camera view fields.
-Fixed one-frame visual glitches in game after loading resources.
-Fixed not being able to use the sequence editor / model editor properly on certain video cards.
-Fixed moving camera to map origin when selecting any polygon blocks/zones.
-Fixed being able to create invalid polygon blocks/zones.
-Fixed mid-way polygon block/zone creation from disappearing if mouse moved away from workspace.
-Fixed rare crash on older video cards that incorrectly claim support for framebuffer objects.
-Fixed left-over text after loading a project while the workspace has been disabled.
-Fixed resolution being able to be changed even when the option dictates that it shouldn't.
-Fixed incorrect resolution in windowed mode when resolution changing was disabled.
-Made aborting scripts not bring up the script debugger.
-Fixed flashes and glows from not working on handheld devices (and thus emulators).


-Fixed "Prevent simultaneous execution" in triggers from not being saved when initially creating them.
-Fixed crash when editing a script for an input combination and clicking back into the original window.
-Fixed interface panning issues when committing certain actions.
-Fixed smoothed sprites from not updating in the preview immediately.
-Fixed crash when adding reward items to an actor that has rewards from its template.
-Fixed producing corrupt endless script when using "Exit Loop" without having a loop.
-Fixed occasional crash when editing tile-set collisions.
-Fixed "Line Collision Branch" event from not using Z values properly.
-Fixed lights from not calculating light on angles along the Z-axis properly.
-Fixed AI from seeing things through floors.
-Fixed walls not affecting light properly.
-Fixed smoothed sprites from not working.
-Fixed actors from colliding with things occasionally during auto-movement.
-Made it possible for primary party members to be able to shoot while their AI is turned on.
-Made speaker sound based on player rather than camera if there is a player.
-Fixed "Change Planar Roll" camera event.
-Fixed per-pixel clicking on mobile.
-Fixed isometric view's angle from being reset while making changes in map editor.
-Fixed walls not rendering properly in isometric view.
-Fixed crash when "Fade In Time" for "Show Screen Sprite" is zero.
-Fixed full-screen issues.


-Fixed crashes and errors due to mouse clicking and incorrect colours.


-Fixed node scale in sequencer/collision editor.
-Fixed crash when using "Map/Interface Variable Operation" events when more than one map/interface has been selected.
-Fixed repeatedly pressing "Play/Test Map" and it playing/testing multiple times.
-Fixed crashes associated with pasting tile-sets.
-Fixed cursor being incorrect when hovering over toolbars.
-Removed "Windows" from emulation list as it confused some people.
-Fixed vertical alignment of sprites in 3D and isometric views.
-Added "Pan with Camera Orbit" parallax option.
-Fixed crash when selecting a folder in the sprite editor and pressing any "Edit" menu key combinations.
-Fixed incorrectly offset points when creating polygons after having moved it.
-Fixed actor rewards from not saving changes.
-Fixed crash when editing terraformation from a blank tile.
-Made it possible to pan map/interface in location picker window.
-Fixed incorrectly displaying holding points in Interface and Top views in sprite editor.
-Fixed collection/table dimension window so that it would work like the rest of the windows in 001.
-Fixed losing collection/table data occasionally.
-Made speaker sound option use resource button.
-Made audio resource picker preview sound/music.
-Fixed actors without collision from not doing pathfinding properly.
-Fixed actors getting stuck going up elevation.
-Fixed weird shadows from floating walls.
-Fixed invisible characters upon death.
-Fixed incorrect alignment of vertically stretched (via up and down edging) fields.
-Made desktop version of 001 use OpenGL to match mobile versions.
-Added "Tile Scale" tile-set option for lower/upper object tiles.
-Added implicit alternative layout editing to make it considerably easier to test alternative layouts but to also make minor changes far easier.
-Fixed offset parallax issue.
-Fixed importing of many 3D model formats, including (and not limited to) the following specifically tested: FBX, DAE, BLEND, OBJ.
-Made importing of 3D models produce error messages if unsuccessful, rather than a generic error.
-Fixed models not maintaining their internal transformations.
-Fixed problems with decoding JSON when the key or value had a semi-colon in it.
-Fixed not displaying FPS and log messages on mobile devices.
-Fixed Internet Access features from not working properly on mobile devices.
-Made performance better on Android.
-Fixed pathfinding from not working properly on mobile devices.
-Fixed copying/pasting of graphics containing 3D models.
-Fixed crash when using "Triggers" debugger window with a map containing actors that have a deleted actor template.


-Fixed crash when clicking the "Help" button.

1.013.025 / 1.012.017

-Made zones use less memory.
-Fixed being unable to use Page Up/Page Down keys while using the "Actor Route" tool without having already selected an actor.
-Fixed collision editing in front view.
-Made "Copy Script" actor route button have a more descriptive name (with tooltip) and produce an actual "Take Specific Movements" event that can be pasted in a graphical script, rather than useless text scripting.
-Added "Video Tutorials" to the "Help" menu and the "Open Game" window.
-Added "Beginner's Tutorial" to the "Open Game" window.
-Fixed default alignment of sprites in front view.
-Fixed occasional crash with "Random Weights (1 to n, Different)" use value and "Random Probabilities Branch" event with "Diffent" set.
-Fixed twitching ramp climbing.
-Added direct point routes.
-Fixed the orientation of JSON to table conversion so that the deeper things are, the lower the dimension it belongs to.
-Added options to query webpage events to allow for parameters to be POSTed.
-Fixed occasional crash in built games with 3D models in it.


-Fixed resizing map's top-left boundaries when there are any zones in the map.
-Made it error when attempting to add holding points to a sequenceless sequence.
-Fixed error with nested arrays of JSON into tables.
-Fixed "Objects" debugger from crashing with fields that held onto a graphic.
-Fixed vertical alignment of multi-line text fields when using inches.


-Fixed surprising rotation dials in sequence editor.
-Fixed another issue with "Table Axis Loop" event.
-Fixed rotation ordering with sprite rotation use values (now Z-Y-X instead of Y-X-Z).
-Added "Direction (Y)" geometry use value to greatly simplify changing the aiming/looking direction.
-Fixed JSON parsing of objects into tables (keys are still ignored).

1.013.022 / 1.012.016

-Fixed "Equipment" use value from not allowing to check against "(None)" item.
-Made "Edit" and "Edit (w/ Alpha)" (which didn't really work as described) for graphics be "Edit" to edit an image as is, and "Edit (no alpha)" to edit the image as a BMP with magic pink for users of software that does not support alpha.
-Made it possible to change the points on polygon zones/blockings with pointer tool.


-Fixed resource picking windows causing crashes when coming from a resource picker.
-Fixed showing incorrect version of a map/interface in event windows when there is a map and an interface named the same and the incorrect version is currently being edited.
-Added zooming with mousewheel to graphics editor.
-Made seeking weapons work on Z-axis as well.
-Added aiming/looking angle event and use value for actors so they can shoot up/down on the z-axis.
-Fixed start-up issue with Android on old devices.
-Fixed crash when forcing a map to be unloaded while a player is inside it.
-Fixed constant connection errors with web access events.
-Fixed polygon collision/zones from being drawn as only black lines.
-Fixed polygon zones from not being able to be clicked on without per-pixel.


-Fixed defaulting to deleting graphics if any changes have been originally been made to options.
-Fixed crash when making changes to options.
-Added "Jumped" actor use value to determine if an actor is in the middle of a jump or not (to better evaluate when you can jump again without relying on movement/velocity use values).
-Made all subscription-only and beta features visible to the public, as there seems to be very little awareness from new users of what 001 is capable of.
-Fixed grid in sequence / collision editor when zoomed out.
-Fixed issues with mouswheel not consistently working under certain circumstances.
-Added zooming with mousewheel to sequencer / collision editor.
-Added 3D camera rotation in sequencer / collision editor (middle-click + shift keys).
-Fixed showing black text on triggers that had deleted scripts.
-Fixed crash when sharing scripts that contained deleted events.
-Fixed many missing descriptions.
-Fixed crash when a file cannot be saved.
-Made "Optimize Resources" and "Generate Resources for Devices" perform considerably faster.
-Fixed showing both display name and scripting ID for custom events when the only distinction is underscores.
-Fixed not updating "Retrieve Collection" caption after changing it in the field editor.
-Fixed detecting whether an actor has left/entered screen or been clicked on when using non-per-pixel by using visual area instead of collision area.
-Fixed crash when using "Play Sprite" event with a sprite that does not exist.
-Fixed inaccurate error or crash when aborting/ignoring an infinite loop error.
-Fixed not moving sprites on interfaces that used "Play Sprite".
-Fixed "Table Axis Loop" event.
-Fixed pick-ups from displaying incorrectly in certain views (especially 3D).
-Fixed actors changed to sustain from constantly playing their falling/jumping pose.
-Fixed sound/music scripting errors when testing with disabled sound/music loading.
-Added "Launch Webpage in Browser" event.
-Replaced database events with internet access events for security and lag reasons.
-Added "Unload Map on Exit (Non-Persistent Map)" map option, to reduce RAM usage and save game size.
-Added "Unload Map" event.
-Added "Isometric" map/camera view.
-Added "Character Fade" and "Full Fade" text display styles for fields.
-Added "Stop Forces" actor event to cancel "Push" and "Slide" actor events.
-Added polygon zones and polygon blockings to map editor.
-Added "Walk to Cursor" event that greatly simplifies mouse/touch movement.
-Added "Portrait Auto" and "Landscape Auto" game orientations.
-Fixed crash when adding watches.
-Fixed occasional crash when using certain text use values with a value of 0.
-Fixed incorrect placement of fields on mobile devices when not using 800x600 as default/interface resolution.
-Made IP for newly added mobile devices default to the prefix of the current computer to simplify things.
-Made it warn when the local computer is likely not on a LAN.
-Made it possible to edit interface alternative layout settings.
-Added "Layout" interface information to object debugger.
-Changed "Show/Hide Sprite" events to "Show/Hide Screen Sprite" to clarify their usage.
-Removed "Change Front Sprites" event since it has no longer been used in a long time.
-Fixed orientation issues on Android (including making "Auto-Rotate" work properly).
-Fixed "Auto-Rotate" on iOS.
-Fixed crash on Android when using un-optimized resources - now the graphic will just appear as a white square.
-Fixed graphic loading problems when locking/switching apps while loading a game on Android.