When is the next version of 001 Game Creator coming out?

The next version shall be publicly released when it meets our standards and is deemed complete. Some updates will naturally take longer than others to produce, and vice-versa. Time constraints would only lead to the hurried release of an incomplete, sub-standard product. Users who sign up to our subscription service, however, are granted access to betas.

Can I sell my game?

You may only sell your game if you are an 001 subscriber or have purchased a licensed copy of "001 Game Creator" from Steam.

Can I host my game on my own site for free?


Only for Windows?

The 001 Game Creator development environment is only available for Windows, however, the games you create are not bound to these same restrictions. You can export your games to Windows, Steam, HTML5, Android and iOS devices!

How do you pronounce 001?

"Double-oh-one". Unless you're referring to it's original codename "Engine001", then it's "Engine Oh-oh-one".

Why was it called 001?

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Do 001 Game Creator branding/logos appear in my games?

Not if you don't want them to! By default, a logo will appear before your game loads for the first time but you are free to disable this by going to Game > Game Settings and toggling the "Display launch logo (Appreciated!)" option.

Are there resolution/layer restrictions like other engines?

No, and no! You can set any resolution you like and you also have an unlimited amount of layers - as you specify the amount yourself when creating a Map!

Does 001 Game Creator have online multiplayer support?

YES! You can create online multiplayer experiences ranging from 2-player co-op to full blown MMOs (we also have a MMORPG DLC Kit to make that task easier!) In addition, you can also create local multiplayer experiences for up to 4 players with multiple gamepad support included!

Can I create x game with 001 Game Creator?

Most probably, yes. 001 Game Creator is not limited to specific genres and has been used to create a wide variety of different types of games. From Action-RPGs, to Space Shooters, Tower Defense, Puzzle games, Card games, Platformers, you name it! Not all of these genres have pre-built templates available but that doesn't mean that you can't create them!

Will more templates be added in the future?

Yes. Templates are pre-configured projects that allow developers to jump straight in without needing to set anything up prior.

How can I make my character go from one map to another?

Create a new "Zone". There are options in the window that comes up to relocate the player when the player touches it.

Can I get feature X?

An earlier, community-wide, campaign aimed at garnering user recommendations yielded an overwhelming number of requests. Due to the increasing size of the 001 community, we have had to limit feature requests to subscribers. This gives us the time to properly and patiently consider all individual requests.

How can I submit my game to the web-site?

Make sure you are a member of the 001 forums and logged into your account. Go to the "Games" section of the website. Click on "Add a Game". This should be located at the bottom right of the page, beneath the list of game creators. Fill in the required fields: enter the name and a brief description of your game. Your game should appear at the bottom, underneath the "Add a Game" link. Click that, and a new page will appear within which you may submit your game and insert screenshots. Pay close attention to the instructions listed near the top of the page on how to submit a game.

How can I submit a resource to the web-site?

Make sure you are a member of the 001 forums and logged into your account. Go the the "Resources" section of the website. At the bottom right of the page, beneath the list of resource creators, you will find a list of four different types of resources you may submit. Select the category applicable to your submission. Click "Browse" and select the resource you wish to submit. Click "Submit".

Why can't I submit clothing to the resources section?

Clothing can be submitted under the "item" category.

My question hasn't been answered...

If your question hasn't been answered above, then feel free to ask it on the Steam Discussion board or alternatively, join our friendly community forum where you can also share your games or even discover free resources (like art, music and sound effects) to use in your future projects. You can also just meet with other 001 Game Creator developers to discuss and share new ideas!

How can I get involved?

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