001 Game Creator v1.017.014 (Updated 1 Time)

New version and premium template announcements for 001.
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001 Game Creator v1.017.014 (Updated 1 Time)

Postby Mike » Mon Dec 19, 2016 4:18 pm

We are very excited to release this version, as it introduces two new premium templates (that are still in active development) that will be DLC up on Steam.

3D FPS: A first-person shooter template that features FPS-style controls, with various movement and weapon mechanics setup. Over time, the template will have new varieties of assets, and the demo will be expanded as features are added. Currently there are some performance/lag issues that are being investigated, despite several improvements to this version noted below. Special thanks to AnvilHosue and Kilatorian for making this possible!

MMORPG: A new RPG template that has a client and server, and takes advantage of both TCP/UDP style messages, allowing users to create their very own MMORPG. It's currently setup for user registration, character level/stat progression, battles, items, magic, chat, and so on. Special thanks to Mr.Numbers for developing this template!

iOS building is functional again. It requires an actual Mac or a jailbroken device (which we do not support). Blame Apple - I did the best I could :)!

In addition, there are tons of new loops and events that allow you control of 001 like never before - so many new use values are exposed making it a lot easier to take advantage of 001's power. Various legacy options have been added to further reduce what 001 does for you, allowing you to customize things even further. For example, it is considerably easier to create: custom damage number indicators, magic systems in turn-based battles, point-and-click mouse snapping, chat/log windows, and so on. Collisions can now be based on actor templates rather than teams. And now there are various ways of controlling animation flickering that sometimes happens from having both Idle and Walking poses.

Lee will be showcasing all these new DLCs and features in the community update in a few days :)!

Have fun with the sneak peak, and please understand that these new templates are still in development. Over the next few weeks, we'll be working on improving the framerate in the FPS and throwing in some sound effects. Mr.Numbers has various plans for the MMORPG template based on the feedback and usage we see.

Enjoy :)!


-Fixed not saving rotation X and Y for an actor with an unchangeable template.
-Added "Map Loop" and "Interface Loop" sub-script events to iterate through all the maps/interfaces of the project.
-Added "Map Loaded" use value to determine if a map has been currently loaded.
-Added "Exactly Equal" text use value to do a case-sensitive text comparison.
-Added "Change Map Shadow Color" map event and use value to change the shadows of object and wall tiles on a map.
-Fixed "Text Width" field use value to take into account line-feed (pilcrow) characters.
-Fixed cloud/rain from being reset when an interface was displayed.
-Fixed not being able to revive destroyed actors with infinite health.
-Added "Position Cursor" event for Windows.
-Fixed interface resizing issue when sizing window smaller than default resolution.

-Added "Sprite Category Collection" use value to retrieve all sprite categories for the project.
-Made "Walk to Location" events round movements to reduce chances of failure without affecting performance.
-Added UDP as an option to network message editor thereby allowing unreliable but faster messages when used, with a fallback mechanism to use TCP if UDP is not available.
-Fixed graphics card memory leak while editing maps/interfaces.
-Added "Edit Blocks" option to actor template editor to dictate what actor templates are blocked when collided.
-Added "Use Cost Statistic" and "Target Statistic" item use values to compliment the renamed "Equipment Statistic" use value.
-Added "iOS (.ipa)" build (requires a Mac computer or jailbroken mobile device to deploy).
-Made walking animation continue for actors that are involved with a "Wait for Movement" event.
-Fixed occasional crash with previewing and saving sprites with certain sprite sizes.
-Fixed multiple instances of the "Overflow" error that often happens in 3D games.
-Fixed crash when editing sprite graphics from actor editor window.
-Added "Process Actor Physics" actor editor option to allow actors used as static objects to not process any calculations involving movement and forces.
-Made camera navigation better in map editor for 3D maps.
-Added "Old Change Trigger Value" use value to return the previous value inside a "Changed" trigger.
-Added "Actor Collision" actor use values to retrieve components of the actor's collision box.
-Added "Accuracy", "Use Time", "Range", "Number of Projectiles" and "Slash Distance/Back Distance/Wide" item/magic use values.
-Made "Tower Defense" demo (old version) accessible again.
-Added "Timer/Spawn Loop" map/interface event.
-Fixed not being able to name party members or actors that were based off an unchangeable actor template.
-Added "Enable/Disable Idle Pose" actor event to force the "Walking" pose to be used over the "Idle" pose, and to prevent the "Walking" animation from resetting.
-Added "Moving" actor use value to determine if an actor is currently executing "Walk to *" or "Take Specific Movements" events.
-Added "Automatically drop and issue actor's rewards when it is destroyed" legacy setting so that custom drop, experience, cash and point systems can be developed.
-Fixed using "Continous" in "Item/Magic Usage Branch".
-Added "Activate Actor" event that executes the 'Talked to / Activated' trigger of an actor and passes in an actor to act as the "relate" actor as a way to build in custom activation mechanics.
-Fixed party member statistic progressions from being ignored when using an unchangeable actor template.
-Fixed images not showing up in local CHM help file.
-Fixed automatic child checking in actor template picker window.
-Made it possible to specify no destination actor for "Use Item" and "Use Magic" events.
-Made "Area of Equipment" option available to magic as well.
-Fixed not easily being able to pick the "Tab" key as a control.
-Added "Launch with game debugger" testing option to let the user decide to bring it up or not.
-Added "Manipulate Actor Interface" to make actor interfaces' contents accessible outside of the interface itself.
-Added offset/spacing toggle to field "Represent Collection" window to allow fields to be spaced apart based on their contents.

-Added "Update Immediately" option to "Spawn Field" event to allow you to retrieve text metrics without waiting for interface to update.
-Fixed issue with AI getting stuck occasionally after changing direction.
-Fixed "Overlay" sprite option for 3D models.

-Added "Word-Wrap" field option to allow text sliding for text input fields.

-Fixed y axis and z axis affecting options for weapon accuracy as they're backwards.
-Fixed beam weapon in "Space Shooter" demo.


-Made field word-wrapping also do word-breaking to prevent large words from going past the width of the field.
-Made it propose launching two instances when testing a multi-player game when only one isntance is set in testing options.
-Improved performance of games involving lots of tiles or actors by optimizing collision detection code.
-Fixed issues with using script delaying events and map/actor events during actor interface triggers or while using "Manipulate Actor Interface" event.
-Fixed "Changed" trigger from firing repeatedly/incorrectly when the script contains any delays.
-Fixed normals in animated 3D models.

-Removed "Change Perspective" camera event as it is deprecated by "Change View" which changes all factors of the camera ensuring proper sprite rendering.

-Made "Overlay" sprite option transcend to its 3D baked holding point if any.
-Made it possible to input a specific position for item pick-ups.
-Added importing a model file as collision, making it much easier to produce height maps and more complex 3D scenes.
-Fixed actors going through map edges regardless of map boundary settings.
-Improved performance of static actors with respect to collision.
-Fixed crash when resizing text fields to a very small width.
-Fixed HTML5 mouse events.

-Fixed iOS networking issues.

-Fixed word-wrapping, again.


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Re: 001 Game Creator v1.017.012

Postby evs » Mon Dec 19, 2016 11:03 pm


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Re: 001 Game Creator v1.017.012

Postby Wonderland » Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:36 am

Is the FPS demo a part of this new version? I haven't actually found it and I was curious to try it.

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Re: 001 Game Creator v1.017.012

Postby Mike » Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:23 am

Right now fps and mmorpg are templates only. You will need to create new projects respectively until we separate the template and demo from each other.

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Re: 001 Game Creator v1.017.012

Postby Wonderland » Wed Dec 21, 2016 7:02 am

Oh, okay. Cool!

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Re: 001 Game Creator v1.017.012

Postby Zhuge » Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:32 am

Whoa, this update has a lot of features I've always dreamed of. Exciting stuff. :)

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Re: 001 Game Creator v1.017.012

Postby dragonnutds » Wed Dec 21, 2016 11:22 am

wow, so much new stuff :O
i was hopeful collision meshes would be in this release, but oh well. I know good things take time :P thank you for working hard mike
looking forward to playing with these new functions.

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Re: 001 Game Creator v1.017.012

Postby Fizi » Thu Dec 22, 2016 9:42 pm

ive lost my mood for any game dev this past few months but this announcement just boiled my game creator's blood. [FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY]

so much new things to get my hands on. cant wait [SMILING FACE WITH HEART-SHAPED EYES]

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Re: 001 Game Creator v1.017.012

Postby Mike » Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:57 am

Glad to hear these changes are inspirational :)!

dragonnutds wrote:i was hopeful collision meshes would be in this release

Never satisfied, huh :P. Just joking. But, ironically, this now works:
It's just a white, textureless heightmap terrain using the model itself as collision.

Something to look forward to. And ideally, when we can add it to the FPS template and make it look even better XD

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Re: 001 Game Creator v1.017.012

Postby evs » Fri Dec 23, 2016 3:41 am

yeaAAAHH MIKE! thats what im talking about!


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