Block Dude (Remake)

by Thrash505 (PM)

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Game Description

Block Dude was originally created for the TI-83 graphing calculator in 2001 by Brandon Sterner (Detached Solutions). The game has a very limited feature set but its fun comes from both simplicity and progressive challenge.

Block Dude to me represented my perfect candidate for a first Engine001 project! I have successfully completed my goal and all 11 original levels are included in the remake. However I did not include a password system to jump to a particular level or a save/load feature, but this is not necessary to complete the game.

I would love to get this remake listed on the engine001 website, project source included. I would even consider a creating video on how to remake it from start. This would give first-timers (like me!) a solid intro to Engine001 basics. Although many features of the Engine are not required here.

Description (from Brandon Sterner):
Block Dude is a very challenging puzzle game. You are Block Dude, and your mission is to complete all of the eleven levels in the game. To beat each level you must reach the door, but this is not as easy since the door is not always in a convenient place. There are obstacles in the way such as bricks that are non-moveable and blocks that are moveable, which you can use to your advantage. Block Dude has the ability to pick up and put down one block at a time, and then can climb up and down the blocks and bricks in order to reach the door. His movement is limited to one space at a time however, and he can only climb up and to the left or right in one diagonal space. You must use the blocks to get over columns of bricks, and to build staircases to reach other sets of blocks that will be necessary in your goal of reaching the door in each level. The levels become increasingly harder and more complex to solve, and you will need to use strategy and experimentation with your placement of the blocks in order to solve a level. This fun and entertaining game will keep you addicted and playing until you have beaten all the levels!

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