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Monster Hunter MMOMonster Hunter MMO Full Game v0.1
by fallenor

Warning:This game are in Portuguese/Brasilian Language

Monster Hunter MMO:MMO Game created with 001 game engine by:fallenor
Monster Hunter MMo:Jogo de MMO criado co a 001 game engine por:fallenor

descrição:em português

Versão:Full game
Space Shooter v1.3
by EpicyNinja

You shooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot your enemy ships in your starship. You press the arrow keys to move ...
Space Shooter V1.2
by EpicyNinja

Shooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot all of the different starships.

They all have different attack patterns ect.

See if you can beat 2500 or 5000! ...
Tower Defence V1.2
by EpicyNinja

Get tower-guns and shooooooot enemy waves that attack you. They gradually get more difficult. Click on the arrows to make the enemies come faster. More games will come later and I am making an RPG game. This is more or less a trial run.
This is like ...
Tails Zapper AdventureTails Zapper Adventure Demo
by Apocalipsesoftware

Tails is back! And this time he is alone!
Play with Tails and the Tornado II and fight Eggman's evil Badnicks!
Are you capable of showing Eggman who's the boss and free South Island from the hand of Fatty mc Fat?!

Sleep Paralysis (don't click on Continue in the Menu) Test Version
by Lonami

It's only a test version for friends and any other people, DON'T VOTE OR COMMENT NOW!!!

Sleep Paralysis is a Survival Horror game.

After a long day in the job, you find a Strange Motel on the Side of the Road, you try to sleep but you can not, ...
The Darkness
by Braden99

A Demon Hunter by the name of Braden Dubeau must stop a group of Demon Worshipers before they summon the Devil to earth. Braden must go through many diffrent tasks while he learns about his past. Release date: January 12th 2013 ...
RandominityRandominity :: Demo v1.0
by doanru

This game has a borderlands style weapon loadout and weapon vendors. Currently there are 300+ Pistols & Revolvers, 30+ Shotguns,30+ Assault Rifles, 30+ SMGs, deployable turrets, Weapon Upgrades, special tech damaging weapons (fire, poison, ice), spec ...
Hilent SillHilent Sill Demo v0.1
by Lonami

Hilent Sill é uma cidade onde mora Larry Rason, um escritor, que perdeu a sua filha Carol.
Acontece coisas estranhas na cidade e Larry tem que sobreviver aos pesadelos dessa cidade e achar a sua filha. Hilent Sill foi tirado da Série Silent Hill, ...
Sanction of the Dead v1.2

This game is packed with hordes and hordes of Zombies. You must fight your way through them on 4 different maps, and against 5 Zombie types which includes: Carrier, Equipment, Explosive, Shielded and of course You got the Common Zombies. This game is ...
(404)Cascade of the CitadelCascade of the Citadel :: 8.13 Demo V0.2a
by fdu5526

-Update- October 2nd 2011
-Added arcade mode, which consists of 10 waves of many types of enemies, some of which will eventually be implemented in story mode. Arcade mode can also be played on 3 different difficulties with the easiest level upgrades ...
by Mr Adventure

Your Name is Tommy and
your Job is to Kill
3 Hard Levels of Killing Zombies!!!
Best With Headphones....
And Set video to Windowed mode
Part 2 Coming Soon........
Post Your Scores!!! ...
The Last SurvivorThe Last Survivor V. Alpha Demo
by tropo_br

Nesse jogo você é um ex-soldado do exército, que um dia acordou e viu a cidade tomada por um estranho vírus que fazia as pessoas se tornarem zumbis. Seu principal objetivo é escapar vivo da cidade e relatar o acontecido para impedir que isso ac ...
(404)Hybrid Factor - The OrderHybrid Factor - The Order :: 8.31 1.01
by fdu5526

In the year 2012, Earth had just experienced the worst natural disaster in history. Several countries formed pacts,
and the largest alliance, the Eastannia Republic, was actually controlled by a secret organization...The ORDER. You will take the r ...
DesolationDesolation :: 7.81 Full Version
by Pepto

Your refuge has just been over-run by zombies and you break free form to an ally. You know there is a rescue team at the airport and thats where you need to go and be carful, These zombies can run! Almost everything makes a noise! There is also hords ...
(404)Ghost ShipGhost Ship :: 7.53 Demo0.5
by AznaThira

After finding a mystirious distress signal you discover a force so powerful it threatens to replace all life in the galaxy with its own kind. You arrive to find a gruesome bloodbath... prepare to be horrified... For this is without the doubt the most ...
EXOEXO :: 6.83 Demo V.2
by Scuddle

Matsu (you) a solider on a mission to take the blueprints Of the most powerful weapon known to man kind, EXO. Use classic items like Medic kits, Or use new Items like Revival pills to awaken from your state of death. Be careful there's a limited supp ...
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