As is, we are a fairly small group of people all doing this for fun. Much of the revenue from ads and subscriptions go straight back into the project. This is an incomplete listing of all the ways you can help this project become what it can be.


Start a subscription, which funds expensive aspects of the project you use. Not everyone can afford subscription, but so many have the opportunity to, and they should.


Download from and give us a good rating at these sites:


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Join Us

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Translate the software and web-site into a new language. This allows so many more users to take advantage of this experience. Contact us for details, if you are committed and willing to complete such a heavy task.


Join the forums and help those in need if you are sure you know the answers. We have quite a lot of new users who are learning the software just like you. Give eachother a helping hand.


Submit excellent resources and games. Write out a good tutorial and submit it to us. Register to our wiki help site and make additions and corrections, or even just clean up the layout so it all looks the same.


Tastefully mention 001 Action / RPG Maker to your friends and link to us on other forums and web-sites that you have belonged to for a long time.