For Parents

What is 001?

It allows anyone with an imagination to develop video games on their computer.

Is 001 safe?

Completely. It does not install any spyware or viruses. We have also taken the precautions so that games sent to our site cannot, in any way, contain viruses, as we only allow game files to be sent, rather than EXE application files. If you would like parental controls, purchase the Educational version.

Can you create violent or offensive games?

With the Community (free) version, yes. If you would like parental controls, please purchase the Educational version.

Can you create games containing sex or drugs?

All assets for 001 do not contain anything inappropriate of that nature.

How much does this cost?

It is free. We are able to work on this project full-time because of donations, advertising, bundled software, subscriptions and purchases of the Educational version of our project.

Should I pay to subscribe or purchase the Educational version?

If you would like additional features that do not fit the Community version, such as file/database access, plug-in support, priority technical support, having access to the latest version, and other extras, then you should subscribe. If you are an educational institute or a parent, you should consider the Educational version.