The Team

Ever since 001's birth in 2001, many faces have lent their time, labour, creativity, and dedication to the project. The following individuals can be stated as nothing less than the men behind 001:

Mike Weir


Co-created 001.
Programmed software.
Programmed web-site.
Designed 001.

Lee Bradley

United Kingdom

Handled support
Wrote most of the documentation on the wiki.


United States

Beta-tested and provided many suggestions.
Approved submitted bug reports.


United States

Created 3D models for 3D template.

"Mr. Numbers"


Beta-tested and provided many suggestions.
Developed some games internally.
Assisted in creating art.



Moderated forums.
Approved submitted tutorials.



Moderated forums.


Assisted with platformer template enhancements.


New Zealand

Imported, managed and edited new built-in resources.
Contributed to 001 trailer.
Built graphic-separator and audio browser internal-use tools.


United States

Moderated forums.
Approved submitted game comments and spam reports.

Former Team Members

Pierre Cayer


Co-created 001.
Created classic art.
Created icons within web-site and software.



Beta-tested and provided many suggestions.
Assisted in programming web-site.
Programmed default interfaces.
Translated software and web-site into Portuguese.


United States

Approved submitted resources.

Stephen Chapman


Beta-tested and provided many suggestions.
Programmed testing game used to test out many engine features.
Made new sample, platformer trailer, beginner tutorials, screenshots and many event icons.
Contributed to 001 trailer.



Beta-tested and provided many suggestions.
Made 3D trailer.


United States

Moderated forums.
Moderated game submissions.
Approved submitted tutorials.


Approved submitted resources.



Composed all music included as default for new games.
Translated software and web-site into German.
Moderated German forum.


Joel Steudler

Composed music for all trailers.
Designed new and old web-site.
Modeled several 3D art assets and some of the new art assets.

Graham Lackey

Designed built-in platformer art and editor icons.

Carlos Cara Alvarez

Designed built-in point-and-click art.

Special Thanks

Brad Smith
Adam Szabo
Aaron Webb
Aleff Correa
Dustin Crenna
Patrick Lester
Juan Garcia

All users who submitted 8+ rated games.
All users who submitted resources.
All users who submitted tutorials.
All users who subscribed.
All users who know who they are that contributed to the development of our community.


FreeImage open source image library, used under the FIPL, version 1.0.
Hunspell open source spell checking library, used under the LGPL, version 2.1.
PVRTC (PowerVR Texture Compression) library, used with permission by Imagination Technologies Ltd.
WavPack open source loseless/hybrid audio library, used under the BSD license.
mpg123 open source MPEG audio library, used under the LGPL, version 2.1.
Zlib open source general purpose compression library, used under their license.
Assimp (Open Asset Import Library), used under the BSD license.
iniparser INI library, used under the MIT license.