Your software is exactly what I needed. The kids feel like they have been set free. They used RPG Maker last year before I found you. Now they are so upset with me having them kill themselves using that Ruby scripting with the lame battle engine.

D. Michael Ploor, MBA Career Academy of Computer Game Programming Middleton High School, Tampa, FL, USA

While there are enough playgrounds for coders, as an artist you need to master both skills when it comes to a one man game development team ... unless you discover 001. It gives artists a complex tool which is easy to use. Scripting has never been more fun and flowgraphs help keeping the project organized.

Matthias Deinert

001 empowers anyone with an idea to create a great game without knowing how to code.

Tony Tie, Full Circle Games

This has to be the best free game maker avaliable! It is an amazing tool with tons of features and I recomend it for ALL game maker's world wide.

Joey Lavoie

001 is the most user friendly gamemaker out there, I love it!


I've been here for several years now and have witnessed the evolution of an amazing, free, and easy to use game maker. It doesn't get any better than this.


There is so much power in 001 Game Creator that I have no idea what to do with it all. Thanks Mike for the inspiration that 001 has given me over the years to make my game-making ideas come to life.

Stephen Chapman

Been a user for five years, and I never doubted 001 Game Creator since I joined to make my games and art graphics possible.


001 is the best free game maker you will find out there. Not only is it extremly user friendly and good for beginners, but it's also a powerful tool that advanced game developers can use to express their ideas. 001 is the only one that I can recommend to all of the game developers out there.


If I had to say it in nerd language, I would call it PuRe 0wn@g3! So easy, yet so powerful, I was surprised to the max of this tool - absolutely free, ability to use pre-made art or your own, easy point and click scripting, great community, absolute customization over your game! I recommend YOU to try it out!


I've been a long time game fanatic and have always been interested in making games. It wasn't until I stumbled upon 001 that it became a practical reality and completely free of cost too!