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Bloodborne/Souls Games Leveling System :: Extremely Helpful
by YunO

Learn how to port the leveling system used in Bloodborne and the Souls Games to 001, with all statistics and other values. The base game for this tutorial will be Bloodborne.
Make your very own 001 OS! (now not just for subscribers) :: Helpful
by 2cool4me4

2cool4me4 here! In this tutorial, I will be showing you subscribers how to make 001 OS in your game. I include all of the HUD files in an easy .zip file! Actually, I'm not sure if the files work for the newer version yet...
Como colocar para o jogador virar na direção do mapa
by Mike Stephen

É como colocar mira.
Hunger and Thirst Stats (Part 1/2) Video
by Merlin_Kalkinput

I'll be demonstrating two ways on how to make a hunger and thirst bar that relates to the player, and increases over time. The second tutorial covers how to create items (eg.: food, and water) that can counteract the progression of the starvation and dehydration.
Hunger and Thirst Stats (Part 2/2) Video
by Merlin_Kalkinput

I'll be demonstrating how to create items that counteract the progression of the hunger and thirst stats.
Object Pooling
by Lee

Does your game require a lot of spawning and removing of Objects? Learn about object pooling, its importance and how to set it up in 001 for better, more efficient games!
The creation of a turn based battle system :: Helpful
by Ixayou

This guide will go through the different steps and aspects of creating your own turn-based battle system. It does not contain codes or scripting, but is rather a how-to on setting up a system that is created by you and crafted for your own game.

This whole guide was written during the development of my own games battle system.
Make NPC ~HDVideo~ No Voice Commentary
by Merlin_Kalkinput

How to make an NPC. Basic version.
Making Items (Video) ~No Voice Commentary~
by Merlin_Kalkinput

In this tutorial I will be explaining how to make an item in the 001 Game Creator Program. I will be doing this using action/R.P.G pro.
Implement Music (Video) ~No Voice Commentary~
by Merlin_Kalkinput

This tutorial describes how to implement music in your 001 Game Creator game. I'll be using the action/R.P.G game type.
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